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Omri-Tas      November 12, 2005

Beloved Omri-Tas
David Christopher Lewis
November 12, 2005 12:10-12:18 pm MST
Bozeman, Montana
            I come from the Violet City upon the Violet Planet. And we bring a replica of this Violet City and place it over this place. Earth is becoming Freedom's Star. And as ye are able to draw forth the fires of that star, you will have in this valley the ability to manifest this crystal city where you are, where the Golden Age is already in existence, beloved hearts.
            So come with me as you now walk the streets of this city. For truly many of you have seen it but now see it anew from a new perspective with new eyes. See here the children learning. See here the gardens and the crystal waters of violet that flow, nourishing all. See here the libraries, the radiance of golden illumination that flows as each one partakes of the cosmic mind of the One. See here the homes of all-clean, pure, comfortable, radiant. See the crystal temples where all, in their violet robes embellished with gold tassels, come to invoke the sacred fire for the sustaining of freedom's light.
            See the screen upon which we view life throughout the cosmos and unto which we project cosmic rays for the raising of lower evolutions. See the action of the rays blazing forth, magnified by the high adepts whose consciousness can perceive and sustain the laser light of the violet flame accelerated to cosmic levels. See the shimmering amethysts with deepest hue throughout our entire sphere.
            O beloved ones, use what I impress now upon your third eye, each one, as that vision of a golden age which you may sustain through positive focus, which you may activate through invocation and works of love, which you may bring forth through the nexus of your heart, one with God.
            I wash the earth in violet flame now. And I wash this valley and consume certain records of the past that must go for the laying of the foundation for this crystal city which we, together, will build, O hearts of fire. Crystal water, violet light, permeate all! I AM Omri-Tas. I have come. Ye are sealed in my love-light bright.

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