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Maha Chohan      September 18, 2005

Beloved Maha Chohan (Darshan)
David C. Lewis
September 18, 2005  3:53-4:59 CDT
Class of the Solar Fires
Bloomington, Minnesota

Darshan with the Maha Chohan

Maha Chohan: May the dove of the Holy Spirit be upon you, each one, along with the chickadee, the whippoorwill and all other birds of my heart. I am ready now to receive your questions in this sacred darshan, my friends. Please come to the microphone so that all may hear your heart.

Question: Beloved Maha Chohan, how can we as adults and parents teach children the flow of the Holy Spirit in their lives—through nature, through music, through drama—to outpicture the patterns that they have observed and been taught in the etheric retreats so they are actually, like the Native American people, aware of the flow of Holy Spirit in the wind, through the trees, in the clouds, and so forth?

Maha Chohan: I think you have already answered your question with your question. You must give to the youth an understanding of the presence of the Holy Spirit in nature through giving them all of what you just expressed—in story, in visual, in song, in dance, in theater.
           Select those books that speak to the heart of the child through the images of purity in nature and not simply through animal forms representing humans. True stories of valor are important for the youth to know what it takes to become an adept. For the time has passed when mankind and the youth should simply [lie] in the grass waiting for attainment to happen. They must seek it through a depth of an understanding of their own inner resources, and this is easily conveyed through the imagery of nature, the adventure that occurs in nature as a natural outpicturing of the path.
           You may write your own stories or tell them, because children love to hear stories, do they not? Make up stories that speak to the heart from your best understanding of the path that will lead them home. Record them, transcribe them, share them. For although there are now many wonderful books on the shelves of the libraries, there are still many more to be written that give the higher teachings that children desire. Yes, fairy tales, but spiritual tales with meaning, with a moral and with something that they can latch onto for life.
           Why, Aesop's fables should be the fare of every child as a standard in your civilization. How many of you remember more than just one or two now of what your own Lanello has conveyed to you as Aesop? This should be part of the world culture, translated into every language and every level of understanding, from youth to adults. And when you can put these messages to song, the better for a greater opportunity for them to memorize the lessons and retain them for life, not forgetting when they come to those teenage years when other desires overtake them. Thank you for asking.

Question: I wanted to ask what visualization we should hold for the rebuilding of Louisiana and the devastation from Katrina.

Maha Chohan: You may have heard the beloved Mother Mary's message from a few days ago or you may have not heard it. She did warn that it is foolhardy to build upon the sand at a level where again Mother Nature may unleash the fury of mankind's returning karma. What we would see would be new neighborhoods, clean and bright, built at a higher level, safe from the waters of the Gulf Coast. We would see new businesses sprouting, but only in those areas safe from the immediacy of what could be another devastation. You may visualize Builders of Form, architect angels. You may never have heard this term before, but since you asked, there are architect angels who will design the divine design for what will manifest in that area if called upon. Enlist the elementals of all four quadrants to assist in reestablishing the foundation that they need as your servants to sustain life as you know it in that area. They may choose not to enter certain areas because of the dangers that still exist.
           See a liberal use of the violet flame to consume all toxic elements that have penetrated the area through the rupturing of the sewer systems and underground pipelines. See the violet flame, first and foremost, cleaning up the records of the past and especially of the infamy that has occurred in that area through the misuse of sound and rhythm, the misuse of the abundance of the people in gambling, the misuse of the light in the grape through the excess imbibing of alcohol and all other perversions that have occurred. See the true culture of Louis XIV, your Lanello, in what should have been the culture of Venus, brought from France to Louisiana, which has been subverted and replaced with a decadent, hedonistic society that has been brought forth there.
           This hurricane was a wake-up call for mankind to change, and if the same structures are built that would allow mankind to simply go on in the misuse of the light given unto him, then it would be better if certain areas were not re-created or rebuilt at all.
           There will continue to be problems in the Gulf area in the future, as predicted by a number of mystics in the past. Had we been enlisted from the beginning or known among mankind to give our advice regarding rebuilding, as you have asked, we should and would have given the advice for some to simply permanently relocate in other areas rather than spending the lifeblood of the American people in building again upon the sand of human foolishness.
           A word to the wise is sufficient. Live in areas that by their intrinsic geography are safe for you to fulfill your divine plan and not in areas where by chance you may be taken from the screen of life or your entire livelihood washed away in an hour. Thank you, beloved heart, for your discernment in asking this question.

Question: I was wondering if you foresee economic collapse in the U.S. in the year 2006 or 2012. A lot of people are putting energy on the year 2012, and I'm worried about the U.S. economy, if you could comment on that.

Maha Chohan: Fear not, but prepare. Have we not already, through a number of voices, given you warning regarding practical measures to take to set your life and your house in order, being prepared for what may come?
           We have worked judiciously to uphold many elements of the U.S. economy from total collapse, which could have occurred decades ago had the forces of darkness had their way. The economy has, as you know, been hanging from a string, propped up in many cases by stop-gap measures of your Congress, which, in and of themselves, have continued to exacerbate the problem underlying only what you see.
           The exportation of your wealth to communist nations through an economy that is tied diabolically is one of the greatest, if not the greatest, problem for the Brotherhood in this hour. For if the wall were to come crashing down, the very lives of each of you sitting here would be impacted, beloved ones.
           We have given the answer that your prayers for the Chinese people must extend in such a way that the people themselves may demand their own freedom, their sacred freedoms and that from within the people of China, great changes may come that will spread as a wave across the Earth preventing both economic, political and social collapse in many areas.
           Therefore the key is through the heart of Kuan Yin, who has just spoken to you, giving you the abundance that you need individually if you choose to accept it. We suggest that each of you consider how you may eliminate credit card debt and other debts that are weighing you down not only economically but karmically. Consider a livelihood that is not tied to systems that rob the very people of their energies.
           Learn how to save and to live on less. Even fasting periodically, one or two days a month, and learning how you may live more on light will do you well and may help to sustain you in times of peril. Every one of you will be impacted by events coming in the future. Whether longer gas lines or shortages of certain supplies that you have taken for granted, each of you may be called upon to make certain sacrifices for others.
           We do not predict the hour or the year of specific happenings, for through free will mankind may change. But we see that prayers are necessary for a great instauration and a movement toward a new culture, one founded upon not only the basic freedoms but upon an economy that is stable through the sharing of resources, through an elimination of waste, through the utilization of free energy and a great change that is necessary before the golden age may actually exist in your dimension.
           Other masters have spoken about personal responsibility in making sure that the culture is changed from within gradually and without revolution and the spilling of blood and the uprooting of your sacred freedoms due to an overreaction of your government and the establishing of martial law and other actions which will not be the will of God. Much has been seen on the astral plane which is truly the outpicturing of what the fallen ones would see coming into the physical. And so, many so-called prophets, psychics have seen what could come, but which should not come into the physical because of your calls, beloved ones.
           As you know, energies cycle from the etheric through the mental, the emotional and the physical. Each of you can hold your finger in the dike so that the astral projections do not become a reality where you live. Therefore, although a number have predicted and even used the Mayan calendar to say that certain catastrophic events will occur in the year 2012, we say that free will reigns supreme, and it is up to you to elicit the divine changes that are in order based on the best outpicturing of the will of God through mankind's choices.
           Pray for men to awaken and for your leaders to hear the voice of divine reason and to make those necessary changes so that heaven will listen and also react from a point of mercy and not from a point of unleashing mankind's karma too quickly and too much.
           Thank you, dear heart, for your concern. Be in a state of peace, for in that state of positive conceptualizing of the universe, you will help to prevent what you fear. Fear can actually create the problem at hand rather than preventing it.

Question: Beloved Maha Chohan, I was wondering if there was anything that you would like to tell us about the Holy Spirit that we haven't heard in the past and also if it would be okay to describe you to us, what you look like and how we can see you with our vision. Thank you.

Maha Chohan: Did you hear my dictation the other day?

Questioner: Yes.

Maha Chohan: Did you not see me in the words that I expressed, even if you did not see me physically, with your third eye? What was the major point of the dictation? What one word encapsulates what I delivered? [Audience responds, “Fire.”]

Maha Chohan: Fire! Does it matter, my dear heart, what I have looked like in the past? For in reality, all cosmic beings, ascended masters put on a form only because you need it for an understanding in the temporary mode of where you are now. We are fiery suns, each one, having merged with our Divine Presence, the I AM THAT I AM, which as you know is as ten thousand suns in its luminosity. Therefore, seek not so much to know how I may look, but feel my presence ever.
           Having said this, yes, I do appear with a white turban, with piercing eyes of a blue that are beyond this world, if I must say. [laughter] And I enjoy wearing the white robe of the shepherd, for as you know I was one. And in the simplicity of the fire that I have become, I appear to a number of chelas in this guise. Some mistake Serapis and [me]. [laughter] So you must discern which is which when you see us.
           Further teachings from my heart will manifest through this messengership as you are able and ready and willing to receive [them]. But I suggest that you go back and study what was delivered through your beloved Mother near the end of her outer messengership in the Heart [of the Inner Retreat], during that period when she, I must say, was at the very peak of her ability to bring forth an understanding of the nature of the Holy Spirit to all of you. Once you have studied this, write a letter to me and I will be happy to convey further teaching.

Question: Maha Chohan, I just couldn't bypass this opportunity. I love you. I was born in a Pentecostal background. My love for the Holy Spirit has been there since I can remember. When I found the teachings of the ascended masters, my prayer was always to understand a little bit more of the different dispensations of the Holy Spirit, because I didn't want to grieve you. Through my experiences in the Pentecostal church, I was given the gift of speaking in other tongues, and I, for many years after finding the teachings, stopped this gift. And I have wondered so much about how I need to use my time at my altar. I also have seen—

David : Carol, can you boil down your question?

Carol: I want to understand the difference in the way you work in some organizations that love you so and how you work in an ascended master organization and what you expect of an ascended master student.

David: Thank you.

Maha Chohan: I work with many based on their level of understanding of the principles of spirituality. Therefore, some understand me in a very impersonal way and do not seek me out in the personhood of who I am and can be. Many who claim to have the gift of glossolalia, or what you have termed speaking in tongues, as you know, do not truly have the highest form of this gift that we, that I, desire to be expressed.
           Therefore some, as you know, mouth words that are not mine but impostors'. The true definition of the gift of speaking in tongues goes far beyond simply the uttering of words in an unknown tongue that the soul itself may not understand or use for any spiritual purpose other than simply uttering the words. Do you see? [“Yes.”]
           What is more important, having a gift of speaking in tongues or understanding the purpose and meaning of those tongues in practical application in your life? We see the gift of the speaking in tongues as one of being able to communicate to many, many levels of consciousness, to students of the light, taking the teachings that you know, converting them, dialing them down or up to the level of the individual so that they may receive some element of truth where they exist. All true messengers and true world teachers and true spiritual gurus have this ability. And those who have been given the gift of the Holy Spirit can, as you know, speak to an audience and many will hear what they need at their level. For the Holy Spirit has the ability to communicate in certain worded matrices that will inspire at various levels simultaneously.
           In true ascended master movements, the gifts of the Holy Spirit are used unselfishly for the betterment of mankind and for the raising of their consciousness to a pure estate, where they may commune with God in a depth that is known only by those who are moving onward and upward in their adeptship.
           I am a person and yet impersonal. I am an impersonal person at times, yet very personal to those who know me when they call me. Your own Mother has given you the teaching and the assignment to read the books about Benny Hinn, with whom I continue to work for many at a certain level of consciousness. There are many others who have held the reins of power of the Holy Spirit over the centuries, including Aimee Semple McPherson, Kathryn Kuhlman and others among you, even today, who have the gift through their intense devotion and prayer work.  I suggest that you study this book that the messenger read from in giving the rosaries, What Is a Spiritual Master? For in it you will come to an understanding of how we see the highest representation of world teachers manifest through one who has truly mastered himself before desiring to communicate and teach others. An understanding of the Holy Spirit is not a closed book, and you can, along with the previous questioner, help in making sure that my angels remain busy in bringing you to ever-new levels of understanding of the path that we walk.
           As you know, I hold the office of the Maha Chohan. Do you fully know what this means in terms of my responsibility to all of life? Do you know what it means to be there for the breathing of life into every child born upon Earth and the receiving of the last breath of those who depart from this world? This may seem like an awesome responsibility at the human level, and yet it is one that I am grateful to perform for my Lord.
           As you study pranayama and all the teachings on the fire breath and the use of breath and breathing and attaining greater adeptship, you can begin to understand more of who I am and my purpose and my responsibility to Earth and her evolutions. I thank you, dear heart, for your great love, for I do feel it always.

Carol Wells: Thank you.

Question: Beloved Maha Chohan, a few months ago we were given information on terrorist activity in America and Al Qaeda having nuclear devices, and I was wondering if there is any new information that you might have and whether this should be our daily intent of calls.

Maha Chohan: The calls that were made in answer to our warning have averted at least three of the plans of those that were planned. There remain, then, how many more?

Tom Wilk: Four. 

Maha Chohan: I suggest that those of you who have a tie to K-17 and Lanello and Cyclopea work diligently to contain these other four plots. You can use all the decrees to Cyclopea that you know, as well as the new call to K-17 and to El Morya and Lanello and Saint Germain for the binding of all individuals, moles, spies responsible for these terrorist plots, both in America and abroad.
           More we cannot say now, but you may also ask to see the specific individuals involved at inner levels and ask that the messengers above and below name their names for their binding, their judgment and their removal from the scene. Thank you.

Tom Wilk: Thank you, my Lord.

Question: Beloved Maha Chohan, I have a question. During this new dispensation we seem to be sharing more of our spiritual experiences as a group. I was wondering if there are some things we should not share, that are not lawful to share. Thank you.

Maha Chohan: I think that you know the fine line of when sharing is for edification versus when it spills over into that area where it may become either spiritual pride or simply the conveying of certain inner experiences that are not ready to be shared with others. You can call for discernment to know how far to go. When you know that a lesson may be learned that could save another or many, then convey it in a certain spirit of humility and guardedness and not with the intent to make yourself look good in the eyes of others. For if you do, then the gift of the experience will be diffused and you will lose some of the beneficent qualities that you have gleaned through the holiness of the experience.
           We suggest that you err on the side of maintaining the confidentiality of certain very deep experiences and share primarily those of dreams and intuitions rather than direct initiations by ascended masters or inner initiations whereby you have been given certain spiritual gifts, graces, jewels, foci, et cetera. Does this clarify it for you?

Donald: Yes.

Maha Chohan: Thank you.

Question: Beloved Maha Chohan, for many years we have been told that the fields were white and harvested, ready for souls and I don't feel that we have actually been ready to receive them. So I'd like to know what we need to do as an organization to make that happen for the masters.

Maha Chohan: Prepare a place for me first within your heart, in your sacred spaces, and I will bring many to you. If each of you had the gift of discernment and discrimination and inner sight, you would know exactly what to do, who to invite, what to say that will comfort those coming. For comfort is the key to receive those who are ready.
           Study comfort and how you may prepare your environment to comfort those who come. Why, even in this room you could have created a different setup that would be more comforting to those who have come. Have we not recommended a circle, beloved?

Illona Iris: Yes, we apologize.

Maha Chohan: Accepted. Sometimes souls simply need to have a large armchair or a mat to sit upon, a restroom nearby, water, and focuses that are neutral rather than [overwhelming], that cause too much curiosity. Therefore you may have your inner sanctuary where you do your spiritual work but then your receiving area that is fully comforting, allowing each soul who comes to feel love, to feel loved and to gain entry to your hearts through the compassion that you express. We suggest that all Hearts Centers conduct a session on what it means to give comfort. You will glean much, and then all will be well because you have prepared. Thank you.

David: The Maha Chohan asked that I—he wants to continue talking on that subject.

Maha Chohan: In addition to the environment, prepare materials that can speak to many levels of consciousness, that you have as free handouts or introductory materials that can take people from where they are in comfort to express our teachings. Therefore, the first step is the environment and the second [is] the materials you have available for people to read, to listen to and to view and to see that extend our hearts to them. Thank you.

David: We have time for one more question.

Question: Beloved Maha Chohan, on Mother Mary's cosmic clock, the Holy Spirit is charted on the nine o'clock line. Could you comment on why the Holy Spirit is charted on that line, and can you tell us more about the meaning of the cusp of the sign of Libra as it relates to the Holy Spirit?

Maha Chohan:In the name of the Father, and of the Mother, and of the Son and of the—

Audience: Holy Spirit.

Maha Chohan: Amen. The Holy Spirit is on the nine o'clock line because that is the point at which love becomes physical to those who need it. You know that the cycling of energies from the emotional into the physical is one of the most difficult lines upon which you tread. For how oft has there been the slip between the cup and the lip and the alchemy was not completed in the physical for an unguarded word or a situation which prevented the fullness of its outpicturing?
           The Holy Spirit is in polarity with the Son, the Christ. I ask you, on the cardinal points, to explain now to this audience, beloved one, your understanding of the personal personality, the impersonal personality and which cardinal point each one is on.

Questioner: The twelve cardinal points are the twelve, the three, the six and the nine. The line of the impersonal impersonality is the line of God the Father. The line of the personal personality is in polarity with the twelve o'clock line, which is the line of the Mother. The line of the personal impersonality is the line of the Christ on the three o'clock line, and the line of the impersonal personality is on the line of the nine o'clock line.
           And the way I understand it is that the love of the Father manifests impersonally to all men, is selflessly given and is there for all. The Mother line takes that light of the Father and gives it to her children in a very personal way, through teaching and through the love of her heart. The Christ light manifests through a very personal relationship with your Holy Christ Self, impersonally shared with man. And the Holy Spirit is an impersonal action that is released to all men, to you and through all.

Maha Chohan: So now, having that understanding, why is it that I am on the nine?

Questioner: You release the light of the Holy Spirit to all who are ready to receive it, and your action is impersonal because you will appear there where people are ready to receive you.

Maha Chohan: Yes, and? [laughter] This is an exercise in drawing forth from you the answer, because you have the knowledge and understanding already.

Questioner: True.

Maha Chohan: And this is what we do with children, do we not?

Questioner: Yes, we ask them questions.

Maha Chohan: Do you do this with your own children?

Questioner: Sometimes I do, yeah, when I have the time.

Maha Chohan: You have to dig a little a deeper.

Questioner: The meaning of the Holy Spirit as it relates to you—it's reaching out to man so that God can become physically manifest on that line. They can experience God in action through the words of those who receive you, your essence. It's also empowerment. It empowers people and it allows for change to occur. It brings peace to all people.

Maha Chohan: If you were to color the four quadrants, what color would the nine o'clock line be the beginning of, for that quadrant?

Questioner: It would be blue.

Maha Chohan: And what about the others?

Questioner: The etheric is white; it's a fire element. The mental quadrant is yellow, the air element. The emotional quadrant is pink; it's the love of the Mother.

Maha Chohan: Now, why is the physical quadrant white?

Questioner: Blue?

Maha Chohan: Blue.

Questioner: It's the color that is the most physical vibration of all the seven rays, therefore most related to the physical quadrant, to the physical plane.

Maha Chohan: Now, how does that relate to me?

Questioner: I guess the word empowerment comes back, by the Holy Spirit.

Maha Chohan: And what happened on Pentecost?

Questioner: On Pentecost the apostles received Jesus' presence and were each individually empowered to go forth and to start their missions together with the seventy elders and go forth to all men to empower them. They were empowered themselves so that they can bring the healing and the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit to people.

Maha Chohan: Had their mission truly begun before that date?

Questioner: No, it did not.

Maha Chohan: So, was that the beginning of the mission in the physical plane?

Questioner: Yes, it was.

Maha Chohan: So, prior to that time they dwelt in the bosom of Abraham, in the aura of Jesus, first being called, then being taught, then inculcating through their being his teaching and becoming it and finally giving it forth. Your mission will not be complete if you simply receive, receive, receive. You must—

Questioner and audience: Give. Give and serve and share.

Maha Chohan: Therefore, the point of reality, God Reality, is the point of the beginning of the giving of what has been received—fully giving. If you stop in the emotional quadrant, you will not have the full empowerment. What is an example of stopping in the emotional quadrant?

Questioner: Being grateful for what you received and then just simply saying that was nice and wonderful and staying in a certain sphere of enjoyment without realizing that you need to then share it and move on with it.

Maha Chohan: You need to say this louder to everyone so they can hear it. This is the key today of my message to each of you who [has] come and listened and participated in this weekend.

Questioner: One way in which you can block the flow of the Holy Spirit in the emotional quadrant is to be grateful for what you have received and then, staying in that space, saying to yourself, “I'm enjoying this. I'm gonna stay here now and kind of keep this to myself and have a nice time meditating on it,” and so forth, but not realizing that you then need to move on and share it with all men.

Maha Chohan: Therefore, each of you listening and here present need to take out a pen and a paper and write down what you will do in practical application with the gifts and graces that you have received this weekend, even if it is one thing, but we trust it will be more. Thank you.

Questioner: Thank you, Maha Chohan.

David: So, please take the next five minutes to write down what you will do for God. That was the last official question.

Question: Maha Chohan, could you comment on the fact that there is only power in the Now, possibly. There is no power in the past because the past is prologue. There is no power in the future because the future hasn't arrived. The only place you truly have power is in the Now?

Maha Chohan: You've made the comment.

Questioner: But I'm asking if that is accurate, that there is no blue plume in the past and that there is no blue plume in the future. The blue plume is only realized in the moment.

Maha Chohan: All three plumes are only realized in the Now.

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