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Father Juni      October 22, 2005

Beloved Father Juni¹
David C. Lewis
October 22, 2005  4:45-4:57 pm PDT
California Missions Tour
San Luis Rey de Francia Mission
Oceanside, California

Proclaim Your Mission to Deliver the Fire to More among Mankind
I Give to Each One of You a Key to Your Mission

Friends, I am grateful to the Divine Mother for inviting you on this mission. I have waited for many decades for souls like yours who are sensitive and receptive so that I may use my causal body to energize these focal points of light that I was called upon by the beloved Saint Francis at inner levels to anchor in this land.
           As you know, this occurred long before the establishing of the state of California. And I, as a representative of both the Church and the state, the nation of Spain, was called upon as a missionary and a Franciscan to do, as it were, that work in spreading the gospel and spreading the news to a native people in the wilderness of this land.
           This was not so easy a mission, and so you have heard somewhat of the hardships that we endured, beloved ones. Having that co-measurement now and knowing how we strove and barely survived at times, you can understand how far you have come in your mission and how each of you can perform for the Lord God a most special work in delivering to many peoples through modern technology and communications systems much more than we were able to do in our day because of the strenuous work and the constraints that were upon us of the transportation systems of that day.
           Think on this, dear hearts, and know how you can impact greater and greater numbers of mankind through your spiritual work. Why, we who have ascended decades ago are almost envious of your opportunity in this day and age to touch the lives of many among mankind. And so we would love to work with you, for we were experts in our day, at a certain level, and having transcended this plane, now understand more and more of what it means to be truly sons and daughters of God.
           When you travel on your missions, call to me as you would call to Ganesha or the Great Divine Director, for I was an initiator of souls, as they are, a blue-ray priest, as you would say, who did lay a foundation for the future growth of the Catholic Church throughout this land.
           Many of you are forerunners of the Aquarian age and the full complement of the teachings of the ascended masters, which must be brought forth to thousands and eventually millions of souls. Take to heart all that you have received and understand how precious and needed you are in your mission. Safeguard it. Call for its protection and for the seed that you bear within your heart, your head and your hands to be protected until that day when here and there you plant that seed of fire within the ground and within the hearts of men.
           O my friends, you have been given much, and so now much is asked of thee in this hour.² As beloved Hercules has asked each of you to proclaim your messengership in this life, so I ask you to proclaim your mission to deliver the fire on behalf of your messengership to more among mankind whom you can touch. See that messengership as a holy mission and know that you can do it, that you must do it and that God is relying on you for the many that will come after you to take up that sacred calling and to move it forward into the new day.
            I am grateful that you have discerned how through the attention upon the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the Purple [Fiery] Heart of the blessed Saint Joseph, whom you now adore as Saint Germain, you can have that congruency with the hearts of all of the hosts of heaven through the portal of these three hearts of fire.
           I give to each one of you now a key to your mission. Open your hands, receive this key and then bring it into your heart, asking God to show you how this key can be used each day, each hour to open the door for a soul here, a heart there.
           O beloved ones, I thank the beloved Kuthumi, beloved Saint Germain, the beloved Jesus for the opportunities that I was given in that life and in subsequent lives until my ascension over seventy years ago, when I did finally walk into the arms of the beloved God Presence upon my ascension and received my immortal commission as an ascended being.
           You can make it all the way, as I have, beloved ones. Do not fret. Do not be ashamed, but always move higher, move onward into the light. And one day the next step you will take will be on the sacred dais whereby your own angel presence will welcome you into the arms of eternal and immortal life.
           I thank you for your attention. I am your newfound friend, one with whom you can enjoy the trek and your sacred mission unto its fulfillment in perfect joy and love. Be blessed now, each one, my holy ones, whom I adore as my brethren and my sisters of light.

1. Father Juni is the "beloved" name of the ascended master who was embodied as Father Junipero Serra who was instrumental in the founding of many of the original twenty-one California missions.
2. Luke 12:48.

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