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Lanello      June 30, 2005

Beloved Lanello
David C. Lewis
June 30, 2005  (13 minutes)
2005 World Freedom Conference
Flying Higher with Saint Germain

Techny Towers
Northbrook, Chicago

We Gather Together to Anchor the Light in the Center of This Nation

Lanello Shakes Each One's Hand
I Am Your Friend: Receive My Heart and the Grip of the Master Who Loves You

           Welcome to the heart of America, to my heart and to the heart of the illustrious one, Saint Germain! I am your Lanello, and I am here as the jolly old fellow that you have known. And so I see some among you with whom I have communed, person to person. And I have [shaken] your hand and I have even given you that hug that sometimes did cause a stir within Elizabeth's own mind as to whether I would squeeze out the very breath within our chelas. Well, I say that there is still plenty of breath within you and within my lungs. And I would roar with you during this class to deliver the fire to our father Saint Germain once again.
            So you have sung that song “I Shook Lanello's Hand.” And I intend to shake each of your hands this day. And even though my representative is here, you will feel my love for you as you receive that strong grip, which I did employ as a ploy to charge those with whom I communed with cosmic fire. So if you feel a tingling within your hands, within your chakras, even down to your toes, I shall not be surprised and you should not [be] either. For I desire to impart to you that welcome, that magnanimous welcome, even as I went out to the gate at La Tourelle and did on occasion welcome those who were coming even before they knew who I was. And at times, being almost a fool for God, I did step out and discern that light that was coming into our sacred place; for each one must be welcomed as the Buddha, the Christ and the Way. So I am grateful that you in this activity have desired to welcome with open hearts and open minds all who come to you, rejecting none but discerning the seed of light and fire within each one even if that one has been rejected by others.
            We gather together for a holy purpose. This holy purpose is to anchor the light here in the center of this nation, building a bonfire of cosmic fire, the violet fire for Saint Germain. For truly he desires to establish a mighty focus here that can dispel much darkness, that can, as a burning ember in a burning fire and Yule log, deliver not only to this people in this locale but to the people throughout this region and throughout the entire nation the impetus for the resurrection of the economy, the resurrection of industry, the resurrection of the very soul of America itself.
           For some, having questioned the nature of this government, its representatives, have almost lost hope of what could be the flame of freedom within this nation. And so the Knight Commander comes again as the original sponsor [of this nation], declaring that freedom is worth the price, that freedom is worth the choice to bend the knee at your altars and deliver to God your fiats, your fire, your love and declare day after day that you will continue to stand for the Knight Commander and the flame of freedom, come what may!
           Beloved ones, you have chosen, as my friends, to approve of those thirty-three messages that I delivered through this one. And you felt my fire within those words. You felt the impetus of the truth that a new dispensation was needed in order for the masters of the Great White Brotherhood to move forward in their plans. And so you have stepped out from among those who would decry your position. And yet you have not feared what has come, but you have seen the light and you have seen it burning more brightly within your own breast because of your decision to follow me.
           It was not easy for Elizabeth and [me] to start up a new movement in the very midst of what has transpired, having fully given ourselves to the nth degree, invested ourselves in chelas, in an institution, in a movement. And yet we have gone forward to handpick some among you and many more who will be coming. For you had the quality [of heart and mind], you had the discernment to know our voice in the midst of other voices. I say bravo to you! Bravo to you, each one, who has [done so]. Because you have received this one, you have received me.
           So we will have a joke or two this weekend. And we will laugh, and we will have fun, and the mystery master will come. And I don't even know who it is yet. Do you? [laughter] Well, I'm waiting to find out, for he has cloaked himself from even the rest of us. But I have an inkling who it may be. And if any of you guess, you can whisper in my ear and together we will see who appears before us this afternoon.
           So, who brought this today?¹  $6.99. I don't know. I see a heart chakra here. Do you? That looks like our logo that Sir Theobold painted. Tom, can you come up here? [applause]
            What do you think, Tom? Is that a good representation of our logo?

Tom: Not bad. It seems to want to rise higher. Isn't that the right idea? [laughter]

Lanello: Well, I think it should have had some helium in there. Well, the time has come for each of you to come forward and shake my hand. And if any of you [has] a guitar, please come and sing that song that Terry Canady wrote. And if you don't, Tom can lead you in singing it. [laughter] He displayed his voice not too long ago. Did you hear him at another conference? I think he's got a good voice. Don't you?
           Well, I will be the first, and Tom won't be the last, to shake your hand, to hug you. And I would like all those who knew me in the physical to come forward now, stand at my side and also shake your hands because they have within and upon the very grains of their fingerprints my fingerprints, my impartation of my magnanimous heart.
           And so Donald and Joyce and Celeste and any others among you, John Paul, come forward, all those who have known me. And I would like each of you to come forward and shake the hands of all these. For did you not know that when I came and Elizabeth came, after each service we would stand at the door and shake the hand of each one that had attended that sacred service wherein the brothers in white did deliver their fire through us? And so we reenact this holy ritual, beloved ones, this day. And so these, my friends, attest [to the fact] that I am here, I am with you and I will never leave you so long as you continue to love and to give that love without reservation to all who come.
           Bless you, my friends. I am your friend. Come forward and receive my heart and the grip of the master who loves you always.

1.  A devotee provided a balloon upon the altar with an image of a rose upon it, similar to the original logo of The Hearts Center.

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