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Padre Pio      November 08, 2005

Beloved Padre Pio
David Christopher Lewis
November 8, 2005 7:05-7:19 am MST
Wellspring Retreat
Emigrant, Montana

            I AM Padre Pio. And I come radiating the secret rays through the apertures of your being this day. The community that you have established here has been observed by many ascended beings who are using the opportunity presented unto them through your hearts to bring forth the gifts and graces of heaven into your world. Even a small band of those dedicated to invoking the sacred fire and maintaining harmony, balance and the attunement with the God Self can create for the world a great opening so that cosmic energies may descend into your domain, blessing all life below. I know whereof I speak. For in San Giovanni there did exist, through the devotion of the brethren, a great vortex of fire through which healings did occur of not only body and mind but, more importantly, of the souls of those who came.
            Beloved ones, as you develop the mastery of the secret rays, your discernment and discrimination is becoming refined and attuned and must accelerate such that you are always aware of the energies acting in your world and in the world around you, sensitized to those forces that come for transmutation, and even the evil that would come your way to dissuade you and dispel you from your path. Some among you have felt the intensification of a certain world anger and angst rising. And so, you must meet this energy and rise above it for its consumption by utilizing the secret rays given unto you and directing them forthrightly, intently into all forces and forcefields.
            Those who have studied my life have understood that I was required to bear a counterweight of light against the dweller-on-the-threshold of all those who came for healing. My daily communion with the Lord required of me the expiation of the karma of the world and the sins of mankind so that many could be freed to pursue the path of oneness with God.
            In the giving of your Golden Buddha Rosary you have a more pleasant way of expiating this karma of others, beloved ones, through the use of the violet flame that you invoke after you call forth the action of the saving of these beings. I ask you to consider a certain acceleration of the action of the violet flame and the use of the ruby ray also. For the ruby ray does allow the instantaneous penetration of cosmic love for the expiation of world sin, unconsciousness and the diabolical plots that oppose every lightbearer when that one does lift his [or her] head above the clouds and decide to become a son or a daughter of God.
            You are on a rescue mission. Your daily sacrifice in being here is for the salvation of millions. And the divine Mother Mary, ever present with you as you invoke her light, is creating within your world greater inroads and portals through which the light may flow, penetrating the maya that has clouded earth during this Kali Yuga and giving many saints entr�e to this world again to step through the veil and assist all who desire God.
            As the return of mankind's karma does accelerate through plague and natural catastrophe, each of you must decide how much you are able to give so that more may live. I decided to give all, beloved ones. And, therefore, the Lord did grace me with the marks of his passion. And although you are not required to bear these physical marks, the light you bear in your chakras and sustain may truly make the difference for many more than you can imagine. Call to me and I will make your burden light with Jesus. Call to me and sing to me. And together we will carve out a new pathway, a highway of light for the pilgrims to walk into the arms of the Divine Mother whom we love.
            I seal you in the ruby fire of my heart. And though I seem serious in this hour, know that the joy that I bear in seeing the eyes of the children coming has been worth all that I bore and all that I AM in this hour.
            I bless you and I serve you communion again this day. May the body of the Buddha, may the spirit of the Mother abide within thee always.

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