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Maximus      July 11, 2005

Beloved Maximus
David Christopher Lewis
July 11, 2005 4:38 - 4:41 pm MDT
Jackson Lake Lodge
Moran, Wyoming

            I seal this day by the power of the Maxin Light that flows from the heart of the Great Central Sun. So, I come. And I am maximizing you. I am maximizing the light that you have received. And I seal it within your aura, your chakras, your very being, beloved hearts. And I, Maximus, do declare that this event, the Fun at the Tetons, has been the fulfillment of all that God has desired and that you have received all that you may receive, have you not? ["Yes." Applause.]
            So, I anchor a rod of fire here. And this rod shall burn brightly at inner levels as a rod of fire and a magnet of power for the drawing forward of many to come to the freedom class next year here. I, Maximus, do declare before the Lords of Karma and the Solar Hierarchy that the dispensations that have occurred here are real. And I do now extend my aura into the very living rooms and homes of those who have been listening. And I say, you will feel the power now through the release of this energy that I bear. You will experience all that has transpired here if you give of your hearts as these have given of their time and energy and supply in coming here physically.
            And so, make the sacrifice to come next year. It will be worth it and the trek will be worth every erg of your being. For God does multiply and maximize all the power and the light and the energy that you will receive if you surrender all. Surrender now, once and for all, everything, everything, everything. And now receive everything, everything, everything from God in return.
            I am Maximus and I seal you in my blue-white fire of cosmic joy. Amen. Amen. Amen.

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