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Nada      July 11, 2005

Beloved Nada
David Christopher Lewis
July 11, 2005 3:31 - 3:34 pm MDT
Jackson Lake Lodge
Moran, Wyoming

            You are my angels, beloved. And I have come to continue the message of beloved Paul the Venetian. For I also do magnify the flame of love, as you know, through the rose of my heart ever available to you, each one.
            So, in this spirit of building of communion in which we share the secrets of the hearts of the angels, I ask you, what would you give as service to life this day? [Devotees respond and the Messenger repeats their response into the microphone for all to hear.] ["Our prayers."] Our prayers. ["The healing touch."] The healing touch. ["Devotion."] Devotion. ["Our hearts' love."] Our hearts' love. ["Compassion."] Compassion. ["A beautiful welcome for all who come to The Hearts Center."] A beautiful welcome for all who come to The Hearts Center. ["Understanding."] Understanding. ["A listening ear."] A listening ear. ["Our attention."] Our attention. ["Forgiveness."] Forgiveness. ["Hope for the youth."] Hope for the youth. ["My all."] My all. ["Helping those who are in need."] Helping those who are in need. ["My body, my chakras, my light."] My body, my chakras, my light. ["Teaching."] Teaching. ["Love."] Love. ["Beauty."] Beauty. ["Loving parental education."] Loving parental education.
            All these are the gifts of your personal rose to all life. All these may be the essence of the fragrance of that rose to another. And I would add my fragrance to this offering of yours if you would have it so, beloved. [Audience responds in the affirmative.] So, may you receive now the fragrance of roses. Breathe them in [all inhale] and exhale now as my fragrance flows through you to all life. [All exhale.] And again. [All inhale and exhale.] And again. [All inhale and exhale.] As you give your breathing exercises each morn or evening, may you breathe in this special scent from my heart and again breathe out not just the waste particles as emissions of your lesser self but breathe out from your heart all that you are.
            One day, if mankind, breathing in God and breathing out God, could see the effects of this spiritual anatomical exercise, they would see cast abroad upon the very air and the wind truly [a] new love come to earth. And so, the angels and the sylphs would take up this offering. And in the billowing clouds themselves, you can see the manifestation of God's eternal love for you. So, exercise again, dear hearts, in a tri-fold manner with me. [All inhale and exhale three times.]
            Do you smell the roses now over that pungent smell of which you were anointed? Well, I say many [etheric] rose petals have fallen at your feet, on your shoulders, in your lap and on your head. They are my gifts to you, each one. And you may gather them now into your heart, nevermore to be less than the immortelles that they are meant to be within you.
            So, see now the unfolding rose within your heart as an immortelle of God, a witness of your love to all. And when you greet and hug one another from this day forward, it will be interesting to see how one rose will meet another in this manner and how the light blue will merge with the pink and the ruby will merge with the white and the golden light of some will merge with the purple of others.
            And so, you will see the secret rays dancing all about you. And then you will desire nothing less than to dance with me a dance of joy, a dance of the hours wherein our happiness, our frivolity with the elementals, shall be a most natural outpicturing of our holy love.
            I say that one day there may even be deva discos where, instead of the jagged rhythms that do pour forth through the bands that play with some of their music out of the pits of you-know-where, you will see billowing clouds of love-light descending through the rhythm divine and the music sublime that I will bring, for these are those spiritual ballrooms that we have on Venus. We would bring them to earth, but we need many of you as our representatives, culture changers as it would be, to allow this to occur city by city across the earth.
            I say that the man coming after me, the Knight Commander [Saint Germain], would love to take the dance floor himself and show you a thing or two about how the cosmic waltzes are conveyed in the spirit world. For if you could see that one with his beloved Portia dancing their cosmic dance, you would truly be quickened in the fire of the violet light from his magnanimous heart which never ceases to burn endlessly on behalf of the evolutions of earth.
            So, he is coming to speak with you with his beloved Portia. But first, I surmise you may need a little refreshment, a little fresh air. So, please take five or ten or even fifteen minutes to refresh yourself. And then return on this rosy carpet to see what will come of earth through the word of the holy alchemist himself.
            I seal you in holy love. I am your Nada. And though those within the Hispanic and Latino communities know my name as nothing-and I know that I am truly nothing but God's love-I say, you too can be nothing for God, nothing at all but my love. Be love, beloved, always.

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