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Lanto      July 10, 2005

Beloved Lord Lanto
David C. Lewis
July 10, 2005  (11 minutes)
Grand Teton Event
Jackson Lake, Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

The Fire that Burns within Can Change You Faster than You Know
Be Changed Now! Be Enlightened Now!

Be Warmed at the Bonfire of Illumination's Fount Always

           Illumination's fire now be upon you. Holy wisdom, enter the realm of your being.
           Beloved, did you know that within the center of the flame of illumination, the flame of transmutation also exists? This may be a new concept for you, and yet I would share how in meditation upon the great crown of life that God does bear as the golden liquid fire of illumination, you may receive an understanding of how instantaneous change may occur within you.
           The flashing light of illumination whereby you are awakened and quickened into new realms of thought and cosmic understanding truly is a way of transmutation, is it not? So as Saul was thrown to the ground and received the impetus whereby he was changed and turned around and illumined, the Lord Jesus did give unto him a dispensation, an instantaneous conversion experience, [which] many of you may also receive, though not in quite the same manner.¹
           What is it that quickens the mind, beloved? I ask you. [Audience gives their responses and Lanto repeats them.]
            The heart, beautiful teachings, love, faith, devotion, compassion, service, the ascended masters, kindness, joy, hope—all of these and many more.
           When you receive that focal point of wisdom's fire whereby your eyes are opened and you see clearly, we may step through the veil and work through you. What does it mean to have our Presence over you, I ask you? [Audience gives their responses and Lanto repeats them.] Everything, acceleration, joy, infinite possibilities, clarity, opportunity, creativity, greater love—all these and more.
           As disciples of Christ, you may work the works of Christ, but only if you have the Presence of Christ in you, about you, flowing through you always. And so, Christ does work through each of the chohans, for we are all Christed ones, you know. And I, Lanto, would place my Presence over you tangibly if you would have me. [Audience responds: “Yes.”] What will this mean now, beloved ones? [Audience gives their responses and Lanto repeats them.] Infinite possibilities, responsibility, wisdom, opportunity, teaching, sponsorship, illumination, greater ability to fulfill one's divine plan.
           Do you seek your Lord with all your mind and heart and being and soul, beloved ones? Well, I say not quite [as] fully as we would have you do so. For if you had, you would [have] long ago be[en] walking with us in the ascended state.
           So we return to first principles. And that principle of love does draw us unto you whereby the fire that burns within can truly change youalchemicallyfaster than you know. Why, you have heard it read and said from the Bible, in the twinkling of an eye the trump has sounded and beings are changed Have you wondered how this could occur?
           Be changed now! Be enlightened now! Be delivered from all that has assailed your mind, your heart, your being. For it is nonsense, and only the senses of God, those spiritual senses, must now work through the orifice of your being, beloved ones.
            So illumination does burn now, and you have a flame burning o'er your crown. And you are my disciples if you choose to be so. And as those who did receive the Holy Spirit, whereby the cloven tongues of fire burned over them,³ you may know this experience daily if you invoke and ask that this dispensation be repeated and come upon you each day.
           So heart to heart we teach. So heart to heart we learn. So heart to heart you may discern illumination burning brightly ever within your heart, your mind, your spirit.
           Purusha.   Purusha.   Purusha.
Be warmed at the bonfire of illumination's fount always.

1.  Acts 9:4; 22:7; 26:14
2.  1 Cor. 15:52: “In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed.”
3.  Acts 2:3

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