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Darshan for Youth      June 05, 2005

Beloved El Morya

David Christopher Lewis

June 5, 2005

Santa Rosa, California



Youth Darshan with El Morya on

K-17's Retreat, the Elixir of Life, Hercules' Retreat,

Heaven's Happenings and Aquarian Energy Sources



Rebecca: Where is K-17's retreat and what does it look like?


El Morya: Beloved Rebecca, thank you for asking.  I, El Morya, would like to allow K-17 himself to answer your question.


K-17: Beloved daughter, my retreat is a secret place because I serve in the Cosmic Secret Service. I am not allowed to reveal the whereabouts because if I did, certain forces would oppose our work. However, I can tell you a little bit about what my retreat looks like.

 First of all, we have within the rooms of my retreat, a sacred sanctuary where devotees of the All-Seeing Eye of God come together to worship the one God. Our focus is the All-Seeing Eye. We invoke the emerald ray which sees all. Our devotion to the All-Seeing Eye of God is paramount for our work, which is so important for the security and safety of the governments of the world and the safety of all God's children—you being one of them.

We have rooms where we have special computers that are very tiny, where we can see so much of what is happening not only in the governments of the nations but in certain councils that are secret, even where those of the fallen brotherhood come together to plot and plan against our plans.

            There is a cosmic screen upon which we note at any point in time and space what is occurring, where we can zoom in into your dimension and observe the discussions—what people are saying, what they are thinking, what they are planning. We use this information along with my friend, the Keeper of the Scrolls, to plan our next moves. And because we are masters at predicting what needs to be done to counteract what we see coming, we can move swiftly to secure the safety of our chelas and of our friends of light on earth.

            We use the secret rays. Do you know about the secret rays? They are in your hands and your feet—the palms of your hands and in the center of your feet—and also near your heart by your thymus. You can see rays of light coming out of these chakras to help people. But the secret rays have many, many uses. And as a cosmic being I use them in my work.

You can pray to me to learn how to use these rays, which one day will be really important for your work, beloved Rebecca. You see, the reason you want to know about me is because we are preparing you for your mission which is very important to the earth. The more you can know how to use the cloak of invisibility, invincibility and invulnerability—how to wrap light around yourself to hide yourself from bad forces, how you can actually send your spirit to other places on the earth the more you will be able to help people.

Some call this bilocation. But I expect that you will learn how to send more than one body. You could send seven of yourself to the seven continents to help people everywhere because I see within you a purity and a love that will help many souls. So if you pray to me, I will show you in your dreams, and maybe sometimes, very personally, the ways that you can help me not only in my retreat but in the work that you will do in this life. Will you remember to pray to me?


Rebecca: Yes.


El Morya:  Thank you very much. Bless you.


David: We have other youth here. Do they have any questions for Jesus or El Morya? You can be up to thirty-three years old. That's the dispensation for today. We have a question from Nelly: “Eighteen years ago I was born into the community on staff at Church Universal and Triumphant. I know community. I know love. I know the teachings. I have become the teachings and live them. Though I am just as, if not more, devoted to God and the masters as many who know their way, I am not a fanatical person and will never be. I know that this sort of fanaticism has turned many youth off. It has driven them from the path and become to them what many in the outside world see it as. They stray away from the teachings because of fanatical adults.

                        “I was blessed with parents who were not fanatical. I was blessed with parents that showed me the way, the Middle Way, not the far right or the far left way but the Middle Way. We still live in the real world with real problems and real people. I want everyone to know the God and the masters that I know. What can be done to show the youth the real elixir of life? Not the serum that many fanatical adults serve.” [Audience applauds.]

David: So Nelly's question is, “What can be done to show the youth the real elixir of life? Not the serum that many fanatical adults serve.”


El Morya: Beloved Nelly, you are precious to me and to many masters, and we have invested our very being within the atoms of your being. Truly, you do have wonderful parents whom I honor this day also.

What must be done for the youth must be done from a point of realizing that they are adults in young bodies. And in many cases they have much more attainment than those who would attempt to tell them what to do. The youth of today know that freedom is paramount to the path. The youth today see through the hypocrisy of those who would say one thing but would either do another or who have not fully embraced and become what they preach. The youth of today desire reality based on the inner principles that they know, having so recently descended from spiritual realms where they did receive training and an understanding of what is needed upon the earth now to show the youth the real elixir of life—the joy flame of the violet flame.

            You must create movies, videos, CDs, DVDs and all media using the technology of now and even of the next ten years, some of which is just coming to the fore, to display before their eyes and their consciousness how change can be wrought within not only the individual but within the world by the highest vibrating spiritual force in the universe that is known as the violet flame, at least in your spectrum of awareness. For I would say that there are even higher spiritual forces that you know not of yet, based on your current state of evolution. However, as the joy of the violet flame and its use become known, you, Nelly, and others of your friends of light who have been born into this world to show the way, may tell them of how you have not only understood, but as you say with your own words, have become the teaching because you have incorporated into your very being and the fibers of your consciousness the fullness of the joy spirit.

            This messenger does know your mother very well. They are good friends. And this messenger sees within her being, that spark that has been conveyed to you, blessed Nelly. In fact are you not the same age as the son of this messenger? Therefore, you should communicate with your friends via electronic means, that you are already using through the internet, to discuss among yourselves what is the highest and best way that you together can impact this world, knowing what you know as true mystics. For many of you were born in that year, 1987, and did come to enfire the Earth with your spirit.  I ask you, Nelly, what you will offer to me and to the Knight Commander in return for the gift that we have placed within your heart? For within that heart burns the fire of immortality. Within your breast burns our love for you most personally. Within your eyes shines that spirit of indomitable victory that we would see spread across the Earth as a glowing witness to what God desires to accomplish through special souls like yours.

Yes, we do not know exactly what you will make of your life, but we have invested so much in your causal bodies. We don't want to see a syrupy serum either but the true vital vibrating essence of reality and fire that can be conveyed heart to heart, mind to mind, soul to soul through a direct transfusion of your being to another by love!

            As you prepare to attend college or work in the world, remember who you are. Do not let peer pressure take you from the first love of the master of the first ray who I am. My eyes will shine through yours, blessed Nelly. My heart will burn through yours, my daughter. Your heart is this elixir. Your verve, your élan, the joy that you bear is the elixir. I love you always. Remember me. Talk to me, and I will be there each time you desire to transfuse a soul with my presence.


David: Do we have any other questions from the youth? Colin Delaney asks, “What does Hercules' retreat look like?” El Morya desires to answer because he is a chela of Hercules; and he has a focus, as you know, just across the valley from Half Dome. And sometimes he likes to hop across that valley and talk to his master personally, heart to heart. [Audience laughs.] From El Capitan it is only a long, long stone's throw.


El Morya: My master's retreat is truly a haven of cosmic fire. The retreats of the Elohim are vast with grand halls that can accommodate many, many ascended masters and angels and cosmic beings who come to anchor light for the protection of Earth.

            Beloved Colin, as you know, Hercules' retreat is the very throat chakra of the earth. Therefore you can guess that there is a central altar wherein the blue flame burns perpetually. This flame is magnificent and truly does hold the balance physically for the very architecture of the earth beneath your feet. The walls of this room are glowing with cosmic blue-fire diamond energies. The marble beneath the feet of those who come is a translucent light blue floor with specks of cosmic deep-blue energy also focalized through them.

            There is a room where the Elohim deliberate together. And in this room there is a magnificent table, very large, because we are large beings. [laughter] Excuse me, the Elohim are large beings although I am about six foot-seven myself. [more laughter] Hercules is even taller and more muscular.

 They have large chairs—more like thrones—that have rising behind the seat these magnificent jewel-studded backs that rise to accommodate their strong backs. There are fourteen chairs, one each for the Elohim and their complements. In the center of the round table there is a cosmic seven-sided structure made of crystal in which the flame burns but which also has a screen so that we can view life in any dimension throughout the known universe at any time, at any place.

The Great Divine Director often comes to this retreat to deliberate with Hercules, the Elohim and me. And so there is a special place at this table for him. When he comes, the table magnificently expands to accommodate eight—the seven Elohim (and their complements) and the Great Divine Director.

            There is a special room in Hercules' retreat where the Elohim communicate with cosmic beings from other systems of worlds. And they share information about what is transpiring in other galaxies throughout the universe. Only the Elohim themselves are allowed entrée into this room, for the work they do is stupendous and beyond your human understanding. For they do wield cosmic energies, and through the harmonization of their beings with each other they actually hold the physical universe in its course around the central hub of the cosmic egg.

There are other rooms, but I think I have given you enough to chew on today. Thank you, beloved Colin, for asking.

David:  We'll take a question from an adult since we seem to have run out of questions from the children. [Addressing Brandon] You have one more? And if you're too shy, your dad can ask the question with you.


El Morya: [to Brandon] Do you have blue eyes? So do I!


Brandon's father: Brandon has a special condition, so he wants to ask God something.


David: Want your dad to help ask the question?


Brandon's father: He wants to know if God can help him with his condition and to be strong like Hercules.


David: What is the condition?


Brandon's father: Muscular dystrophy…genetic.


David: Becky, please come forward, and Marsha. We're going to stand around him, all four of us [including Brandon's father.] I'm going to place my hands on his shoulders, Becky on his head and Marsha, take his hand, his other hand.

            By the power vested in me, from the Lord God, I, El Morya, bless this child. I surge through your being now the currents of divine love, wisdom and power for the fulfillment of your divine plan. I ask my guru, the Great Divine Director, and my guru, beloved Hercules, to give you the strength in this life that you need, dear heart, for your purposeful mission and to experience true joy, love, healing and all that you must receive.

We give you our very hearts. We give you all that you need to be all that you can be. Though you may not be physically healed fully from this condition, you will have our love with you always if you will remember simply to joyfully utter a prayer to God to help you whenever you feel the need for help. God bless you, my child.


Cannon: What are you supposed to do in heaven?


El Morya: First of all, when you get there, you have to continue having fun. Do you like to fly?


Cannon: Yeah.


El Morya: Have you ever flown in a plane?


Cannon: Yeah.


El Morya: Do you know that in heaven you don't even need the plane any more? [laughter] Where would you like to fly?


Cannon: Mmm…to Hawaii.


El Morya: Then the first thing to do when you get to heaven is to fly to Hawaii and to go to the retreat of Peace and Aloha. You seem like a peaceful person. Are you?


Cannon: Yeah.


El Morya: Maybe that's why you want to go there. So I think that when you go to heaven you're going to help Peace and Aloha bring greater peace to the Earth. But you don't have to wait till you get to heaven because heaven can be here for you now. Did you know that?

: No.


El Morya: You can bring heaven to earth now through your love. And you can be a spirit of peace to many, many people. Your dad is a special person, and he can tell you all about it. And he can tell you stories and make up stories about how you can change the world because within your heart and your solar center there is a special flame that burns of peace. And have you ever been to Hawaii in this life?


Cannon: Yeah.


El Morya: You have? Did you like it?


Cannon: Yeah.


El Morya:  Did you not want to leave? I know what you mean. Even we as ascended masters go to Peace and Aloha's retreat for R and R. It's true! And sometimes we don't want to leave, but we are called back to our retreats by what is happening in the Earth. So, why don't you come on over here and shake my hand. What's your name?


Cannon: Cannon.


El Morya: Cannon, what is your middle name?


Cannon: Gabriel.


El Morya:  Cannon Gabriel…


Cannon: Carpenter.


El Morya:   Cannon Gabriel Carpenter. The peace of God will always be with you. Okay?


Cannon: Okay.


El Morya: How old are you?


Cannon: Ten.


El Morya: I have a son who is eleven…well, David does! [laughter]


David: Erin Hovert asks, “Dear El Morya, is the United States in a really vulnerable state because of its reliance on oil?”


El Morya: Yes! And we spoke of this at the darshan last month. It is time for a change.

 What is oil? Oil is the compacted energy of God that when burned, is released to fuel not only your automobiles and vehicles but the engines of your civilization. Why not go directly to the Source, beloved, rather than relying on this energy deep within the Earth that should be allowed to remain there and not be extracted, thus polluting the Earth and messing up things on this planet? You will have the answer to the oil situation when you all learn to go to the Source—God, relying on the Source of energy to meet all of your needs, both spiritual and material. When fifty-one percent of the people on this Earth know what it means to rely fully on the Source, then you will no longer have the need for the oil within the earth to run your civilization.

Pray most imperatively for people to come back to an understanding of God, their I AM Presence, the Source of life. And when they do, they will know not only the Sun of their own being, but they will have the keys to the free flowing of God's energy to the sun of your system which can be captured and utilized to meet all of your physical needs. Thank you, Erin, for asking.


David: I have a question that I cannot…the master will not answer. It's from Jerome Tweedy. This is a personal question and I know that you are over 33 years old. [laughter] But in any case, Jerome, this question is a personal question that the masters will not answer. You will have to discern the answer yourself by going within.


Someone in audience: Can we ask an adult question now?


David: Yes. We have about five questions from adults. Go ahead.


Harold: I'd like to know, on the course I'm on for the economy, as far as the natural things of the Earth…we're in the process of forming a natural….from the ground up, everything that's needed. And in addition to that, I'd like to know if the present course that we're pursuing with the ship of admiralty—which I'm sure the masters will comment on—is the proper thing to pursue for my goals in the immediate future and also the common law of courses.


El Morya: Beloved Harold, so long as you commend all of your work for the purposes of truth and service to humanity, so long as you consecrate what you are doing to the holy purposes of the Brotherhood—even if those with whom you work are not aware of your direct connection to us, so long as you pray for all those involved who are working on these projects, they can and will be victorious with you as the heart, with you as the focal point through which we can energize and sustain these projects.

Trust no man ever, but trust God in man and pray for God within your fellow co-workers to shine forth the full fruits of this work in the appointed cycles of fulfillment. We cannot give you the direct dates, but we can say that when you use the master alchemist's keys to precipitation daily, visualizing specifically what you seek to accomplish, where you see it manifesting, when you see it manifesting, how you see it manifesting and you hold within your mind's eye the full-blown manifestation of this alchemy, then you can have the victory. Do you see it now?


Harold:  Yes.


El Morya: Hold it. Continue that holding pattern until it is accomplished. Thank You.


David:  It's 2:30 now, and we need to prepare for the final two dictations of the conference. Is this another question?

            We've just been handed a report from the U. S. Geological Survey National Earthquake Information Center that there was a 5.1 magnitude earthquake in the Gulf of California, Sunday, this morning at 8:28. This is from Magdalene McCarthy. She says, “Dear Heartfriends, I am wondering if anyone there has seen this report today of this relatively small earthquake in the Gulf of California. Part of the wording of her email was cut off here. She says, “Do you not think that this is a result of part of our decree session this weekend with this gentle easement of the earth out into the gulf? Thank you for this wonderful broadcast. Magdalene.”

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