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Celeste      September 18, 2005

Beloved Celeste
David Christopher Lewis
September 18, 2005 11:55 am-12:07 pm CDT
Minneapolis, Minnesota

            From cosmic heights I descend to this place. And many ascended lady masters come with me in rings of fire. For as celestial beings, our responsibility is to distill the very essence of the Godhead and bring more of heaven to earth.
            Heaven must be made practical, beloved hearts. Many teachers have come to mankind to give to them a greater understanding of the practical nature of heaven. For some think that we simply enjoy being in a lofty position on the clouds playing our harps. And yet, the ascended masters are the most practical of all sentient beings across the galaxies. Why, we could not have won our ascension had we not been practical, you see.
            So I come, your beloved Celeste, with another named Celeste, namely, one you have known as Celeste Huelat, my apprentice, who stands also before this altar to give you her love. Many masters, having ascended, are beginning to rise to new heights of celestial activity. But many served among you as humble ones, not seeking any of the glamour of the outer world acclaim, but simply serving humbly, day by day, giving and receiving from their Lord the intimations of his heart and the empowerment of his Spirit.
            We continue to build the celestial abode in the heavens, preparing it as a City Foursquare to descend into the earth in manifest form. Yes, there are builder angels. And many of those who prepared for the coming of Sanat Kumara when he first came to earth are also working assiduously-tirelessly, as you would say-to prepare for the coming of Lord Maitreya and the golden age that must first dawn before his appearance.
            Blessed ones, each of your Hearts Centers requires a forcefield of hearts who will work together in harmony to bring forth the highest representation of heaven in your domain that you can both visualize and outpicture through your joint efforts. Each one will be unique based on the contributions of those who make up your sacred circle.
            And so, when you call to us, we can bring certain angel bands to do a spiritual work to prepare the laying of the foundation in these centers for those who are coming whom we are calling and who will soon be answering the call. What will your center look like? It is up to you. But if you commune with Morya daily and with us, you may discern how you may have outpictured a very real representation of what we would like to see brought down from our perspective unto yours.
            More important than the outer particulars of the placement of objects and things is the placement of your hearts in periphery and in configuration with each other such that the divine design is manifest through a beautiful blueprint as a latticework of light made up of each one of you as a sun presence within that lattice.
            Each of you is important for the totality of the whole to be represented properly. So, present yourself as a living witness to the light to those who have been chosen to represent you in your community. For if one or another is missing, the complete design may not fully come forth as you would hope and as we do hope also. Some may be able to represent you through a means of self-mastery in speaking and in delivering the word, others through gifts of music and talents in teaching the youth, others through the giving generously of their supply to secure the proper place and forcefield and materials that you need, and others simply by their magnanimous presence and the light they bear in their bodies and chakras.
            O holy ones, if you could see the plan that was hatched by God when the first rays were emitted from the cosmic pulsar of his heart when the universe was first brought forth into outward manifestation, you could discern, through the creation of the cosmic egg, the divine design that we see now able to be represented where you are. So meditate on the cosmic egg of each Hearts Center with the flame burning brightly within, illumining even unto the outward circumference of that shell your entire community, your city, your state, and then all within that circumference will be blessed by the flame that you keep each day.
            I AM Celeste, and I prepare you for the coming now of two magnificent teachers who have dedicated their lives and their missions to the illumination of the youth of not only this world but many. Pray now the Hail Mary with me, for from her issue and her heart and teaching, these two step forth from the light to grace you with their words of wisdom.
            [The Hail Mary is recited three times with Lady Master Celeste.]
            Oh Ah Yahweh Adonai Ma-Ray [Each syllable or word is chanted in song like a Native American chant in a lilting, melodic way with many notes per syllable.]

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