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Kuthumi      October 25, 2005

Beloved Kuthumi
David C. Lewis
\October 25, 2005   5:02-5:11 pm PDT
San Francisco, California
California Missions Tour

Brothers and Sisters of My Heart, 
            I have been walking with you and observing your thoughts, your feelings, your inspirations and your ability to receive and retain light and light's wisdom. O Sun Presence most dear, I am here to give to each of you who has chosen to walk the bodhisattva path and to save sentient beings an acceleration through the augmenting of the five secret ray action that is accomplishing its work through you by a certain impetus that I have gleaned after my ascension in understanding the deeper mysteries of the path of the ruby ray and the five secret rays. The study of the five secret rays is an unending course taught by none other than Mighty Cosmos himself to many ascended beings.
            Therefore, if you would understand these deeper mysteries enter into communion with me daily, even in the evening hours, just as you commune with my friend, Morya, in the early morning hours. For the secret rays do flow in the evening, in the twilight. And if you study the stars as we have as the magi you will begin to understand how the secret rays flow across the galaxies through interstellar space and how these rays augment the light from the furnace of the heart of Helios and Vesta for the maintenance of balance throughout your world and lives.
            Some have biorhythms and cycles that naturally allow them to live and have their energies at their highest levels during the evening hours wherein they can accomplish much in study, in communion and in accomplishing those works in the Mother light after dusk. Why, did you not know that all stargazers must spend time during these hours to ascertain the movement of the stars and planets and stellar bodies?
            So, even for one week per year we suggest that you set aside time when the skies are clearest in your areas and stay up later than normal, meditating upon the night sky, calling upon Mighty Cosmos and the Five Dhyani Buddhas and those whom you know have communed with us in this guise to receive a certain impartation and teaching, even if at inner levels to your soul, so that you may move onward and upward in this understanding.
            Walk gently, walk consciously, walk mindfully as you meditate upon all life. And in the garden of your heart I will come, speaking softly, gently and conveying to you the consciousness of golden, liquid, essential light, wisdom, illumination, gnosis.
            I am K.H., Kuthumi and I exhume from within you that darkness and convert it now into light!

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