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Hercules      June 03, 2005

Beloved Hercules
David Christopher Lewis            
June 3, 2005
Santa Rosa, California

            I am here for a holy purpose also. And I stand and ask you to also stand, beloved. Take now with me a rod of power in your right hand. I give to each of you here and those listening on the broadcast a dispensation whereby, through congruence with me, you may act on behalf of the Elohim as our receptors in the earth in this hour.

            And so, plant now this rod of blue fire physically here, beloved ones. Elemental beings, come forth by the power of the king of the gnomes. Elemental beings, come forth in the name and by the power of the king of the sylphs. Elemental beings, come forth in the name and by the power of the king of the undines. And elementals, come forth in the name and by the power of the king of the mighty salamanders. We stand now with these hierarchs of the elemental kingdoms who face north, south, east and west from this focal point of light in northern California. And we do say that we anchor a fire not only here but around the very borders of this most populous state of your nation. And these rods of fire stabilize the very earth beneath your feet, beloved ones.

            Now take in your left hand, also, a rod of holy wisdom. We ask you to plant it not only here but where you dwell in time and space. Plant it now deep within the earth. This rod of power and this rod of wisdom I ask you now to amplify through the fire of your heart, [so] that holy love and a balanced action [of love, wisdom and power may be sustained.]

            And now we see from our abode high above the heavens a certain action of protection, of the working of elementals to come to your aid now at the direction of your Holy Christ Selves and of their hierarchs to gird up by the power of God the necessary action of protection to avert a major earth shift.

            I have come. God has worked through you, beloved ones. Forget not your purpose to serve. Forget not your reason for being which has always been the rescue mission of lightbearers. And so we give this day another opportunity for souls to come up higher. And we honor each of you who does take up this holy calling on our behalf.

            Thank you, chelas of the light! I AM Hercules. I bless you and I seal your third eye, your crown and your throat [charkas] with the protection of cosmic forces from the psychic realm and from interplanetary, intergalactic forces that would assail your reason for being.

            Seal these now, in the power of God, which cannot be denied. For it is the will of God that each of these shall win as I have won my victory in past ages, as Hercules, defender of God-power in the earth.

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