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Maria Montessori      September 18, 2005

Beloved Maria Montessori
David Christopher Lewis
September 18, 2005 12:19 - 12:33 pm CDT
Minneapolis, Minnesota

            Mary has called me and I have answered with Raphael to come to present to you the healing light of true education. Yes, beloved ones, true education is healing. And so, it was required of me to become a doctor of the law of life in science so that I would have those credentials so that when the beloved Mary would reveal to me in subtle ways the teaching that she did deliver, others would listen and not reject this cosmic understanding of drawing forth from the very spirit and heart of the child the genius within.
            Healing must become practical at a very early age. For when the minds of the youth are healed from the concepts that they are limited to what adults have to teach them, then their true genius will flower and come forth and change the very culture that you know in this hour. Morya has said to meditate with infants. Well, this is what I did for quite some time, as well as those a little bit older in years. And that is why I was able to discern the proper methodology of presenting the environment in a structured way that would allow the Buddhic light to manifest through that divine mind that is resident within every child born upon earth.
            We are grateful that many more among mankind are beginning to understand the true nature of the education of the heart and not simply the intellect or the brain. And therefore, as more understanding is brought forth through new discovery and through science which augments that truth that the angels do inspire upon a number of true representatives of the Brotherhood, mothers will come to understand how important it is to prepare the cr�che for the soul that they bear so that that one may have the keys to a life full and rich in consciousness and conscious awareness of the divine light that flows from above into the domain of heart and mind and soul.
            Why, we applaud the efforts to teach this method not only within the private school systems of Montessori classrooms but to teachers who will take this understanding into the public school systems to bring forth what I envisioned many, many years ago as needed for a golden-age culture and education to manifest upon earth.
            It has taken too long for even the basics of the understanding of how to draw forth from the child his true genius into the vast public school systems where they could be applied and almost instantly change the very culture of your nation and world, beloved ones. For with this understanding, all teachers would know that their job is not to simply cram information into an empty head but to give each Christ child the keys to unlock that divinity and gnosis that flows because the mind is opened and receptive to the Christ light and mind.
            We also applaud those who have taken the understanding of the teaching that came through me and applied it beyond the kinder years to the teenagers and those who pass through those initiations that come when the karma does descend and then there is the instability of the emotions as there rises from within that child and youth the desire for peer acceptance. Therefore, all the ramifications of that phase of one's life begin to weigh and settle upon the soul, causing a certain consternation and a gap before the fullness of the divine mind may be allowed entr�e to that one.
            O beloved ones, your Mother Mary will teach you more and more of this path as you continue to commune with and pray to her daily in your Buddha Rosary. And if you could compile much of what she has already released to you on this subject, you would begin to have the basics of a teaching plan that you can give to the world as an understanding of her most current thoughts and musings on the needs of the children and youth and of their parents and teachers.
            So, I do not settle for what has only been released through my teaching as the only core essence of the instruction that we desire to bring forth. And so, you have the liberty and the freedom to augment what I delivered with the most profound understandings being revealed to those whose hearts are attuned to higher spheres and cosmic intelligence that flows from the Buddhic minds of world teachers. And yes, some of these are world teachers for the youth and not simply the adult community.
            We have received our commission from the God and Goddess Meru and Mother Mary, and it will continue onward, beloved ones. Call to them. Call to us. And more will in due time be revealed as you are able to take these concepts and constructs and make them practical to the application of your hearts and great spirits in serving the youth.
            I AM your Maria. I came as a way shower, as a messenger of new education, ere the golden age could come. And I would work through many of you to see it finally manifest in your world. I thank you for your great love, for your great hearts and especially for your understanding of the cosmic principles of the descent of the Mother light to her children whom she loves so much, oh so much. Be sealed in the radiance of this healing light of Cosmic Christ illumination this day.

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