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Hercules      March 27, 2005

Beloved Hercules
David Christopher Lewis
March 27, 2005            5:24-5:54 pm MST
Wellspring Retreat
Emigrant, Montana

            Ho! I come with lightning and a clap of thunder into the earth this day! I AM Hercules, and I do deliver the fire of God to fulfill the mission of the Great White Brotherhood through this activity! And I do stand in honor of your Messengers now in embodiment, beloved! [Audience applauds.]
            Please be seated. You have heard in this music the battle of light and darkness, and I know something about it! For I did work the works of God in those labors. And we would deliver to you new labors in coming days and weeks and conferences. And so be prepared, beloved, to receive word from us and from the Master M who will give to you new assignments, for each and every one of you is worthy to receive from us a word or two, don't you think? [Audience responds, "Yes!"]
            And so, be prepared to come before this altar and declare after my dictation just what you will do in becoming a messenger for the Messengers. And so meditate upon that which you know is your calling and which you must fulfill ere your feet leave this earth. Would you be a messenger of divine insight? Would you be a messenger for the unborn? Would you be a messenger for children caught in the streets of Brazil who know not the way to go but who need you to show them?
            I, Hercules, say, if it were up to me, I would decide this day to pen my name again to work with you if I could, physically, in the earth. But I would overshadow many more of you and therefore you may come to my abode though not normally are you allowed to come to the retreats of the Elohim. But if you get close and come to El Capitan and Half Dome, you may just see me walking about among those climbers and those who do come to receive the impetus of the fire of the blue ray of the will and the power of God.
            So you must climb your mountain and you must sacrifice, and you must be willing for your reputation to be dragged in the mud if you would become fools not only for Christ but for Buddha, beloved.
            When you clap and applaud the Great White Brotherhood I desire to see you receive a clap of thunder from me, for I will be there clapping through you to witness to the light.
            God is no respecter of persons. And, therefore, though a few of these who have been anointed this day are bald on the head and receive not any oil upon the hair thereof [laughter], we desire to make you bold, the bold ones, those who can call and receive the fire and do something with it and not equivocate about the mealy little entities that would hang around you that we would desire to snatch from you and throw into the fire this day! So I say, release them unto me, and I will take them. And next July fourth we will have a great bonfire, and the fireworks of Saint Germain will fill the earth and the heavens and you will know the glory of God!            For I, Hercules, will come again and many other Elohim will come with me, and we will fulfill the purposes of this activity and your Messengers once and for all! Do you believe it? [Audience responds, "Yes!"] Well then join me in clapping and receiving these claps of thunder now! [Audience applauds.]
            We will sit in this chair as you, individually, may come forward and kneel before this altar and declare before the altar of Almighty God the messengership that you this day would receive with a small "m" which one day may just become the capital "M". And you will walk in the capitol rotundas of the earth and feel the power of the blue ray of God-government pouring through your heart, pouring through your throat, pouring through every chakra and every orifice of light, for we will work the works through you, beloved.
            So I take my seat. Morya and Archangel Michael are here with me, and we three will anoint you etherically as you kneel to declare to us your purpose in life, not lengthy, just a few words: "I declare this day that I will be a messenger of..." and one or two or three words, no more. Those messengers who have already been declared may be seated to be witness to this declaration. Come forward, beloved. If you are bold and desire to do so, please come forward. Recording angels will also record your declaration as a permanent record in Akasha. For by doing so, you put your foot forward to step upward on the path. Go to the center, please. Kneel down before the first step and face the altar-three words after, "I declare that I will be a messenger of...", three words or less.

            [Participants make their declarations, many of which are indistinguishable. Hercules responds to each one individually and then continues:]

            This process is necessary for the healing of your soul from the diabolical plots of the fallen ones who have declared to you that you are unworthy, beloved. So worthiness is the order of this hour. Worthiness is my declaration of love to you this day. And though some of you came early to make your declaration and did not receive the greater appellation or comment from me, you also are received fully into my heart, into our hearts. For this movement is one of acceptance not only of each individual as they come forward but of the great light that flows down from your Presence into you. And so as you are received and accepted this day, we declare that you must receive and accept greater light, greater inspiration, greater power and all that we would give you to fulfill your declaration.
            This catharsis, this boldness that you have demonstrated, each one, in coming forward, is truly the day of reckoning that you have waited for, for lifetimes. For now, having declared who you are, all of heaven, all of the angels of the universes, known or unknown, will come to defend and accelerate and protect and direct and love you, dear ones. And so, the Messengers ascended, the Messengers unascended, all gather together, and we do now applaud each of you who has come forward in humility to bend the knee and confess that you are God. [All applaud.]

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