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Hilarion      November 12, 2005

Beloved Hilarion
David Christopher Lewis
November 12, 2005
Bozeman, Montana

            I AM Hilarion and I anchor the light of healing in this place. Through a dispensation received from Cyclopea, I now radiate forth through my hands and secret-ray chakras unto each of you a fire of healing, penetrating to deeper and deeper levels of your solar awareness. This is a healing of the emotions, of your water body. For many of you are moving onward in the balancing of karma in the emotional quadrant, past the fifty percent line, and need an impetus of fire whereby you can make it all the way through and past the astral plane unto the victory of the seventy-five percent and then onward unto the full manifestation of the balancing of all of your karma, beloved ones.
            This path has been difficult for many. And so, some of you have seen how, in the emotional quadrant, it is easy to make karma again as you deal with those weighty issues of interaction with other life streams. And, therefore, I convey to you a certain action of a guarded energy. For, as you know, the green, the emerald ray, contains the blue ray within it. And therefore, you need a certain action of the protection of your emotional body so that you do not allow the unbridled dissipation and activation of that body in times of unconscious awareness.
            When you are conscious, then your emotional body may be under the control and dominion of your own Real Self. But when you allow the energies that flow through you in an unguarded moment to be conveyed in a jagged or a loose or a diffused manner, then you can thereby make more karma, beloved ones. Therefore, come to my classes at Crete. For I will convey to many of you an understanding of healing that is greater than you have understood in the past. And Jesus and I will teach you how to master your emotions by putting under your feet all lesser qualifications of this cosmic stream from your own divine source.
            One key I give to you that you have seen conveyed through my beloved is the radiant smile that flows from the heart as a natural expression of divine love which is the only true emotion that should be flowing through you all. Take time to cherish each other, to share something about that one that sits next to you or to whom you speak that brings back the memory of the divine. See that one in purest light and behold the purity of the soul of that one. For then no negative emotion will come between you, beloved ones, but only the purest stream of cosmic joy, of radiance and of a common understanding of the path of oneness.
            I suggest that you make it a ritual in your Hearts Centers to take time to appreciate each other in this wise. For when you do, then all sense of separation or division will naturally simply fall by the wayside because you have experienced the joy of true communion with the heart of your brother and your sister with whom you serve.
            Learn the art of appreciation, not only of your food but of all of life that you see and behold and experience. Appreciation is truly the scientific application of gratitude in action that allows cosmic energies to flow through you to bless all sentient beings. Practice this art, beloved ones, and all abundance will be thine. You will have no lack. For all your needs will be met when, through this simple art and science, you take even a grain of rice and say unto [it], "I appreciate the love that you bear me, O grain, for only God could create thee. And I now receive this creation fully unto myself as God's offering of Himself to me."
            O the simple pleasures. O the simple expressions of love and holiness. This is what will build communities of heart. This will be the legacy of all Hearts Centers when true appreciation of each one's gifts and talents are manifest and each one, sitting under that one's vine and fig tree, can be the expression fully of the radiance of the divine one that speaks, that moves and lives in the hallowed space that that one does abide in as a co-creator with God.
            I AM Hilarion. I have come to bring you new healing light. Take it. Use it. And become whole. For this is who you are if you will claim it, beloved ones.
            I seal you, each one, in a ring of emerald light. When you draw the solar ring around you each day as you give your Crystal-Diamond Tube of Light, visualize a ring of emerald fire also. For, when you stand within this ring, I will use your aura to sing the song of the healing of the soul to many whom you touch, whom you see and [to] whom, through your conscious awareness, you send holy love, holy wisdom, holy healing.
            I AM with you always, with Jesus whom I serve still.
            Cosmic light flow. Clear each chakra and seal the place where evil dwells-the subconscious, the unconscious-no more to be a burden on these beloved ones.
            Purusha. Ha.

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