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Serapis Bey      July 10, 2005

Beloved Serapis Bey
David C. Lewis
July 10, 2005 (14 minutes)
Grand Teton Event
Jackson Lake, Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

Empowerment for the Journey Home: Surrendering the Lower Self

The Fire of Ascension's Flame Is Only for the Disciplined Ones
Come to My Retreat and Receive the Training

Hail, Chelas of Ascension Fire!

            I, Serapis, come to initiate you as chelas of the white fire of purity this night! [applause] Thank you. Please be seated.

The ascension coil is a gift from God. Some of you are walking in that coil of fire even yet, and some are nigh grasping it and allowing it to flow through you. What is this coil of fire, dear hearts, but the personification of the love of the Mother manifest as purity's heat and fire? Ascension's currents are the means whereby you can return to God. Ascension's fire is the means whereby the journey is won through the empowerment that can only come when you have surrendered the self.

So I would speak to you of empowerment this evening. Some have sought power before they did taste fully of the flame of compassion on the pink ray, [which] must be mastered ere the fourth ray does dawn. And what has become of these? They have become greedy with light, squandering it, abasing that light through every illusion of the mind and heart and the debasing of the light that does flow ceaselessly from their Presence. So one has asked the Master Saint Germain what would become of he who does go here and there squandering the light of the chakras, sleeping with one or another and not fully entering into the purity of heart and motive and entering into the fullness of the love of the One.

So if you would ascend, you must transcend time and space. You must put beneath your feet every last vestige of fear and doubt of your true being, beloved. You must conquer the not-self that would rise again even amidst the dawning of your true self-mastery to show you a way that is not the way of truth. So some come to the Mount of Olives to hear our words and through the impurity of their minds receive not fully the proffered gift. So some come because they see the light, but they have not determined to supplant all that is anti-light within them. So some come seeking even whom they may devour in your midst,¹ and through impure motive they cannot truly enter into the oneness of hearts.

I shatter concepts of impurity of self, of lack of self-worth! Some of you still have within you that sense of lack of self-worth. This is a nasty beast, beloved. And so when you harbor this energy, the gnats and the fleas and the mosquitoes come and nest in your lower elements of self, feasting on you, drawing the very life force, the blood of God within you, and you become leaky vessels. Well, I would strengthen you by the power of the conquering ones, but this strengthening and empowerment may only come through true humility. The steely white fire of ascension's flame is only for the disciplined ones who know that only through the giving of the all may the All reside within.

So I walk, and I would be the quickening agent in your life if you would have me. I, with the Maha Chohan, would be your disciplinarian, goading you when you become lax, prodding you when you become so smug in what you think is spiritual attainment, [which] at times is only the tip of the iceberg of what you must master to return on the current of fire to the heart of God.

So you think you are disciplined. Well, I say, come to my retreat and receive the training. And you must shed some pounds of that substance that does beset you even now spiritually, physically, astrally, emotionally and mentally, beloved. Why not give it up? For it is unreal and will not seal you in the aura of perfection. Why not give it up once and for all? Why not cast it into the fire of Serapis? The pillars of Luxor await you. The holy ones who would initiate you await you. And the secret chamber wherein you will know, by the grace of God, that final empowerment for your journey home, up the stairway into the ascended hosts' realm, does await you, each one.

So I have come, and I seal this evening's session at the fulcrum of the seven.² When you come to the Grand Teton Retreat this evening, we will greet you, but a question will be asked of each of you: whether you are willing to let go of that thing that has kept you bound to this planet for eons. So before you enter the door, [determine] whether you are willing and able to let it go. And my angels will be there to receive it—yes, in a little box, a lock box, if you will, that no one may evermore find it. For they will cast it into the maxin light at my retreat to be no more a burden upon you.

            I, Serapis, seal the Mother Light within you. Go and sin no more!³ Go and squander no more the ascension light within you! For you require every vestige of this fire to make it home, beloved ones. 

            Lux fiat! Lux regit! Lux! Lux! Lux! Amen.

1.  1 Peter 5:8
2.  All seven chohans of the rays delivered HeartStreams during this event. Serapis, serving on the 4th ray, dictated 4th—midway or "at the fulcrum of the seven."
3.  John 8:11

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