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Lanello      October 29, 2005

Beloved Lanello

David C. Lewis

October 29, 2005   6:00–6:08  pm PDT

Near Mission San Francisco Solano

Solano, California



I Pledge My Magnanimous Heart to Each of You


            Finally, I get to talk to my own friends. The sounds of children playing in the park [are] sweet to my ears. The fellowship of hearts communing at the table in picnic style, getting to know each other, fellowshipping, is what we envisioned for The Hearts Centers. The camaraderie of working together toward a common purpose and mission is our plan. Arm in arm, we will win. Heart to heart, we cannot fail El Morya. If you knew truly what this great master has gone through to bring about this new movement, the sacrifices that he has made for each one whom he sponsors anew, you would be on your knees nightly, beloved ones. Such is the love of Master M.

            Each pilgrimage, each mission that we send the messengers on, must be one supported by hearts such as yours in whom the flame burns brightly because only through your support spiritually, physically, financially and emotionally can we win. By your giving, we have truly accomplished much, but I will give El Morya the last word on that.

            I was there at the Mission [San] Buenaventura in Ventura. And nearby we did establish the Motherhouse in Santa Barbara, drawing on an ancient focus from Lemuria that we spoke of there. We desire to reinvigorate, rekindle many [spiritual] fires that even yet burn at higher levels in the etheric plane across California. But we must have those among you who tend this flame daily, weekly in order to sustain the action that we desire to see.

            Some of you have come from far and some from near. So, this last stop on your journey, so near to the one and only established Hearts Center thus far in this great state, is truly appropriate, is it not? For near here, we kindled hearts receptive to our words through this messenger. He is my son, the one I chose through an ancient tie. And yet, each of you, as my children, are endeared to me forever.

            Do not forget this trip, this day and the love we share, for it will live on as a permanent memory within your soul of that glory that awaits in the true spirit of the Great White Brotherhood [in which] we share. Whether you are near or far, whether you are newly welcomed into this holy bond of fellowship or have walked with me for many years, I pledge my magnanimous heart to each of you and charge you to represent me well to all whom I desire to bring into the fold. Will you do so, my own chelas? [Yes.] I thank you and give to you the Master M.

El Morya dictated immediately after Lanello. This was the final dictation of the California Missions Tour, during which devotees visited all 21 Catholic Missions, beginning in San Diego and ending in Solano.

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