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John the Baptist      October 27, 2005


Beloved John the Baptizer
David C. Lewis
October 27, 2005
California Missions Tour
Mission of St. John the Baptist

It Is Time for a New Science to Be Taught
Using the Name I AM THAT I AM

           Dear ones, I thank you for coming to this mission. And I desire in this place, where the water element is manifest, to anchor my presence of God-power.
           I am the one you have known as John the Baptizer. This mission, which is before you, truly was erected here at the inspiration of myself for the purpose of anchoring light for those in this region and indeed to help forestall certain cataclysm along this fault line.
           The prayers of the righteous availeth much. And therefore when even a few come together to invoke the light from our realm, it is meaningful, it is essential for the maintenance of planetary balance; though we would teach men a greater science of invocation whereby instead of groveling prayers asking for personal needs to be met, mankind would see themselves as co-creators with the Almighty, wherein all essentials for the development of their soul potential can be outpictured in the four quadrants of being.
           We must use whom we will to convey a teaching that is in that proximal realm of their understanding where they exist. It is time for a new science to be taught, even within the churches, using the name I AM THAT I AM that has been given even before Jesus and I were born as that key to the unlocking of the divinity within you. For when you use the I AM statements as taught by Jesus—for example, “I AM the open door which no man can shut”1 andI AM the resurrection and the life2—then the light does flow directly from your God Presence through your heart into this dimension. Therefore, it is not blasphemy to declare your own connection with your source, for the light that does flow through you is necessary for the fulfillment of your mission in life.
            Each of you should determine what I AM statements pertain to you which you can use daily to augment all other spiritual practices that you use—in meditation, even in exercise—so that when you tap into those keys for you, you can accelerate at an ever-greater level, cycling beyond what you have attained to in all previous lives, dear hearts. For what is a life but an opportunity to grow and to learn and to transcend yourself and all that you have accomplished in all past lifetimes.
            You must bring to bear in this dimension, in this domain the fullest attainment that you can in order to place the capstone at the top of the pyramid of self before your ultimate journey back to the heart of God. Therefore, I recommend that each of you write, under the direction of your own Real Self, seven I AM statements that are personally meaningful to you, although you may use statements that Jesus gave: “I AM the way, the truth and the life”;3 “I AM the good shepherd”;4 “I AM the vine.”5 You may also say, “I AM a receptor of God's love,” “I AM an instrument of his divine blessing,” “I AM a note on the scale that God plays to entertain his children.”
           So, blessed ones, I am here because you are here. And as my Lord, the blessed Jesus, has delivered his message to you this day, I also take a key and a cue from his words to give you more to ponder on, more to chew on, like the honey and the locusts that I was wont to digest. For in that simple fare in the wilderness I was able to commune at a very deep level with the Lord God in preparation for my final initiations in witnessing the great light of the Christ within Jesus, baptizing him with water on that glorious day in the Jordan River.
           So, I stand now to baptize you with fire, with air, by the power of the Holy Spirit, whom I witness does now flow through you by your own acceptance. Will you accept the Dove upon you in this hour? [Audience responds, “Yes.”] Be ye made whole in the spirit of Christ-love as you pursue your own divine connection as instruments in your own right of God's holy light.
           I now step aside for the coming of the blessed Holy Mother, who desires to speak to you a word or two.

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