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Lanello      June 03, 2005

Beloved Lanello

David C. Lewis

June 3, 2005  (11 minutes)

Santa Rosa, California



Ruby Fire to Raise You into your Perfected Christ and Buddha Consciousness


Sons and Daughters of My Heart,

            I relish this opportunity to come unto my own. For in this conference—a communion of hearts here in Santa Rosa—we will begin to weave a spiral of light that will gather unto itself many skeins of cosmic fire for the fulfillment of a holy purpose.

            I welcome all of you, both here physically and those who would lend your ears to our cause. It is truly time that this new dispensation be known throughout this state, this region and throughout the entire planetary home, beloved. For if we, as ascended masters, would have the victory foretold, it must be manifest through our chelas, our students who have served in many cases for many a decade and in some cases, though newly received unto our hearts, still burn with that indomitable spirit of cosmic fire of love and joy that is the signet of The Hearts Center.

            Beloved ones, when we come, we would impart to you more of who we are so that you can become more of who you are. And so we weave a sacred antahkarana of fire, using the highest aspects and elements of your individual causal bodies merged together in this unfolding rose that we will create. And we will offer our joint love, our abilities, our momentums of striving to the Lords of Light above so that we will see what dispensations may be granted unto those not only in this area but unto all lifewaves upon this planetary home.

Our coming in this hour is by God's grace. And your offering upon the altar of the elements of your lesser self will do you well in gleaning greater skeins of fire of your Higher Self, beloved ones. And so, as Buddhas, your Mother and I—she in spirit and I here tangibly with you—will grace you with those Buddhic elements that we have become, the Buddhic fires that we have studied since my ascension. And as you take up this sacred walk with the bodhisattvas and those who have vowed to save all sentient life, you will begin to understand anew why you embodied in the first place and why it is necessary for you to ascend in the last space and place wherever that may be and whenever it may be.

So, hold your hands out now, cupped before you to receive a chalice, crystal clear. This chalice is your opportunity this weekend to pour forth into a void matrix all of who you are, all of who you would be, consecrating it with your deep reverence for life, consecrating it with the highest good, the highest light that you can perceive and conceptualize and then offering it as that most holy gift unto the rose of the hearts of the Lord of the World and the Buddhas in the Way.

Each of your manifestations of love will be different, but we need each of you to fulfill the greater chalice that together we will mold for our God. So, before each of your holy sessions together in your study groups, in your Hearts Centers, in your conferences, will you begin anew to receive a new cup into which you may pour that sacred offering—yes, the blood of your being, that spiritual essence? For in this holy ritual you all, as priests and priestesses of the sacred fire, will commemorate anew the holy repast with our Lord that some of us did share and which we would continue to re-consecrate and share together.

Beloved ones, I am here. Know me by my magnanimous heart which I now expand within each of you and send forth rays of fire, holy rays of ruby fire now to raise you into your perfected Christ and Buddha consciousness! Will you have me, beloved, always within your heart, I ask? [The audience responds, “Yes!”] I will be there simply through a humble prayer that you offer in the day or in the night, for I am your humble servant, Lanello, your ever-present guru, your friend, your love.

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