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Saint Therese      December 12, 2005

Beloved Saint Therese
David Christopher Lewis
December 12, 2005
Emigrant, Montana

Children of God's Heart,
            I am come for a short time to bless each one with roses from the sun. The thoughtform of your movement is most appropriate in this hour, for streaming from the heart of Helios and Vesta in this hour are golden-pink roses for each of you. The depth of your communion with the ascended hosts each day has brought to you the refining of your senses, preparing your vessel to receive greater light not only in your physical body but in all of your spiritual bodies. Therefore, you are accumulating unto yourself, your real self, more and more of the graces as the light that you send forth throughout the cosmos returns gathering skeins of fire from all who are blessed by your prayers and devotions.
            I AM Saint Therese of the Little Flower, and I come to bless the children everywhere with the radiance of my heart. The children are in need of exemplars of love. The children need time with their parents and with those who can convey to them spiritual truths made practical in their lives. A generation is being lost because those entrusted to their care are being left to the devices of those whose only motive is profit and physical gain rather than the spirituality that parents must exhibit with the example of themselves after Alpha and Omega and the sun of your system's parents.
            How many parents truly care for the souls of their children through an understanding of the need to give not only of the physical resources for their life but of the emotional and mental and spiritual graces that will win for them that pathway to the eternal presence of the divine one? I was fortunate to receive at a very early age the communion with the angels. And so I knew my mission to serve the Lord with all my heart. Many in this hour have lost the sense of their vocation to be a daughter of God, a son of the Most High, and a bride of Christ.
            Therefore, I ask you to pray that many among the youth will remember their high and holy calling, their vows uttered before the Karmic Lords and unto their own God Self before coming into this life. For all of the outer trappings of a materialistic world with its diversions have encumbered the souls of the children such that they know not why they have come again to earth. Oh, my friends, I ask you to daily pray for the youth. And so in your morning devotions do not forget even a simple prayer, short and sweet, to save the youth of the world. Do not forget the little children, the precious ones, lost upon the streets of the world whose only hope is the intercession of the angelic hosts through the prayers of the righteous ones.
            I am come to provide new opportunity for many of the youth this day as we near the Christmas season remembering the Christ child in the cr�che. So beloved Jesus would not be worshipped simply in a mortal form of a babe, but he would have you extend the gamut of your devotion to all children of the sun, every child in need of parenting, of schooling and of the basic necessities of life that will allow them to fulfill their reason for being. Therefore, look to the example of Joseph and Mary as those who cared for the child and so were entrusted with that holy one. And they did take the time and did make the attunement daily to know what was that next best step and teaching to convey to beloved Jesus. And so he grew and waxed strong in spirit because of the true example of Mary and of the holy father whose work and service as a carpenter was always secondary to his keeping of the flame for the soul of the Christ child.
            Yes, keep the flame for the children of the sun. Tend the flame carefully. And as you sensitize yourself to the needs of many, as in your meditations and in your soul travel you choose to go into the very depths of those areas where the children are not treated with respect, so you can offer golden-pink roses of fire to penetrate their auras giving them hope and love and courage for a new day that is dawning upon earth. Yes, many of you in your prayers and rosaries should travel far and wide across the earth strewing blessings here and opportunity there for these holy ones.
            This is our joint mission. And for those of you traveling to the land of Kuan Yin, I ask that everywhere you go that, even through your gaze, you see light streaming for the blessing and healing of many of the children. Yes, through your very eyes, the rays of God's immortal love may flow. For you are becoming truly avatara for the Lord so long as you remember who you are and use every opportunity and moment in time and space to convey light, light, light. So gaze upon the holy innocents and know the refreshment of their souls. And on the return current you, too, will receive that holy grace that comes through looking upon the purity of the Christ child come again in all these whom you serve.
            I have come in the silence of your hearts, and the bouquet I give to each one who has been faithful in your daily service and striving. These are immortelles that you may place on your altar and where they may remain a permanent focus from my heart even if only at etheric levels, beloved ones. So I take a rose this day as a spiritual eraser, and I erase those little iron filings of density that have come upon you in moments of non-awareness. Your auras are washed clean through this, my grace.
            May the sweetness of the breath of the holy child be upon you as in your meditation you come to understand all, yes, I said all, because you dwell in the very heart of God.
            I AM Saint Therese. I seal you in my love. I seal you in my holy grace. May the rose of your heart expand to know the simple joy of living a life of purity, O my holy ones, O my holy children.
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