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Lanello      September 17, 2005

Beloved Lanello
David Christopher Lewis
September 17, 2005            10:11-10:20 am CDT
Bloomington, Minnesota
The Class of the Solar Fires

            Welcome to my heart, my friends. Again we gather near my home. In this class, The Class of the Solar Fires, we will bathe in

a shower of solar light

. Take this time to meditate upon your heart, one with mine. Quiet your mind, still your emotions as we heartstream together. Feel the strains of the angels as they pluck your heart and your own heartstrings.
            The Holy Spirit comes. Feel his magnanimous Presence as he plays the flute of your willingness to be God taught. And the woodwinds trill. And the cellos sing. Invite the great Lord to walk with you as he walked with me as Hiawatha.
            I thank you, each and every one, for coming-some from near, some from far.
            The Seven Archangels now surround this place, setting the forcefield, anchoring their light. Each bears a chalice of the color of that ray. They offer you its essence and opportunity for self-mastery.
            See the sun rising now, higher in the heavens. And Archangel Michael now stands before you to deliver each of you and to give his message, beloved ones.1

1For the full effect of this tender HeartStream from the heart of Lanello, listen to the audio version. As "What Child is This" is played in the background, the master's words interweave with the strains of the melody and the various instruments that alternate in taking the lead.
Archangel Michael dictated immediately after Lanello's dictation.

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