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Manjushri      September 20, 2005

Beloved Manjushri
David C. Lewis
September 20, 2005  (16 minutes)
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

The Ascension of Al Ladd
A Dispensation for the Bodhisattvas, Devas and Angels to Amplify Your Work
Each of You Receives the Balancing of Three Percent of Your Karma in This Hour!

           I am Manjushri, and I come into the presence of the circle that you have created here, my friends. I bring with me the Spirits of the high lamas and those in Tibet and India who have been keeping the flame with you for centuries. We now merge your causal bodies for a holy purpose, and that is to sustain the Buddhic light upon Earth.
           Because of your giving of this rosary daily and naming the five [Dhyani] Buddhas and me and Vajrasattva, we do enter this plane, for we are impelled to do so. We empower [those of you] who have determined to represent us with an action of light that will give you a further empowerment for your sacred work daily. You have been given many gifts and graces and must use them carefully. But for those who are ready and have called for higher initiations, having been able to sustain the action of the secret rays and certain siddhis within [your] beings, you will feel an increase in the light, [which] you bear for a purpose.
            Golden, liquid light, infill thy crown now! Spread across the earth through the vibration of these who now represent us in the West. Many of you have lived with us in the East in the past, and now you have embodied here, in some cases forgoing your own attainment and ascension in order to sustain the balance.
           And I bring one unto you this day who has recently made his ascension, one known to you as Al Ladd. He has been a servant in the East in many lifetimes, carrying the golden flame of illumination. And having recently lived in the Southeast, he now stands upon the Florida coast to assist in your alchemy in turning back the destruction that may come if it is not mitigated through the prayers and the meditations of the righteous.¹
            You are now each clothed in finely embroidered golden garments, which the Buddhas place on you. Filigree threads, patterns woven with a divine design are seen and certain emblems key to your specific lifestream and your self-mastery are embroidered throughout. We also give you slippers to wear upon your feet while you tread here of different shades of violet and ruby and the colors of the secret rays, crystal turquoise and others, signifying the ray that you are concentrating on at this time.
           Our bodhisattvas join you and will continue to do so as your meditations and prayers rise. And thousands and tens of thousands of devas and angels circumscribe this place for miles. And as you can visualize and see them each day, they will amplify your work. We suggest that each morning before the beginning of your rosary, your leaders set the course for your visualization so that, as of one mind, you may move with us to fulfill the work at hand. And with those who listen and join you where they are, they too are given this dispensation this day, each one who has been faithful.
           To each of you, I, Manjushri, say: Due to your due diligence, each of you now receives the balancing of three percent of your karma in this hour, which I, Manjushri, take from you and dissolve through the power of God-light within me! This is a dispensation because you have named my name each day for these months! And God has allowed me to use your energies for this purpose, which I now take, transform and send forth into the world of form for the victory that you will have visualized upon earth.
           Thus, to those who give is [much] given. And I now take from those who have taken from the earth and the lightbearers through their ignoring of the law that quotient of light that they have misused.
           I am Manjushri. You may call me Sri for short. For Lanello does walk with me,² with Omraam and many others who have been sitting in the lotus many times with you unbeknownst to your outer waking awareness. Yes, I at the twelve, Lanello at the three, Omraam at the nine. And who do you think has been at the six, I ask? Vajrasattva himself. And in the center, the blessed Mary, the object of all of our devotion, beloved ones. So you now have another key, and we will continue to be with you with our attendant angels and devas to empower you daily.³
            So, though not twelve were here this morning, I received the dispensation to speak with you, to slip in, as it were, a word or two and a blessing or three.4
           I am the guru of this messenger as long as he will have me. And I will also tutor you if you can stand to be in my presence! I thank you, and I return to my meditation upon the Divine Mother now.

1.  This HeartStream was delivered during the summer/autumn hurricane season in the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico region.
2.  The title "Sri" was respectively given to Mark Prophet by some of his close disciples. It is an honorific title which means "holy".
3.  Prayer 9.007 in The Hearts Center's Prayers, Decrees and Mantras book contains a reference to this configuration in the second paragraph.
4.  Mother Mary has asked for twelve people to be physically present to insure that she will be able to give a HeartStream. This same dynamic appears to be in place for Manjushri.

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