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Cyclopea      November 12, 2005

Beloved Cyclopea
David C. Lewis
November 12, 2005  8:55-9:05 pm MST
The Vision of a Golden Age
Bozeman, Montana

Victory Is Not an Option—It Is the Only Way
Beloved Cyclopea Delivers the Vision of Your Victory Now!

           May my God-vision be upon you, each one. I alight on the Earth and anchor here, through your very bodies, my presence. And though you may feel a certain weight now upon your physical body, I activate and accelerate the particles that should be comprising the fullness of your God-vision within your third eye.
           For some of you, the reason why your God-vision has been clouded over is because through impure seeing of life and others, we could not give to you the totality of your pure vision, for you would use those energies to activate unreality within others and within your own world. For as you know, when you see all, then you see both the sublime and those things that vibrate at sublevels of consciousness that you would rather not behold, I say.
           The answer to your dilemma is in discernment, for through the sensitivities of your chakras and the activation of the secret rays within you, you can sense what is a pure vibration and what is slightly off. You can sense through the subtleties of your feeling of these energies whether that which is within your domain and aura is rarefied and from our domain or whether it is from the veiled strata of human consciousness.
           My vision for a golden age is one that few of you could fully bear, for I only see the perfection of every lifestream upon this Earth. And I hold within my eye the purity and the perfection and the ennoblement of your original design in the eye of God.
           Your beloved Mother Mary has been a chela of mine for centuries. And not only was she trained by the angels, but I say that she received intuition and instruction directly from beloved Virginia in the art and science of the immaculate concept, which she has held not only for Jesus but for each of you, beloved hearts.
           What does it take for a soul to behold the flaming Yod? The complete surrender of the human element for the divine. What will it take for you to be whole and become God? The final and ultimate decision to leave off of the mortal coil that you have allowed to embrace you and to fully accept and embrace that which is real within you.
           Victory is not an option. It is the only way. And I lead that way by delivering to each of you the vision of your victory now! If you will have it, then I say stand in this hour, place your hands upon your heart and say with me: [Congregation repeats the prayer, phrase by phrase, led by beloved Cyclopea.]

“O God, I will have my God-vision this evening. And I will have my God-victory come what may in opposition or unreality or clouds that may cloud my way. For Cyclopea has come to dispel those clouds so that I may see clearly what is ahead, what God will lead me to. And I will walk all the way home to my own God-victory this hour. So be it. In the name of my Real Self, I declare it. I AM it. Amen.”

          Dear hearts, through your acceptance and your call, the Elohim will answer and bestow upon each of you who have uttered these words with a sincere heart and with total recognition of the power that you have within your own being the causal fire for your permanency in the divine atom of God. Let your God-vision be perfection in all that you see, all that you behold and in all whom you love because you know that each of them is also God in manifestation. And through your acceptance of that reality within that one, there is reflected back to you the image of your own God Self through that one's eyes.
           I am Cyclopea. I have come. And I will be there for those who are willing to take giant steps with the Elohim to the next level of God Self-awareness. And one day when you, too, receive the appellation of a cosmic being, we will be there to applaud you, to welcome you to our domain, beloved hearts.
           I seal you in cosmic emerald fire! Aspire to be the One.

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