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Maha Chohan      September 24, 2005

Beloved Maha Chohan
David Christopher Lewis
September 24, 2005            7:15 a.m. MDT
Wellspring Retreat Center
Emigrant, Montana

            In the stillness of the morning light, I come. I am the Maha Chohan and I infill your hearts with the space of my presence.
            Beloved ones, the fire of the Holy Spirit is a burning light. I have come recently to speak with you in the Twin Cities, and I come again in this hour of the continuation of the dawning of the great Buddhic light within you.
            As you transcend cycles daily and enter into a greater contact with me through your ongoing vigil and the giving of your daily prayers, you are building within [yourself] the framework upon which God would drape his sacred garment of perfection. Truly the wedding garment that you are weaving is that white, pure and clean forcefield from which one day you will ascend to the beloved. The garment of perfection that surrounds and interpenetrates your aura is one that we utilize as you are able to receive not only our intuition and grace but the empowerment of the fire that you must bear on our behalf to change a world.
            Change is what we are about, beloved ones; and as you shed daily greater levels of the past where you have outpictured for a moment in time a certain consciousness of past momentums coming due for transmutation, as long as you do not identify with them but simply allow them to be gracefully shed from your aura, your forcefield, the light will continue to grow and glow brighter within you day by day. This is a holy process reserved for those who have entered into the divine relationship of understanding the love of the Holy Spirit manifest within.
            Truly, as you bear greater light, the sloughing off of all that is anti-light becomes a process that is sought after in an accelerated fashion such that the light redeemed from your electronic belt, does rise through the nexus of your heart into your causal body for the greater manifestation of self-mastery that you need in this hour in preparation for the coming of the Golden Age, your own Buddhahood and your place upon the lotus of Godly intent to serve all sentient beings.
            Refining and redefining who you are daily is a holy mission, truly the greatest mission of all true sons and daughters and those who have taken the vow of the bodhisattva. For as you shed a certain layer, you magnetize those who dwell in lower levels of manifestation who are pulled up by your own self-mastery, beloved ones. And the entire earth is raised bit by bit, and all feel the magnetic pull of the flame of the Holy Spirit that you bear.
            The fire breath that you sustain through the action of the Word going forth through the spoken prayers that you give, creates a whooshing action that is a magnetization of all life unto the Godhead. And so, the solar fires that continue to burn in your communities and especially where those of you gather together in a vortex of this fire, creates a greater action of this magnetic pull that woos the soul to God through that inner yearning that comes when that soul realizes the nakedness and the desperation of living in a world of illusion.
            Beloved ones, glowing more brightly each day, you are becoming sons and daughters of the one to the extent that you simply cannot leave off of this daily ritual and spiritual practice, for the momentum that you build and continue to take part in, creates a centrifugal fiery upsurge that accelerates and accelerates more. Why, you cannot stop this acceleration for it is the beginning of the means whereby you yourself will one day rise in the ascension process fully and finally in that last upsurge that will catapult you off the earth and into celestial realms.
            Many have begun this process; and somewhere along the way through looking back and engaging in even one pattern that they have identified with of their past, they have allowed this process to abate and have whirled out of the orbit of the great action of this chariot of fire in which you ride. It were better that you had not begun the trip, beloved ones, than that you seek to return to the earth having once begun the trek to the sun.
            Therefore, move on in this stately ship of Maitreya for the winds that I blow this day [that are] billowing the great sails of this ship will carry you far toward the pure land that is your destiny. Yes, I blow and continue to blow, and the winds of the Holy Spirit do engage many now in the process of holy surrender to the will of God. For many have left off their original calling and need a reminder of why they came and to where they shall one day return.
            The seven Chohans are my helmsmen and those who guide you day by day, week by week, in this sacred adventure home. Listen to them. Study their words. And obey the orders given by these holy Lords who know the way surely because they have been captains and wayshowers often for thousands of years to mankind. So I've entrusted to them the very means whereby each day as you call upon the Chohan of the ray, you may ascertain what it is that that one needs, of service to life, of calls, of reinforcements of previous dispensations and blessings, so that together we may move forward and not have the wind knocked out of our sails by the depression that sets in at times due to the weight of world karma.
            Beloved ones, you must be bold, truly hardy sailors for the Lord and, thus, hold tight the ropes when the winds blow and set your jaw and your stance in strong measure to uphold the Word and to honor the captain who knows the heavens, the use of the transit, and truly the way both day and night toward the shores of God-reality.
            I am the Maha Chohan, and I rise as you rise, beloved ones. Think on this. If each of us in heaven, desiring always to serve at a greater level, bounding the cosmos and striving in cosmic consciousness to do the will of God, need our chelas also to rise higher, then you must aspire to accelerate beyond even the level where you are in this hour so that you may catch up to us as our friends and transcend to new levels of your own Godly estate.
            Oh, holy ones, I am grateful for your becoming the Word. Remember not to utter each word even for an instant in rote, but enter into the fullness of each syllable, of each breath, and the breath of the Holy Spirit, which you bear in greater measure each day because I have come.
            I am with you always, in the cadences of the sounds of elemental life. Walk outside each day and listen to my Word manifest in the natural world of God's holy vision manifesting ever and always in the song of the birds and in the melody of the wind. I am with you always, within and without, the Holy Spirit, your friend, your brother, the fiery one who loves you so.
            I, the Maha Chohan, now bless the holy elements of communion this day. Partake now of my body and my blood, the sacred essence of God, as the personal impersonality who would become within you most personal this day. Be sealed in this communion of our hearts and maintain peace always.
            [The Master's instruction through David: As you take communion, please visualize the thoughtform of the winged chalice the Maha Chohan bears as he serves you holy communion, both the cup and the host this day, in his white garment, fiery eyes sending streams of cosmic love to you, each one, as you receive the host and the juice. God Bless You.]

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