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Snow King      December 03, 2005

Beloved Snow King and Snow Queen
David C. Lewis
December 3, 2005   11:53 am –12:17 pm  CST
Rekindling Freedom's Flame in the Heart of America
Downers Grove, Illinois

We Come to Establish a Crystal Palace of Light
We Will Reserve a Room and Tutor You in the Gifts and Graces of the Fire Element

           We are come to establish a palace of light here. We are the Snow King and Snow Queen, come from our abode over Scandinavia, [from] where we [have brought] thousands of our attending angels and nature spirits to come to this city for the formation of a palace of light—first in the etheric plane and then brought forth tangibly into your domain.

Close your eyes now and see these attending ones, who come dressed in pure white cosmic-light substance—[which] you would see almost as garments of etheric fur—with white leotards and boots with golden buckles, carrying thoughtforms of crystal light; all as part of the great jigsaw puzzle that each one has as part of the plan for the formation of this great palace.

So during this weekend we will be building this crystal palace. And through the action of your decrees and the light that you invoke on an ongoing basis, this etheric abode will manifest more fully, dear hearts. We have come for a purpose. You have come for a purpose. And though on the outer you do not know always why you are here or there, yet your soul feels the impulse to be and to serve and to invoke light.

Yes, there are those Builders of Form who understand the complexities and the geometry of light and its manifestation, both in heaven and on earth, and how the outplaying of forces and cosmic fire does manifest, through the action of the specific principles brought forth from the heaven world, those cosmic structures that allow light to flow through unabated.

[And,] you see, your souls are aware of these palaces and schools of light on the etheric plane, for you travel there while your bodies sleep at night for instruction in cosmic law, beloved ones. So when you see crystalline structures, domes, spires, churches and cathedrals where the architecture of the Spirit has manifested, you are in awe of the beauty and the splendor which has been brought forth into manifestation. For this is an outpicturing of that divine design that exists at etheric levels, of which we are familiar and your souls and spirits are also attuned to and recognize.

In the golden-age cultures that have existed upon Earth, there have been many beautiful areas and cities wherein the natural outplaying of the flow of cosmic energies from the sun of your system through those crystalline structures has allowed the enlightenment of all mankind to occur naturally. We look forward to the day when again, through proper planning and through the hearts of those wed to the divine design, your architects may bring forth for your cities and villages those perfect outpicturings of the heaven world in your world.

So, these builders now begin the laying of the foundation, first deep within the earth and then gradually building higher until the entire superstructure is set forth. They are cosmic masons and also those with skills of the fabrication of all the elements of this divine design, those who understand the flow of light through crystalline glass, through colored and shimmering light, the golden ratio and the perfect circumferences that are required in creating this spherical abode, wherein the Mother does dwell.

In this golden and crystal structure, we will reserve a room for ourselves, where we will come to tutor you in the gifts and graces of the fire element. And we will sit you by the fire to tell you stories, the ancient story of the coming of the Lord [Sanat Kumara] and of the enlightenment of many during the first three root races, when earth itself was a crystal sphere of light.

O beloved hearts, feel now the warmth from our hearts impressed upon thine. For though we hail from what you would term the cold climate of the north, yet the light that burns within our hearts is always one with every other ascended being that you know more familiarly.

When you catch the falling flakes of gentle snow within your palm, will you remember our presence always in your midst? Will you see the individualization of the God flame through the specific crystal light within each pattern of the snowflake as representative of your own lifestream, truly individual and unique in the eyes of the Godhead?

So I seal you, so we seal you in our heart of fire. And ere you leave this town,¹ this city this weekend, you will note a new lightness come to Chicago because of our presence here with you.

In the name of Sanat Kumara, the Ancient of Days, and Lady Venus, we serve unto the fulfillment of the mission of the original two witnesses to Terra, who come again to save the Earth through you.

1.  "This town" refers to Downers Grove where the HeartStream was given and "this city" refers to Chicago.

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