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Maitreya      November 21, 2005

Beloved Maitreya
David Christopher Lewis
November 21, 2005 7:15-7:28 am MST
Wellspring Retreat
Emigrant, Montana

            I come to anchor the light of victory here. Victory is a light that I bear, beloved hearts. As you enter this line of Sagittarius in the God-Victory line, I come. I am Maitreya, and I come again to initiate you, each one, if you would have your daily dose of cosmic victory. Would you have this dose? (Audience responds: Yes!)
            Tonight our trainers and teachers begin a new course that I suggest that each of you consider taking. This is a prerequisite class for all those who desire to present and teach within the Hearts Center activity for all future years to come. This is an essential teaching and basic foundation for you to have in your tool kit so that you can prepare and present to others in a professional manner, well planned with all the essentials of your presentation garnered through a formula that is both scientific and spiritual in all aspects.
            This course, were you to take it in the world, beloved ones, at a major university-presented by those with qualifications [such] as those who will give it to you this evening-would cost you, I would say, over one thousand dollars. And yet this class is a bargain for fifty dollars. Beloved ones, those of you who would like to be world teachers or world teachers-in-training must have a foundation and an understanding of the principles and precepts of how to teach. It is not simply enough to think that you know your material in such a way that you can simply expound, going here and there, without a plan.
            Do you not know that we of the ascended hosts spend much of our time in planning, in deep meditation, upon every nuance of the release of fire that we deliver to you, often, running by our gurus those worded matrices and cadences with which we desire to inspire you such that they are fine-tuned and delivered with all the essential elements and a quotient of fire that will cause [an] instantaneous precipitation of fiery change within you?
            Research is required of those who would truly be initiates on the yellow ray. This requires an understanding of all the resources available to you with which to accomplish your feat. If you could have access to all that we have in heaven you would see a great panoply of tomes and volumes of understanding gleaned by the highest initiates of the sacred fire whose minds far surpass the puny consciousness of most mortals, beloved hearts.
            Therefore, call upon the Keeper of the Scrolls and the Recording Angels and those friends in heaven who have access to the fullness of the mind of God as you prepare for your presentations, for the delivery of your teaching to a world in need. Each of you has something to offer and yet your offering must be presented and prepared in the best possible manner, even taking into consideration all the levels of consciousness of those to whom you present, such that you will touch upon what is meaningful, what is understandable.
            Therefore, you should know your audience. You should know each one's educational background so that you can speak properly and to the level of each one so that one takes from your presentation something new, something exciting, something that they can latch onto, to move forward in their path, beloved ones. This takes the gift of discernment of the Holy Spirit. And so before your presentation you must pray fervently for the descent of that gift of discernment and discrimination to know how and where and why and when the spirit can move through you to touch a heart and a mind here and there.
            The components of this understanding are so essential that Morya and Lanello and I, with the blessed Mother Mary, have determined that through this teaching and understanding of the principles of creating the proper platform for your presentation, many more souls will be accessible to the Hearts Center activity, because of the professional nature in which we see all that is coming forth being delivered. If you study the dispensation of the Two Witnesses and how the blessed Mother did have her team and prepared very, very carefully her lectures and deliveries, you would understand what is needed for the ongoing dispensation through this activity, beloved ones.
            Therefore, we see a team of many of you as researchers and those who have an advanced attainment on the yellow ray coming together, bonding together and working in harmony to create for this activity the means whereby we may deliver teaching upon teaching, principle upon principle. And then after your presentation we may augment it from our realm with a new twist, a new light, a new word, beloved ones.
            Behold I make all things new through you! Therefore, consider how you may move heaven and earth to take this class and course. What is fifty dollars? Why some of you can go out this very day and earn that amount of money if you do not have it in hand, through a concerted effort or service in some manner. Or you may pledge to pay it within one week if you do not have it in advance. We honor those in your midst who carry for us the accelerated vibration of God-Wisdom within their auras.
            So listen carefully. Complete your assignments and move forward as servitors of fire and presenters to the world of the true nature of the secret ray activity of the Hearts Center which together we are building, brick by brick, heart by heart, flame by flame, beloved ones.
            I am Maitreya. If you would be initiated then I say come, learn and employ what you will receive in your world for the salvation of sentient beings who must receive cosmic Christ illumination through you, and you and you! I seal you in my fiery spirit of God-Victory this day!

Commentary after the dictation by the Messenger:
                        Beloved Maitreya asks that this dictation be transcribed immediately this morning, after this morning's service, and sent as an e-mail to all Heart Friends. I want to thank Celeste Miller in her preparation for this class. My heart leapt for joy when I read the material that would be presented. Let us all give a round of applause to Maitreya, Celeste and Anita. (Applause) Wow, I guess that was good advertisement. The masters always do it better than we can.

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