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Godfre      September 17, 2005

Beloved Godfre
David Christopher Lewis
September 17, 2005 5:58 pm CDT
Bloomington, Minnesota

            Would you be God-free? [Audience responds: "Yes!"]            Well, I AM he. And I bring Valiant. And Lotus is here, and your Mark and Mother also. All dressed in white are we. And Omraam joins us too. We have a mission together, do we not? We have never left off in delivering our message through our anointed messengers. And when each of us has ascended we have seen the record of the passing of the torch and of the continuing of the mission of the two witnesses and of the mission of the Great White Brotherhood. So, we count you all within this mission.
            America is in jeopardy in this hour due to the complacency of many chelas whom we had counted on. Therefore, each of you must count for ten. Lanello has recently released through the heart of one, with the messenger, a new decree, "I Have the Strength of Ten." We require that each of you as alchemists now count for ten. See the expansion of your heart, your fire, your determination to win the victory for Saint Germain and Portia. This will require greater effort, greater focus, greater determination on your part, beloved ones, to be the flame of God-freedom for America.
            You know our story and how many in the I AM Movement stood night after night during the World War II to defend the shores of this land and her people. And you know the vision given unto me and to others of the perils coming to America. Mother Mary has reminded you of the gravity of the hour.
            And though we do not wish to place you in a state of fear or that vibration, we do call forth our troops to be activated, to be enlisted in a greater action of the release of the sacred fire through your mantras and decrees and prayers and through the intensity of your hearts for the saving of many. What has come upon the shores of the Gulf Coast is only an inkling of what can occur when the people of America have lost their way in responding to the God of very Gods within their midst.
            And so, you see the ongoing battle wherein even the name of God cannot be uttered within the schools of this great land. We do not desire any to pledge allegiance to a human system, but we champion the right of every man, woman and child to pray to God to deliver this people from evil. So, we see one coming into the office of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, and we are gratified that some have taken a stand to defend the right of God to exist within this government and all the branches thereof.
            For if this nation were to deny the existence and the right of the Creator to work in the affairs of men, then the very reason why this country was established would be annulled, beloved hearts. And all that we have worked to accomplish together in establishing this great nation would be for naught. Therefore, we who have taken our ascension, who walked upon these shores to establish this nation have been in agony in seeing the outplaying of the forces of darkness that would steal from you the very nature of the flame of freedom that burns here.
            Beloved ones, Saint Germain is almost anxious, as you would say, for the Golden Age to begin. And yet, having no anxiety within his being, he waits patiently for his chelas to return to his heart to give the violet flame liberally and to accept within their very beings their avowed mission before they embodied in this life.
            Yes, you must count for ten. Stouthearted men and women must we have. So, when you kneel in prayer before your altar remember the sacrifices of all those who have given their lives before you. And then, when you are asked to give an extra five minutes of meditation and prayer daily, you will not think that this request is so difficult, beloved ones, for you to fulfill.
            Why, I suggest that you have a picture framed somewhere in your sanctuaries that is representative of the great sacrifice mentioned by our Lord when he said that the greatest gift that can be given is for one to lay down his life for his friends. You must lay down your life daily, your human self and not the Divine. Yes, you must permanently bury that ego self that has derided you and kept you from the clarity of that divine being that you are.
            I AM Godfre because I chose to serve my master come what may through all the condemnation and the attempts to snuff out the I AM Movement. And I am grateful for those who to this day have entered our temples and sanctuaries and those places of worship wherein the name of God, I AM THAT I AM, is uttered and used for the victory of freedom in the earth.
            I seal your hearts, your minds, your hands toward sacred service and the alchemy that you will perform, not for yourselves but for the mission of the Knight Commander, the Master Alchemist, who will continue his work through his chelas, through his servitors, through his apprentices. You are the one. Do you believe it? [Audience responds, "Yes!"] I bid you adieu.

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