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Lanello      August 12, 2005

Beloved Lanello

David C. Lewis

August 12, 2005

Catedral de la Asunción de Maria

Cuernavaca, Mexico



Lanello's Sacred Prayer for the Holy Children



            By the grace of God, we are here in this city chosen by the angels for a mighty work to be done. And so we use each of you as our representatives, our hearts, to anchor a light for the protection of the mission of the Great White Brotherhood here. Beloved hearts, truly each of you as an angel of mercy—as an angel who does both on inner levels and even on the outer represent ten thousand legions of angels for us—anchor[s] a light for the protection of the children.

            Each child is special and precious to us. Every child is worth the life that God bestows, and so none should be shunned. None should be unwanted. None should be left in the streets to fend for themselves. But each one should truly be honored as the Christ Child. For the same light that was beating within the breast of your Jesus beats within the hearts of every child of God.

            When [will] mankind understand this concept whereby every soul has meaning, every soul has a divine plan, every soul is truly worshiped by the angels? For the angels do tend the fires of the heart of every child from birth onward. So, we do not wish that any lose their sensitivity to receive the inspiration of the angels. And yet, through the cultures of this world, many have lost their innocence.

            Cuernavaca, I anchor now my fire here in this place!  I, Lanello, who was born on the eve of the birth of the Christ Child that you celebrate as Christmas Day, choose in the flame of the Holy Family—your Mother Mary, Jesus and Saint Germain—to witness to the holy child. And so I ask you, as a reminder, to take those vows in the Order of the Holy Child that I did give to the world almost five [decades] ago, for the world has yet to understand the holiness of the child. Our Lord has said, “Ye must become as a little child to enter into the kingdom.”¹  So, become like children, my friends. Receive the child and you shall receive the Christ. Receive the light of the child and you shall receive the light of the Christ.

Burn now within these hearts more brightly, O Jesus, your flame of the resurrection and the ascension. Burn brightly now, O flame of mercy from the heart of Mother Mary, more brightly within these hearts. Burn brightly, O flame of freedom from the heart of my Father, more brightly within the souls of these your servants. O God, help the children in this hour. I, Lanello, ask the Lords of Karma to send reinforcements for the protection of the holy child in the womb and unto the age of twelve, that age of puberty whereby the karma does descend.

            Seal them in holy innocence. Seal them in the protection of all the archangels and their retinue. O God, protect them from the bombardments of rock music, of a culture of death, of despair and all that assails their hearts, their minds, their very beings. O Jesus, as you held the little children on your lap when they came to you on the Mount of Olives and some did try to shoo them away, I say, we will receive them, O my Lord. We will receive the lost ones, those without families, those without homes, those without hope. O God, send them to us. O Mary, heal them, bless them, nourish them. For we are truly your servitors and would save all sentient life, first and foremost, the little ones.

O my God, I thank you for hearing my prayer.²  I thank you, O God, for bestowing your grace upon all life. And I, Lanello, kneel now before the image of the Virgin Mary whom I adore, my savioress, my love.


¹Matthew 18:3
²Lanello's prayer has been published in The Hearts Center's Prayers, Decrees and Mantras book as a "Prayer for the Holy Children", # 4.001.

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