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Fun Wey      June 30, 2005

Beloved Fun Wey
David C. Lewis
June 30, 2005  8:01-8:21 am CDT
Summer Freedom Conference
Chicago, Illinois

The Final Climb of the Ascent Is the Steepest
The Keys to Passing Your Tests

              You have come to the heart of America, and so I would impart mysteries of the heart. What are these mysteries, beloved, but truly the delivery to you within the inner recesses of your innermost being [of] the knowledge, the wisdom of your own Godhood.
            The saints have discerned the inner mysteries only when they did give fully of themselves unto God. Many of you have walked the Earth as saints in past lives, taking up your habitation within the cloisters of the Catholic Church and within the holy orders of lamas and priests and nuns of the East. And so you have come again to fulfill all in this last life—hopefully for all or many of you. You have not been satisfied with what the world has had to offer, and so you have striven, you have searched, you have come to the feet of the masters seeking the deeper mysteries, the full-blown knowledge of how you could enter into that divine relationship wherein you, too, could walk and talk with God.
            In the holiness of our coming, you have experienced the radiation, the joy, the upwelling within you of that cosmic reality which has given you the impetus to go all the way and settle not for anything less than your perfection. This perfection is not a perfection of the outer self but truly of the heart. And so, you have come to that point of deep meditation, and you are all entering into a greater understanding of the final initiations that you will experience before your soul is launched beyond this world.
            We desire to convey, through our ongoing teaching, illustrations that will give you keys to your passing of these tests. And they are not always so easy. For is not the final climb of the ascent the steepest, often strewn with those jagged rocks that do limit the climber to those who have prepared, to those who have in all ways desired to seek the hand and maintain the bond with us, truly your spiritual Sherpas, who know because we have already ascended to the summit?
            The secret-ray initiations that many of you are experiencing are subtle, and so at times you find yourself almost in a quandary as to know exactly which road to take. For each may even seem to be viable, and yet there is a way that is best, shortest, most direct. Only through the meditation upon the Buddhic way, the path of the bodhisattva and truly the surrender even of the desire for permanent freedom, wherein you give to others the wherewithal to climb, will [you] gain an easier victory, dear hearts.
            So, meditate upon the secret rays. Meditate upon those God-qualities that truly are changing, shifting, wherein the light that does stream forth when you invoke them does allow you to transcend your former state, entering into a vibration, a level of consciousness wherein you may not be pegged but wherein you can fully discern the next best step to take.
            You would not be here had you not discerned, discriminated and determined to follow us all the way. And so some of you have experienced a stepping up in your aura, in your being of that divine consciousness whereby you can maintain the fire that you have received, not losing it in a moment of off-guardedness.
            So, though I may sound serious, I am a friend who comes in the spirit of joy to give you my heart for your passing of these tests. For I, too, am a Buddha of the East. And many of you are receiving those golden-pink fires—streaming through your crown and heart, your mind, through the recesses of even the unconscious, the subconscious—whereby all is transmuted, all is made plain, all is purified in preparation for your victory. We see crystalline fires now burning in your crown. We see the light of golden-pink illumination and love burning now in your auric fields.
            I raise the vibration of this place anew! And those who are listening for an impure reason will not know this step-up! But those of you who listen because you desire the truth will feel the radiation, the impetus, the joy and the glow of what we wish to accomplish.
            Holiness is the requirement of the hour. Surrender unto your own God Self is mandatory if you would be a Buddha. So lay down your life as Sumedha did and allow the Buddhas to walk over you. And be not downtrodden, but receive the imprint upon your own body of the soul of the Buddha. For that imprint, wherein you allow the All to be upon you, will allow you to be the All.
            Yes, Maitreya is coming this evening—the smiling one, the compassionate one—and I have been his chela for many a century, beloved ones. I am Fun Wey, you see, and though I can be serious, as I am, I still convey to you within my words that joyful spirit, that way that is the only way home, which is through the lightness, the levity, the joy of experiencing God as fun. So, my friend Lanello has joked with me. And you have heard stories, and we will continue this experience of relating to you those stories, which you will take and also be able to give to others, which will be key to keying them into their own Buddhic walk with Maitreya, with Gautama, with Padma Sambhava and the Buddhas in the way.¹ 
            Haaaaaaaaa. Haaaaaaaa. [The master breathed gently out.] Ha, ha, ha.  Did you know that when you breathe fire and say the ha! that there can be the dissolving of ancient records. And so when you laugh, when you are in that spirit of fun, see the fire burning through, dissolving those little, petite substances which have entered your bloodstream, your very auric field, which no longer need to weigh you down, because when you say, “Ha, ha, ha!” I will be there to experience the flaming laugh—yes, the flaming laugh of the Buddhas. For when they laugh, flames of fire are released unto a cosmos.
            I am your friend, with Lanello, and I am grateful to speak unto you this day. As you take your meal together, please take time to enjoy each other. Get to know someone whom you have never met before. Sit down with a newfound friend and laugh together with me, for I will be at every table, you see, laughing with you all the way. And though I perceive that some of you have the belly of the laughing Buddha, a little too big, [laughter] I will jump inside, wiggle it around a little bit [laughter] as you eat your Jell-O [laughter], and through the laughing experience, we will dissolve some of that fat. [laughter] And those of you who don't have enough fat, well, I say, chew on these words. [laughter]
            The fohat of union is the simple way home—in the childlike spirit to know God. I seal you in love-wisdom, always available for a good joke. I thank you.

¹Heartfriends who met or knew Mark Prophet (Lanello) shared numerous funny and poignant stories about Mark prior to this heartstream during the conference.

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