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Justina      March 25, 2005

Beloved Justina
David Christopher Lewis
March 25, 2005
Emigrant, Montana

            I, Justina, come to anchor my presence here in Montana in a tai-chi action with my beloved Victory. And so the mysteries of God we do declare this day. For though you thought it would be Victory here, Victory speaks from the heart of this nation, and I speak to you gathered here. And so the ascended masters with two messengers in embodiment, do decide to not only convoke this resurrection spiral but they do so in a way that will be victorious for each of you unto your own ascension in the light.
            Should you decide to go all the way in this life and follow Jesus to the final initiations of this passion week: walking the fourteen stations, declaring your Christhood to the world, kneeling in prayer in your garden, (your personal Garden of Gethsemane), surrendering all to the Father so that many may be saved. You, too, will understand the all-power of God that will come to you when you have surrendered fully and finally every manifestation of your human creation.
            For truly there is no other option for you but to take the high road, is there beloved? Once you set foot on the path, the glory of the final initiations will come to you and you will know as we know that love is the way. Serving to set life free is not only a calling, it is your very reason for being. And many of you, having chosen the Bodhisattva path, came into the knowledge of these teachings and were so joyful to learn that you could glean those keys not only to your own victory but also to the salvation of many.
            So join us this weekend as we sup together; as we walk in the garden with the master; and yes, as we receive the fiery trial, walk the path of Golgotha, are nailed to the cross this day, descend into hell to preach to the wayward souls, and as we will rise together in light to glorify God. The angels of the resurrection are angels of Victory for they did witness to the Light of Yeshua.* And we would have our legions witness to the light and the victory of each of you in that final hour when you cast off this mortal coil and realize the fullness of who you really are.
            I AM Justina-for I AM Justice, I AM Victory and I AM the shakti of the indomitable one who comes to enfire the earth tangibly this day through you!

* Yeshua is the original Hebrew proper name for Jesus of Nazareth. See the article in the following web link:

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