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Maitreya      November 11, 2005

Beloved Lord Maitreya
David Christopher Lewis
November 11, 2005
Bozeman, Montana

Ancient Patterns of Darkness within You Dating Back to Lemuria
Are Cleansed for All Time

            I, Maitreya, radiate the presence of compassion to ye all, and I spread this across this entire valley to all sentient beings here. The Buddha Mother1 is with you this evening in her finer body and sits at my side to be with you, with Lanello at her side.
            We have been deliberating on the state of earth and her evolutions and the preparedness of souls to receive cosmic initiation and the acceptance of a closer walk in the garden with the Lord. Your communion daily with God is preeminent for you to walk with God permanently.
            I blaze now the secret rays through all of your charkas for a certain cleansing action of ancient patterns of darkness back to Lemuria. This is as a scrubbing and a washing action wherein, if you release and let go of these ancient patterns, they may be forgiven and forgotten for all time. Many of you are going through the process of transmutation of very ancient records well back in time beyond nearly the furthest recesses of your memory. These patterns that are up for transmutation for many of you are very sticky and weighty energies that have accumulated as a smudgy, wet, sooty substance upon the innermost layers of your soul directly surrounding your God-identity and light. For these were the first encumbrances that you allowed to be upon you and adhere to you during your earliest incarnations.
            I take now a certain cosmic tool, almost as a cosmic Exacto knife, and scrape away a layer of this sooty substance from around your soul, beloved ones, if you would have it by your positive assent. ["Yes."] And my angels and Buddha attendants are working with you individually in this hour, standing around you, enveloping you in comfort as you release these toxic substances. For they are in some cases difficult to let go of because it is, as it were, a very part of your being, beloved ones.
            Breathe in and breathe out now... [Beloved Lord Maitreya inhales and exhales audibly.] ...and release these once and for all into the flame and into the hands of these my attendants. [Lord Maitreya inhales and exhales two more times.] Through this action and acceleration of a certain vibratory rate, we are causing now a greater intensity of the action of the light within you to offset the release of these substances and gases.
            Burn through now! Consume them by the power of the Buddhas. Burn through now. Consume them by the power of the Five Dhyani Ones. Bind them! Consume them! Release now the toxic energies and waste matter that has accumulated within and around the cells, the atoms, the molecules and causing a deceleration, a spinning of your atoms and electrons. Burn through! Consume them now. Accelerate these by the power of the Central Sun which I bear within my heart. They are now being pulled as a vortex into my fiery heart this hour. Release them, beloved ones. [Again, Lord Maitreya inhales and exhales audibly.]
            I AM Maitreya and I have come for this holy purpose. When you come physically to these our retreats, the blessings that you will receive will be tangible. Leave no stone unturned to be physically present when possible during our dictations. For the blessing and the radiance that you will receive may be transformative and miraculous for your victory.
            My attendants and angels now place upon you a certain action of a sealing patina of fire to shine those areas that previously were encumbered by this darkness. And you are now radiant ones ready for action, love and the work of the Lord in the garden.
            Lanello and Mother smile their smile now. And I, too, say unto Lord Gautama, "See these holy ones, O my Lord. See these shining ones whom we have polished for you. They are drenched in cosmic love, compassion. I offer them to you, O Lord. Use them for your purposes anew to save all sentient life upon this world."
            In the name Ahura Mazda,2 be blessed in the presence of cosmic compassion.

1The Buddha Mother is an affectionate title for GuruMa, the name given to Elizabeth Clare Prophet by Padma Sambhava-her beloved guru when she was embodied as Yeshe Tsogyal, his Tibetan consort and chief disciple, to whom he imparted the inner mysteries of the Eastern path of Buddhism. This reverent title honors her attainment of Buddhic awareness and enlightenment while in a female body, and is a unique, new concept, as juxtaposed with the more familiar Buddhist term, bodhisattva, connoting one who has taken spiritual vows to stay with the earth until all sentient life has transcended maya or illusion and, like Gautama Buddha, attained enlightenment.
2Ahura Mazda, in the Zoroastrian tradition, is another name for Sanat Kumara, the Ancient of Days. See also Daniel 7: 9, 13, 22. In Sanskrit the name, Karttikeya or Skanda, means "always a youth" and is revered as one of the four (or seven) sons of Brahma.

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