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Lady Kristine      November 12, 2005

Beloved Lady Kristine
David Christopher Lewis
November 12, 2005 4:14 - 4:34 pm MST
Bozeman, Montana

            The bird of happiness descends upon you, my beloved. And this bird that you may now see coming to rest on your wrist is one that does speak to you of the ascent of your soul unto the Infinite One.
            You are moving onward and upward in radiant love, mastering the use of the secret rays. And those who have presented to you this day their understanding of the sensitivities of the soul that are required in healing and in feeding not only the body but the spirit have given to you more of that understanding that is necessary for you to rise as a lark ascending unto the Father.
            I AM Lady Kristine. And my work as Saint Therese of Avila was one of the knowledge of the soul and the inner sanctuary of the heart wherein the secret rays did blaze within me. And I was sensitized to the very heart of God through his Son, Jesus, coming into that understanding of the inner life of the One sent who would become within me the voice of cosmic reason and the voice of truth.
            I have walked among you and striven to serve the messengers, and did lay down my life so that many of you could come through the portal of the publications, truly the teachings, giving the science of divine gnosis through the worded matrix delivered through the holy messengers of truth whom I served.
            As I have moved onward in my own personal initiations as an ascended being, I have seen a great panorama of the history of not only my own soul's evolution but of the evolution of the soul of the planet and all her peoples. Therefore, I continue to work at inner levels to inspire many and to work with K-17 and Hilarion and others who witness to the light of cosmic truth and the exposition of all nuances of that truth through all religious activities and through the science and the instruments of science in this world.
            Beloved hearts, mindfulness is the need of the hour among our chelas and students. When you take time to understand how that mindfulness of the Buddha light can win for you time and space to fulfill your reason for being, you will take that time. For did not the Buddha sit under the bo [bodhi] tree and through that cosmic mindfulness reach the enlightened state from which he could convey to all sentient life a newfound path, a middle way, a way out from the human dilemma?
            Each of you can be a way out for many souls. And so, whether a healer or a teacher or a presenter of scientific applications that help in the world industries, through the sensitivities that you develop, through this mindfulness, you can impart to all the inner essence of this Buddhic light, even unbeknownst to the outer mind of those whom you teach. And so, you can convey through a disciplined spirit of your own awareness and mastery of the secret rays a tremendous outpouring that allows the integration of the soul[s] of those who come to you, dear hearts.
            It has been said that it does not take time but attunement to accomplish the great works set before us. And when, through heartstreaming you do attune to the very rhythm and heartbeat of God, are you not then a sun source for many hearts to understand the way out? So, become a living sun in your communities through acceptance of your personal mission and commission to be a distributor of the five secret rays in all their beauty and all of their cosmic qualifications. And know the inner science whereby the Lord of life may move and live and have his being through your own body, beloved ones.
            Yes, you must become the very body of the Buddhic and bodhisattvic path. What does this mean? It means that you care first and foremost for yourself, attending to the details of your diet, which includes not only the food that you take in but the energies that you allow entr�e to your being at all levels. It means that you care for your chakras, your senses and how they are allowed to be used by you as receptacles, portals of awareness to both the inner and the outer world in which you live. Caring for yourself allows you to know and to understand the means whereby, through greater conscious self-awareness, you know who you are so that one day you may assist others in also becoming who they are.
            What is a teacher, I ask, but one who knows the self? What is a master but one who has fully cognized the God Self? Become masters of your energies, your thoughts, your emotions, but most importantly of the flow of energy from your God Source through the crystal being that you are becoming each day.
            I have chosen this day to recognize publicly before you the twin of my own soul who lives among you, who has worked behind the scenes in most cases as I did, but who I ask to come forward now for a blessing of the third eye through my hand. [Paul Haugen comes forward.]
            I, Lady Kristine, say unto you, Paul, may my heart burn within thine unto the fulfillment of your mission, unto your ascension in the light. And may, through this anointing of your third eye, you receive the permanent healing of all pain of any separation from your own God Self. And may, through the charge I impart, you receive the impetus to win many more souls for the Mother whom I still serve day after day in my realm of light which will soon be thine own.
            May you now speak to the little bird upon your wrist your deepest prayers and desires. For this gentle spirit will fly back to the Father to present your heart's intimations. And from deep within, the Lord will answer your call within the inner sanctuary of your heart as you listen with new ears, as you see with new eyes, as you speak with a new voice as the Buddhas and the bodhisattvas that you truly are.
            I AM your sister. Call to me and I will be at your side, serving as you strive for your own God-identity carved out in the now of your becoming the bird of paradise for God.

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