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Shiva      February 27, 2005

Beloved Shiva
David C. Lewis
February 27, 2005
Wellspring Retreat
Emigrant, Montana

                                            The Light of Shiva Knows No Fear!  Invoke Me! Be Me!

            I am the indominable fire of Shiva within you and I am grateful for this representation of myself brought by a chela of mine.  Beloved, I do dance on the enemies of your hearts.  For I am Shiva! And I come and I come again, and I would continue to dance my dance in your lives whenever you call to me.  So, do not forget that I am not a wallflower [audience chuckles] but I would dance every dance with you beloved.  [Please be seated.]
            The light of Shiva knows no fear! And so, if you would be the fearless ones, courageous to the end of the manifestation of your karma, you must invoke me, you must be me in manifestation. For I would have all of you as myself in form if I could.  But will I?  [Audience responds: Yes!]  Then dance with me and slay, slay, slay the not-self. And as you pick apart the strands [of darkness] and pull them from out of the being that you once were but no longer are, look at them for a flash, cast them into the flame and have no more rememberances of what thou wert before, knowing that you are God now, beloved.
            So the skulls of those who would try take you off this path are strewn about my feet and I do stomp on them in this hour [the Master stomps audibly on the floor] for they are no more a part of this world.  Shiva comes, Shiva goes and wherever Shiva desires to be he desires to take you with him.  Come with me, walk this path to India, through Tibet and on into China and we shall see the victory in due time of the blessed Tibetans.  But, you must become me if we are to slay those who would walk over the dead bodies of my monks, my priests, whose lives will not be in vain because of you, dear ones.
            Receive now the teaching of Maitreya and of his mystery school. For he does come again to teach each of you in the way of true bodhichitta-wisdom, beloved.
            I am Shiva.  I remain Shiva and I invite you to be me always!

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