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Lord Ling      September 28, 2005

Beloved Lord Ling
David C. Lewis
September 28, 2005  7:15 am MST
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

The Path of Love Is the Path of Joy and Happiness!
You Must Have That Spirit of Joy

           I am the God of Happiness, and I come unannounced to give you the joy of my heart! Beloved ones, sometimes I feel that you have not fully entered into the joy of God. Therefore I come to give you a spin this day of my heart flame, which I bring from the East unto the West! For the Western world at times has become sour and dour, and I would give you the power of joy!
So laugh with me together this morning, beloved ones. Ha, ha ha, ha, whoo hoo!
           O hearts of fire, my great desire is to give you a poke in the ribs! So, therefore, you must have that spirit of joy, especially early in the morning when you are just awakening and rubbing your eyes and saying, "What am I doing here this early when I should be sleeping?" Well, we have awakened you early for a reason and that is to provide the Earth with a joy flame that will truly manifest our love in your world, beloved hearts.
           Yes, I am Lord Ling, and some have known me as Moses. But I no longer have that long beard, for it has been sheared by my guru. And I would shear from you this day a little bit of the heaviness that you have felt. For the path of love is the path of joy and happiness! And you cannot make it fully on the path unless you have that joy spirit of the violet flame and [the]rising up into your crown and exploding as fireworks of cosmic joy and love that truly and surely will give you and all about you that smile and radiance of cosmic, effervescent, spiritual, formidable— what?—joy, I say, happiness.
           Well, you should take time every day to pun around with me and Morya. And I expect that some of you will be bringing to Morya your own quips, beloved ones. We need them. We need joy everywhere. And we need in every community a jester who will keep you light. Wow, that's a new concept—light! Have you thought of the buoyancy and the lightness of joy and happiness? This is a key I give you. If you are joyful, things are light, are they not?
           Well, then, I don't want to hear anymore the sense of, “Oh, woe is me. I feel the burden this day.” There's no excuse anymore! Just invoke light and me, and I will be there, joking with you, with Manjushri, who is also quite a jester, if you know him.
               Beloved ones, we love you. Think on this: the love of God is so profound that he created walking sticks and frogs whose eyes can twirl around in 360 degrees. Isn't this a creative God? He created you, and some of you are pretty funny to behold, I would say. Some have even made fun of the beard of this messenger, and he has been considering shaving it off. [laughter] Well, we shall see what will happen soon.
           So, beloved ones, take time each day to poke fun at each other in a light spirit, because there is no reason anymore to ever feel the sense of doom and gloom. For I, Lord Ling, learned the lesson in one final embodiment that I must have joy always and a smile on my face to receive that divine grace that flows always from the heart of God.
            Thank you for your rosary, for your roses, which rise daily to the Divine Mother. She feels your hearts and your great desire. And if we could, we would always play a little bit more with our Mother to bring a smile to her face, for we enjoy that wonderful smile of the divine one. And in her eyes we see reflected all those beautiful faces of her chelas, whom we adore.
           I am with you always, Lord Ling, the one who will sing, not always off-key, but with a heart of gold for you.

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