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Kuthumi      August 13, 2005

Beloved Kuthumi
David Christopher Lewis
August 13, 2005            7:16 p.m. PDT
Acacolman Museum (formerly a monastery)
Mexico City, Mexico


My Beloved Friends,
            I ask you now to join me by holding hands with me in a circle around me on both sides. I come with elemental life all around you* outside this evening, outside a church where my brothers did dedicate their life, and my sisters also. We have established many holy orders of brothers and sisters throughout the centuries who have kept the flame in humility, in chastity and poverty and obedience on behalf of the Lord.

            Truly, all of you here and many more within the greater body of lightbearers have been a part, at one time or another or many times, of these orders. And so, we have come again together, I ascended, you not quite ascended yet but ready, readying yourself for that final walk into the arms of the Father.

            Beloved ones, I AM gratified to know that some among mankind have desired the full commitment to the final initiations whereby you may receive that handshake of the Lord Jesus as a holy brother, a holy sister in your own right. And so, I have established and reestablished my Order of the Golden Robe. And those of you who have studied diligently or desire to do so from this state may maintain a certain sense of the peace of the all-commanding presence of our oneness. And in the sense of that holy brotherhood, that sisterhood, we together may establish upon earth the coming of the Lord as the Lord Maitreya who so desires to work through his servant sons and daughters and ambassadors to raise all sentient life in coming years.

            So, those of you who have and who will make this commitment will be the ones ascended who will continue the mission at many levels, offering yourselves as teachers, as wayshowers, as servant leaders training newly-ascended beings, training those still in embodiment. And many that you have seen and whose lives have been touched at inner levels during this trip will be your students in future years as ascended beings. So prepare in holiness for all that your mission will entail. For your mission will truly be victorious even from higher levels and states of consciousness, for it will never subside. For the ongoingness of life in the ascended state is truly one of joy and of that greater commitment to the Lord God that we all as ascended ones have made.

            Beloved ones, feel now the pulsation of the flame of cosmic Christ peace in this place as I establish a permanent focus of peace here. And so Morya and I and Djwal Kul do stand within this circle anchoring the balanced action of cosmic Christ peace on behalf of this evolution. And in your training as Brothers and Sisters of the Golden Robe, you may also receive, heart to heart, the impartations of the mind of Morya and Djwal Kul; for they are also members of this holy brotherhood.

            In the stillness of the secret chamber of your heart I have come. Maintain your holy vows, beloved ones, except for that vow of poverty which I now remove permanently from those vows of the holy brethren. For I ask you to dwell always within the abundance of God's consciousness. So, my friends in holiness, in purity and in love, maintain our brotherhood's tryst.

            I thank you. I honor you. I love you forever!

*Throughout this outdoor dictation, birds are singing in the background.

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