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Nada      August 21, 2005

Beloved Nada
David Christopher Lewis
August 21, 2005 12:39 am MDT
Emigrant, Montana

            The yearning of your soul for the rose of God's heart has brought you to the point of identification with the God-flame resident within your hearts. My beloved ones, I, Nada, come to expand the chalice of your hearts this day. For as each of you has perceived and maintained your deep communion with that Presence of God within you, the unfolding rose of your heart has captured the very essence of the Godhead himself.
            Think on this: that you can capture within the domain of your own being and self the light of the Infinite One, beloved ones. And as a young child does hold upon his hand a butterfly so delicate, so beautiful, you can receive the grace of God's fire where you are for the blessing of all life. We come to instill you with the distillation of the heart of God, and so the pure rose essence does flow now through you, each one. And you receive, according to your devotion, a certain empowerment of that heart of God this day.
            My beloved holy ones, as you meditate upon the rose of God's heart, see that rose within thee as the eternal offering of God to thee each moment. And when, through holiness, you can take this holy offering and understand within the soft petals, the fragrance and the gentle nuances of color, the design that God did place within thee in the beginning and which he desires that you return to, oh, were you not made in the image divine, beloved ones? Oh, were you not formed and fashioned in the beginning in that perfection that now you would see outpictured in every avenue of your life, in every word, in every thought and deed? Oh, how God desires thee to be the one that he has chosen as the holy rose of his heart this day.
            Receive now a rose from my heart. Take it to thine. The coloration will be individual for each of you: some pure white, some with roseate hue, others with golden liquid essence flowing, others with a gentle aqua-teal hue and others with the glorious violet because you desire freedom where you are. Oh, my holy ones, you are roses in the garden of God's consciousness, and God loves each of you equally. And when one is plucked to perform the sacred rite of being placed within the vase of the great God, that one may look into his eyes and see burning there, fiery worlds, cosmic rays, diadems of perfection, wherein that one is transformed even in the very process of gazing upon the Lord God Almighty.
            You will become what you can see yourself becoming, beloved ones. Will you see yourself as the perfect rose in the vase upon the table and the altar of the most high? Will you see exuding from your center, your core, that sacred wafting essence of who you are? As you are enlightened, the golden pollen upon your inner parts may flow by the winds of the Holy Spirit to touch one or another. And through that grace of illumination's fire in the golden-pink essence of who you are, many souls may be saved. Sentient life will be raised and grace may truly expand the universe of God's consciousness.
            You have received the thoughtform for this activity from our messenger of art and music of the unfolding rose that he did see while in Mexico many months ago. Will you meditate upon this thoughtform even when you are reciting the words of holy mantra? For if and as you can see and understand the radiance of each petal, how it is naturally graced and unfolds by the light of the sun, you will come into an understanding of how God desires to unfold within you his pure being always.
            I am the eternal Mother of Grace to all who would know the love of God. I am your Nada. I am blessing my own who need more love, more fire, so that their only desire is to be that budding one who has become the Buddha in the way through pure love unfolding. May my presence be with you always. And as you take the essence of rose from holy oil and place it upon your heart, upon your wrist and upon your forehead, may you know the kiss of Nada upon you, my beloved ones.
            [Nada wafts to each one their fragrance, their essence, as those in attendance breathe deeply in receptivity.]

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