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Rama      December 11, 2005

Rama, Shiva, Brahma
David Christopher Lewis
December 11, 2005
Emigrant, Montana
            I AM Rama, and I come to anchor my presence here in the earth for the salvation of sentient beings where you are.
            Beloved hearts of fire, when I come, you should be ready for me. For enlightenment comes only for some once in a lifetime. And when the appearance of the Son of God comes, the preparation of your soul must be one of total accommodation of your own God Presence. Therefore, I choose this day to bless those of you who are coming to the East traversing the curvature of the earth to lend your momentum of support for the beloved Kuan Yin for the saving of life in the Orient. I increase illumination's fire in the crown of each of you. And for those of you remaining here, I also anchor an extraordinary fire in your crown chakra.
            Many of you have given sacrificially of your time and your energies, and yet the full enlightenment of your being has not come forth as your own God Presence desires. Therefore, meditate more and increase the middle plume of your three-fold flame through an understanding of God within thee. Knowledge must be translated to wisdom and wisdom to the full understanding of cosmic love as it manifests within the spheres of the cosmic ovoid.
            R�m, R�m, R�m, I �M. And you may chant to me when you need a boost of cosmic illumination: "R�m, R�m, R�m, I �M", you may say. And I will be there with you, cleansing you, purging you of all lack of God-wisdom and the viability to be illumination where you are. "R�m, R�m, R�m, I �M", you may say and chant in your soul and in your heart always. And when I come, the Cosmic Christ comes not only Jesus but Lord Maitreya who held that office before him and still stands to bring forth the rod of power and of illumination to the earth. R�m, R�m, R�m, I �M, beloved hearts.
            Feel now the tingling in your crown as I press in upon you and wipe away a certain density that comes simply because you dwell upon the earth, earthy. I say your natural, divine estate is heaven. Claim it! See it as your natural dwelling place such that, although you walk upon the earth, your mind is truly the mind of God where you are, not with your head in the clouds but with your eyesight and your being wed to the divine impulses of the cosmic mind, a Rama, Vishnu in manifestation here. R�m, R�m, R�m, I �M for you each one this day. I claim you! Will you claim me for yourselves and chant and dance and sing and know that where I �M, there you will be if you can see me, if you can know me, if you believe in me, if you will be the one. OM. R�m. I �M.
                                                Beloved Shiva
            I AM Shiva! And I come this day to purge the earth for the coming of the chelas to the East! I clear the way for each one to walk on a carpet of violet flame with beloved Kuan Yin! I, Shiva, clear the way for each one to walk in harmony, in beauty and perfection. And so, I will walk with Ganesh. Yes, we will walk hand-in-hand with our chelas! Ganesha to the left! Shiva to the right! Clearing the way for the messenger and his entourage who will come for the clearing of a highway of light from West to East and then back again. And I will press in and upon those lightbearers in a radius of fire within three hundred miles of your coming a certain quotient of my fire and energy to quicken them, to awaken them and to teach them the way of the Mother.
            Oh, hearts of fire, as you prepare each day for your service to life, have you forgotten to jump with joy with Shiva. And I proclaim that when you do, you shall know me to a greater extent. Yes, get on your rebounders. Jump for joy when you do your exercises and say, "Shiva, I love you! Shiva, I claim you! Shiva, come forth! Shiva, to the right, to the left, above, beneath and in the center of my form! Everywhere I go, I AM Shiva this day! Shiva! Shiva! Shiva, come! Slay the demons! Bind them here! Bind them there! I am victorious because Shiva lives within me!
            Will you say this, dear hearts of fire? Shiva to the right! Shiva to the left! Shiva above! Shiva below! Shiva beneath! Shiva above! Shiva within me, everywhere I go! Yes, I too desire to protect you wherever you travel. And so pretty soon you will have not only Archangel Michael and Ganesha and Shiva but many other masters as your personal entourage wherever you travel. Why, it is only your sense of limitation that limits you from being in the presence of all ascended hosts at all hours of the day and night. So why not claim our presence, beloved hearts, and say, "Shiva! Archangel Michael! Mighty Astrea! Hercules! Archangel Gabriel, come and be with me! Bless me! Protect me! I will have no more of my human creation, for I am a servant of God! I believe in God! I know God within me! I AM God in manifestation, and therefore I am victorious in all things in everything I think, see, feel and hear and do. For I AM Shiva here!
            So, beloved ones, you have received a double dose of fire this day from Rama and from me. And who knows? Brahma may be next!
                                                Beloved Brahma
            I AM Brahma, and I also place my presence within the earth and around it. If you would know me, know your own God Presence, I AM THAT I AM. When you say, I AM THAT I AM, I am there as Brahma with you. For I am the Father of all life. And I am one with all that vibrates in consonance with the I AM. When you dwell within your I AM, am I not there? I say, yes. Always. Streaming light, radiating fire, pulling you up to your rightful estate as a God-being. Shiva, Vishnu and I, as one tripartite light, would spin you as a top and balance you in our lap of fire. Why, can you not see me holding you as a fiery spirit spinning this day? Yes, I AM. For I AM Brahma. And I spin off of you that density that has set in from astral levels of consciousness that you have allowed to supplant your true emotional body of love. I purge now from each of you, from your emotional bodies, substance of the anti-Mother light; for as Brahma I can do this.
            When you feel a certain emotional instability, the answer to your dilemma is to call upon me for that counter-balance of light of Alpha and Father and Brahma to quell that state of emotional turbulence, beloved hearts. [Brahma intones a very deep "oh" sound for seven seconds and then for three seconds.] As the outbreath of creation in the beginning, I have now reinvested my love with you this day and drawn forth from you anti-love. [Brahma's five-second outbreath is a "ha" sound without the use of vocal chords.] Breathe in Brahma. And when you do your exercises of pranayama, breathe in Brahma with every heartbeat and breath. [Brahma inhales and exhales audibly.] Yes, I would breathe within you always-and Shiva, too. So we have come. So the physical earth itself has been balanced by us three. Earth has received a spin. You have received it also.
            Abide in perfect balance and harmony, and you will know Brahma,Vishnu, Shiva within always. We three seal you in our cosmic fire, an ancient fire, and yet ever new this day.

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