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Hercules      September 17, 2005

Beloved Hercules
David Christopher Lewis
September 17, 2005 2:57-3:01 pm CDT
Bloomington, Minnesota

            Ho! I come now to the Twin Cities to anchor not only a rod of power for the defense of these messengers and this movement, but I bring my sword this day. For I am Hercules. And I have wielded this sword many times on behalf of the true messengers of the Great White Brotherhood, going back not only a hundred years but thousands and thousands of years, beloved ones. And so, I come and I wield this sword and I create a circle of fire around this city, around these cities. And I draw now, through the circumference of this action, the blue-flame power of Hercules to anchor the light necessary for the defense of the word made manifest through each of you.
            Beloved ones, you can be an orifice of God-power through the words spoken through your throat chakra when that throat is truly representative of the Word of God. Beloved ones, many of you have been decreeing for decades, and so you have a momentum of the release of the word. And I, Hercules, say to you that the word must become you, that you must become that word fully and finally before every manifestation that you utter can be fully charged with the victory of God's consciousness.
            It does not take time, it takes attunement to bring forth the word in this physical octave, beloved ones. And so we do not require hours and hours of your uttering of words. But we require that direct attunement with our hearts, with our minds, with our beings to bring forth that sacred fire into the physical domain of this dimension in 3-D, as you would say.
            Therefore, we come. Therefore, we anchor our fire and we will not accept anything less than the victory of what we desire to accomplish this weekend through these hearts, though few in number, fiery in spirit.
            Beloved ones, stand now and receive the full empowerment of Hercules through heart and head and hand as you raise with me your own sword of fire. And as your council has taken upon itself to give a special call at the beginning of their meetings, we now give it to all of you from this day forward to utter whenever you determine to come together as one spirit and one heart and one mind. And together we will say, "One for all and all for one! One for all and all for one! One for all and all for one!" And as we touch our swords at a central apex point of light and fire, beloved ones, we will remain one forevermore.
            I AM Hercules. I have come. I have anchored my fire, and now I ask you to be seated as you prepare for the coming of your Knight Commander, beloved Saint Germain.

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