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Lanello      March 26, 2005

Beloved Lanello            
David Christopher Lewis
March 26, 2005 8:18 pm
Wellspring Institute
Emigrant, Montana

            Yes, beloved, let not your heart be troubled. As we continue meditating on the spinning petals of our hearts, these petals merge heart-to-heart within my magnanimous heart. And I impart to you, elements of this, my heart, as an infusion of light. And as your petals continue spinning, they receive like the blades of a gristmill scooping up the water, those elements of kindness and mercy and joy and compassion, magnanimity and humility and all the qualities that I did outpicture, embodiment by embodiment, year by year, for you.
            And so, I continue releasing to you portions, elements expanding out to the galaxies far beyond this system, so that you may take in to the secret chamber of your heart at the center of the radius-the nexus of the turning-all of these qualities to become a permanent part of who you are. And so children love the tops, the pinwheels, the fans which display this action of the spinning of the petals of the chakras. And so the children blow upon the fans to maintain that action. And so the Holy Spirit does blow to fan that fire within you.
            Can you maintain this visualization throughout the day even as you partake of your daily work, your sacred labor, even as you commute to work? You can see the fan belt spinning, within your vehicles, translated into that fan within your chest cavity. Think of practical measures that can remind you of this dance of the hours that you must maintain with me, if we will accelerate together to fulfill the plan of the Master of the Violet Flame. You may even take out a notebook after this dictation, and write down the ways to remind yourself of how you personally will remember to keep these chakras spinning, whirling, like the whirling dervishes, the Sufi masters. And you should dance more often, beloved. For we did witness the joy that you experienced this evening, which raised the level of this place even higher than you know.
            Spinning, spinning tops are ye, spinning up the mountain to the top. No longer yoyo's, I must say, for the string is no longer attached, you see. The dance of the hours is the going into the white fire core and a return out to the periphery of each line of that clock, partaking of the fire of Alpha in the center and expanding to the outer rim of Omega-spiritualizing Mater, materializing Spirit. This is the work of those who would bring heaven upon earth, who would draw down heaven and make it practical, radiant in this world. Maintain the spinning, beloved, throughout this evening and see how your heart fires may expand to receive greater light.
            Can you maintain it? Can you visualize it? Spinning, spinning- I dare say that some of you may become a little dizzy this evening. But if you become those ballerinas for me, I will teach you how to maintain your eye on each point of the clock in order, so that you can keep that center of gravity, and not wobble, but maintain the equipoise that we require for the harmony, the love that will change this world into a new Golden World.
            Did not your Uriel say that the peace that before passeth unnoticed, must now be understood by you? If you would have this peace, if you would maintain the peace of the Buddha on this Buddha path, you may maintain silence outwardly; but inwardly the centrifugal action does continue night and day-day and night-night and day-day and night. And so you are the joyous ones because joy is the motor of life.
            There must be a permanent reservoir of fuel to sustain this engine ever burning, ever spinning, ever consuming the karma of those that we desire to save. And so give that mantra I am saving sentient beings, I am saving sentient beings, I am saving sentient beings, I am saving sentient beings, alternating with, I am a being of violet fire, I am the purity God desires. I am a being of golden fire, I am the wisdom God desires. And soon many more will be coming to your doorsteps, to your events, to your conferences, because the magnet of your heart has become a dynamo empowered by my magnanimous heart!
            I am Lanello. I embrace each of you with that bear hug that I gave to many upon this earth. And I would squeeze you unto me. And there will be no more juice left! Because it will all be dripping into the cup that I will offer the Knight Commander because it's time that we offer him the elixir of our love, beloved.

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