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Cuzco      June 03, 2005

Beloved Cuzco
David C. Lewis
June 3, 2005  (5 minutes long)
Love Unfolding for All Conference
Santa Rosa, California

A Warning of Potential Cataclism in California that can be Averted Through Prayer
Invoke the light of Hercules and the Violet Fire to Seal the Earth in Cosmic Fire

            I come to stablize the earth beneath your feet. I am Cuzco and I am here for a cosmic purpose and that is to warn you and to ask you a favor, beloved ones. The earth beneath your feet is shifting and the sands of the hour glass do flow.  You are not aware of all that takes place beneath the earth or above the earth. But I, from my cosmic watchtower in Viti Levu, discern the elements, the forces of nature that need to be adjusted by those cosmic forces under the control of not only the elemental kingdom and their hierarchs, but of great cosmic beings who hold the balance for this planetary system and more. Therefore, we have seen on the horizon through the outplaying of karma of the people of this state and nation a certain imbalance in the earth that we ask you as chelas of the sacred fire to assist us with this weekend.
            And so, I come to warn you that unless a certain quotient of fire be invoked by some among you in an earnest manner by directing your hands as focuses of the secret rays into the very earth itself that there will be outplayed a shifting in the earth that will be known through the rumbling of the elemental kingdom, beloved. Therefore, we have prepared to come to this conference to invoke a mighty light and to anchor our ray within the very earth body itself to avert certain planetary and local cataclysm. Therefore I ask you to consider a request to stay and to stay again, giving your dynamic calls to us, to Hercules, to the elementals, invoking the violet flame and sealing the earth beneath your feet in cosmic fire beloved ones.
            We warn for a purpose—not to create fear but to cojole you to serve your bretheren by not only bending the knee but kneeling in holy prayer to save souls until they can save themselves by God's grace. Therefore, I ask you between your sessions to not only invoke the sacred fire through the rising of the kundulini from the base to the crown in the giving of your bhajans but to then take that light and direct it physically, tangibly to the four quadrants of the earth for the stabilization of all, beloved ones.
            So, I now bow to the magnificent one, beloved Hercules, who comes to continue on this subject.¹

¹Hercules dictated immediately after Cuzco.             

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