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Serapis Bey      December 04, 2005

Beloved Serapis Bey
David C. Lewis
December 4, 2005   12:19-12:30 pm CST
Freedom's Flame Rekindled in the Heart of America
Downer's Grove, Illinois

Announcing a Pilgrimage to Egypt to Receive Direct Initiation from Serapis
Set the Course for Your Lifestream of How You Will Make It Home to God

           I am Serapis and I come for a specific purpose this day, and that is to tell you of an opportunity for each of you to win your ascension in this life. Many of you are already candidates for the ascension, but some of you have not yet fully made the choice [for] that [to be] your goal in this life.

           I give you the opportunity this day to make it your goal. And in doing so, I also announce to the worldwide body of believers in this Hearts Center an opportunity to come to my retreat physically next year in October for a glorious pilgrimage, whereby if you desire, you may receive direct and personal initiation from my heart to yours.¹

This will be a great pilgrimage for those of you who need this initiation if you are to make your ascension in this life. For a few select numbers among you must come physically to Luxor to receive the impetus of fire that is required for your ascension. Therefore the council of The Hearts Center and my son Paul are working diligently to provide the avenue whereby many among you can come for the least cost possible [by] pooling your resources. [And you will be] staying in proximity to my etheric retreat, which is as physical a retreat as exists upon Earth, and walking in the environs, where in the physical you interpenetrate the very space underneath and above and between where my retreat exists in time and space, as you would have it.

           Therefore, beloved hearts, save and determine, if you so desire, that this will be a goal within this lifespan for you to travel physically to Egypt. We desire thirty-six, minimum, to come on this retreat and announce to you that this will be our Harvest conference in 2006. For I have deliberated with the Knight Commander and he has acceded to me, and we will make another opportunity to go to Washington DC, as previously announced, for the great work of Saint Germain to deliver his fire in the throat chakra of America.²

           So determine how you may make this happen and how, by the power of the three-times-twelve of this group, you may anchor the light from America to Egypt and then receive that quotient of fire in the base chakra of the earth for the rising of the Mother Light within you unto your personal ascension in this life.³

           Beloved ones, it is imperative that you put down on paper your goals for this lifetime. It is imperative that each year you review those goals to see how you are doing in making them happen in your life. It is imperative that you discern what you can do monthly, weekly and even daily to accomplish those goals at a practical level in your life. For if you have not set the course for your lifestream of how you will make it home to God, then how do you expect to make it, beloved ones?

           Therefore plot the course carefully. And hour by hour, see how you are doing in performing those little steps by which you rise on the pyramid of life to one day reach the apex and the crown and [the place] where you enter into the sacred chamber where the ascension flame does burn and you may step upon the dais and receive the currents from above and below to bring forth that current of light that will make you whole, ascended in the light and free.

I radiate fire now unto your hearts, purifying fire! Enter this refiner's fire daily through the giving of your decrees to beloved Astrea and Purity and others in the white section. For I say that I will amplify this action of light whereby through the purity of your being, your heart, your mind, your soul, you will once again know your true purpose, your true mission and the direction to take at every level, at every step and turn on the path.

I have come. The Goddess of Light has renewed you and purified you into new creatures. Why, we see many of you having accelerated even this weekend into new beings of fire that you [w]ould hardly have believed even two weeks ago you could become. So maintain and continue the sacred work at hand. For you are winning, my friends—yes, you are winning! And we will continue spinning you until one day you will simply disappear in the ascension fire, no more to be an earthling, but truly a divine being in the heart of your own God Presence. Do you desire this, beloved ones?  [Audience responds, “Yes!”]  Then make it so daily! And step into the ascension flame, which I bear this day in greater measure for you, each one.

I seal you in this current of fire for your victory, which is already here if you will accept it this day.

1. In October 2006, The Hearts Center celebrated its Harvest conference during a pilgrimage to Egypt.
2. The 2007 New Year's conference was held in Washington, DC.
3. Ninety-nine pilgrims eventually made the trek to Egypt in October 2006 under The Hearts Center banner and sponsorship.

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