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Lanto      September 17, 2005

Beloved LantoDavid Christopher LewisSeptember 17, 2005 12:04-12:24 pm CDTBloomington, Minnesota             I sit in the lotus of your heart. I AM Lanto, and I increase the filament of golden light manifest as wisdom's plume within you. There is a reason why the yellow plume burns within the center of your threefold flame, dear hearts. Have you thought on this? Have you understood the centrality of wisdom as that universal light that does hold [middle of] the polarity, the balance, of the threefold flame? For without wisdom, love may not truly be manifest as compassion, and faith and power may not be in that balanced polarity that we would see in our own.             So, I come from the Tetons to this place, radiating the golden sun of illumination to a people, who in the North do at times need the warmth, don't you think, of my heart and your heart, beloved ones? As you know, the masters of the East have come to America to bring the understanding of the culture of the Father-Mother God that is an ancient culture to those in the West who could learn a few things about the divine family and all that Confucius and Lao Tse and I did espouse in teaching the millions upon that continent. Though many have lost their way, yet there remain even upon that ancient land those walking Buddhas and bodhisattvas who yet would prevail in raising that culture again to its former estate of Buddhic awareness.             So, we have brought to the West the Eastern light of that awareness of God, of the mind, of the expansiveness of consciousness so that you, each of you, can fulfill your reason for being. And when you ascend, you may do it with the fullness of complete enlightenment that you seek. Many ascend not fully having been enlightened as the Buddha, but we need many more among you who, fully conscious and awake, can step forward to become teachers of men, wayshowers-proving the way of self-mastery by not only knowing the Word but having become it, teaching that sanctity, that holiness that truly is the platform upon which all must spring forth ere a golden age may come.             What will it take to bring forth a golden age? I say, you may already know the answer. And I leave this question before you to meditate upon to discern what it will take to bring mankind higher, higher, higher, beloved ones. For though much teaching has come forth, still mankind dwells in ignorance, ignoring the truth, ignoring the wisdom set before them through their teachers who walk and talk, even as an Omraam [Mikha�l A�vanhov] or a Mark Prophet or your Mother.1 And yet, look how many have left off of that walk in the garden with these and with the Lord Maitreya.             We have invited many with open doors to come to the retreats of the Chohans, and especially to my retreat. And yet, mankind has not brought forth into manifestation what they have heard at inner levels in our lecture halls. So, we are constantly discoursing, seeking new ways to bring illumination into the marts of men. And through the technologies that have been developed, we seek anew to win them for God, beloved ones.             Each of you represents thousands and millions who could, if they would, come into that understanding of the pure geometry of divinity2 that does blaze within them. As you represent these souls, see pinions of fire, thousands of points of light, radiating forth from you in an oriole fire of cosmic Christ illumination, so that everywhere you walk you will be a veritable sun of illumination to these. Yes, we need sons and daughters fully illumined, fully conscious, fully aware at each hour of that holy purpose of being a beacon of wisdom to mankind.             Consider taking one element of what you have gleaned in truth, learning it, mastering it and then sharing it in some manner here and there in whatever capacity you are called to bring it forth to souls, beloved hearts. Why, even today in this exercise that you have engaged in, some were a little challenged to come up with a simple way of expressing the nuances of the tests of the path that you have been walking, in many cases, for decades. Why, you should be masters of this path, understanding the ramifications of all tests, of every aspect of the thirty-three steps of initiation, able to expound on them and explain to those newly on this path what it will take for them to win and the brambles along the way that could trip them up.             We have called world teachers, and we now move onward with Meru University. As important as the words that are conveyed through our monitors and teachers, is the vibration and the light and the deeper understanding that can only come through the hearts of those who have become the light, embodied the golden fires of illumination and are thereby fully qualified to be your teachers and mentors. For they know that the words which they speak are not theirs but truly God's.             One day, one among you may come forward to take the position of Chohan of the Second Ray so that I may move upward to fulfill other callings for the Cosmic Buddhas, beloved ones. Yes, I said, "Cosmic Buddhas." Why, did you not know that Buddhahood comes in stages? And so, many newly ascended masters entering into the Buddhic awareness receive constant instruction from those who have transcended even the elementary states of Buddhic awareness. And so, the Cosmic Buddhas have become teachers to many in the ascended state who seek to move ever onward and upward into that cosmic consciousness that is borne by cosmic beings.             There is no limit to what you may learn and discern and become. For all move upward in attainment, and there is no stopping the path of initiation even for those ascended, do you not see? So, if you think that you have attained or arrived at a high estate, be humbled once more. For truly you must gaze on the eyes of the little child whose visage burns in the eyes of the Ancient of Days and in the sun presence of vast systems of worlds beyond your understanding, beloved ones, to know the true wisdom manifest in the All in All.             Come with me to the Tetons, and we will meditate on the All in All, the child-like quality, the God of very Gods. I AM with you. May wisdom increase, and thereby may your threefold flame grow so that you, too, may one day be the one whose heart flame does sustain a world. I AM Lanto. I impart to my own my love, and I count each of you as my own.1Mother is a term of endearment for Elizabeth Clare Prophet, also known as GuruMa.2Geometry of Divinity is one definition of GOD.Copyright (c) 2005 The Hearts Center(tm)             All Rights ReservedAll messages released through The Hearts Center(tm) are copyrighted, but we encourage you to print and share them with discretion with heart friends throughout the world. 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