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Gautama Buddha      June 04, 2005

Beloved Gautama Buddha
David C. Lewis
June 4, 2005  8:01-8:17 am PDT
Santa Rosa, California

I Come to Quicken You
The Crown of Awakening Is the Key to Your Victory

             I am come to a place sanctified by your devotion. Everywhere you walk from this day forward, if you maintain this holy practice, will be sanctified, dear hearts.
           I am the Lord of the World, and by God's grace I had transferred to me by my guru, Sanat Kumara, the responsibility to tend the fires of this planetary home and its evolutions not so long ago. And so, for nigh a half a century, I have been streaming forth from my heart strong threads of immortal substance to quicken all sentient life. So I come here in this place to quicken you, if you would have me. And you have felt the surging up within you [of] the fire of the Mother, raised anew to the crown of your own understanding of God and godly intent, whereby you may once again enter into that phase of divine reality from which you descended aeons ago.
         You all know that it is time for many to return to the heart of the Father-Mother God. The means whereby this path may be accelerated for you, each one, is laid before you, and it has ever been before you. And many of you have striven to walk this path, truly the Middle Way, [navigating] the treacherous waters upon this planetary home that dwell in the veils of time and space, in the sea of samsara, clouded by the mists that have held you hostage for far too long. We come as cosmic shock troops to save those who have been bound and gagged [by] the denizens of darkness, [those] who would know and do better if they had that cosmic impetus, the knowledge of the true path home that we would convey.
            What is the answer to the dilemma of mankind in this hour? All seek pleasure, joy, a surcease from suffering and lack and want, but all are not willing to lay down the fruits of a temporal existence, to know the permanent reality that flows ever and always through the sun of the present reality of God within now.
            We have sent forth many teachers, and many have been maligned. And the sheep have been scattered because of a disunity, where one or another do not recognize the innate Godhood within their brethren because of doctrine and dogma, even amongst those who were sent to save—yes, the 144,000 that came with my guru and me to Shambhala. Why, why, O God, have not our own joined hands and discerned that now is the acceptable time to walk all the way home, hand in hand, to our abode again?
            This new light that you feel is an opportunity for you to extend [love-wisdom] to others among the brethren who have temporarily placed their footprints upon other paths that lead not quickly home. Love them, honor where they have trodden, but gently show them a new light dawning on the horizon. Tell them that my son, Maitreya, is almost ready—yes, almost ready to physically walk the Earth again, and he needs you all to prepare for his coming. How will you prepare for the coming of the Compassionate One, my friends? It is by embodying that compassion ever and always. It is by not only speaking about kindness but [by] allowing the very God of Kindness to work through you, to be within, around, beneath and above you always.
           When you understand kindness, you will understand me. When you understand me, I will be there at all times within your mind, within the intelligence of your heart to show you at each nexus point of decision making what is that next best step on this path of the Middle Way that we walk together.
            Seated in the lotus, we are all one. Can you see yourself as my brother, my sister, not adoring my person, but truly elevating your own state of consciousness to know that you, too, may be a Buddha, may be a bodhisattva with me, my friends? It is not blasphemy to declare yourself an equal with Gautama if you know that the budding light within is only God—and that only God is real within you. So I would see many of you on a par with me if you can sustain the light, the radiation, the fire. In the stillness of this lotus light, you may know me always.  
            I come also to augment the work of Mighty Cosmos, my friend, by asking each of you to come forward and to receive the blessing of your crown with the tanzanite stone given temporarily to this messenger for this service. The crown of awakening is the key to your victory. And when that light does flow naturally upward, we look to see what you will do with it, my friends. I ask you to use it to illumine a world. I ask you to spare not the rod upon thine own lesser self but to seek the rod of power, your divine inheritance of cosmic wisdom that you may impart for us to many.
           So, come forward, if you dare, and receive the touch of the Buddha upon the crown this day.

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