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Uriel      March 25, 2005

Beloved Uriel
David Christopher Lewis
March 25, 2005
Emigrant, Montana

The Peace of the Presence be upon you.
            I am the Archangel of Peace. And I come this evening in the stillness of that Presence of God that you must dwell within if you are to return to the Father.
            As you know, peace is a two-edged sword. And so, we of the archangels can be the fiery, fierce ones who deliver the judgment upon all that is anti-peace. And we can also embrace the sensitivities, the nuances of God's superlative consciousness in the stillness of the secret chamber [of the heart] within you.
            My purpose in coming this hour is to deliver to you a new concept of judgment. Some of you have considered that you may be the judge of others and the instrument thereof through your calls. We say that you may not sit in this seat any longer. You must allow us to deliver the fire. For we are the ones sanctioned by God, authorized by God, to do so.
            It has been a blight upon the worldwide body of chelas that they do judge one another unrighteously. And so, those in various New Age organizations do rail against one another when they should be sitting side by side in your sanctuaries invoking the light to save this earth.
            What will we do, beloved, to mend this situation? What will we do to move hearts to greater unison with the purposes of God that must come forth if earth is to come into a golden age? Some of you have been almost sick at heart to see what has occurred over the internet, through e-mail, where brother is fighting against brother and misunderstandings do occur simply because there is not the respect, the adulation, the love of one another.
            The solution to the problem is beyond the ken and the understanding of mortal men. Thus, you must invoke us to deliver to you the answer to this dilemma. And what is the answer? You all must rise higher and see from a higher perspective the way we see from the summit well beyond the clouds above this earth.
            Love is the solution to every problem, but its manifestation is not always evident to the outer mind. Therefore, some would heap coals of injustice upon others, including these messengers, because of a misunderstanding of what God has wrought through them and will continue to work through them in the coming days and months and years.
            You who have been witness to the light released must communicate the fullness of what you have experienced to those of your brothers and sisters in former organizations that you have been a part of so that the mending of hearts may begin through greater understanding, greater compassion and through the invocation of The Comforter in your communication, as well as the means and methods whereby you do convey, from your heart, the message of peace.
            If you truly had the flame of peace developed fully within your solar plexus and within your aura, there would be no point of misunderstanding. Whereas Kuan Yin demonstrated she was fully able and capable of receiving the darkness, even from among you, and instantaneously transmuting it into light and returning it to you with a blessing of cosmic proportions, you must determine to do the same. And so, receive those slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, as the Buddha did under the Bodhi Tree, and transmute them by the power of love that you must become as bodhisattvas and Buddhas in your own right.
            Some are sitting on the fence as to whether this dispensation is real. Some are waiting and watching and listening. We applaud all who have the gumption to seek it out and discover, within the laboratory of their own hearts, whether these messengers are real or whether they are simply mouthpieces and orifices of the so-called false hierarchy.
            I, Uriel, say that they are not! And those of you who would decry them will know this day the wrath of God, for I do deliver it unto you who have determined that none shall speak for us again for not only a decade but for a millennia! I daresay that we did speak this evening, and we will continue to use these and others of you who do prepare yourselves in humility and in service for this cause of world freedom. You must become empty vessels if we would fill you with the wine of the new spirit of Aquarius. And so, the purging must go on at deeper and deeper levels of your being until there is nothing left of your human creation and you are simply a crystal, a pain of glass through which the light may flow, flow, flow and resonate again and again, day by day, beloved.
            Yes, I can be intense when God requires it of me! And I am here this evening in the present tense, now, to witness to you the glory of God. We of the archangelic hosts do carry out the orders of the Almighty without any of our own interference. For it is not up to us to question but to deliver the message. And so, you who would be messengers must deliver what you receive without equivocation, without your own pronouncements or attitudes or paradigms if we would use you as we would like.
            I, Uriel, stand now upon this altar with a sword of sacred fire. I clear the twelve lines of the cosmic clock from this point in time and space of all records of brother and sister fighting with one another. I clear the twelve lines within you so that you may be free to experience true peace-the peace that no longer passeth understanding. For you will understand who you are when your heart center is congruent with God. Each of you must become blazing heart centers, beloved. And as Cuzco has said, this is your reason for being.
            Lightbearers, awaken! You have fallen asleep to your mission. No longer must you snooze and nap. For we have work to do, so be up and doing and know that as you work the works of God, we will be there and work through you. For it is truly the Father that worked hereto, and we join the Father in working with you, beloved.
            I seal you in the melody, the harmony of the lullaby of God's devotion to your soul.

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