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Lanello      February 26, 2005

Ascended Master Lanello
David Christopher Lewis
February 26, 2005
Livingston, Montana

My Dearest Friends,

            It is I, your own Lanello! I come in the guise of Bodhidarma, the Buddha who has become one, finally. For in this new movement of light of The Hearts Center, we desire to magnify the Golden Pink Light of the aura of the One Son (Sun) manifest through you. What is to become of my former movement, beloved, and those of you who gave your all to support us? Well I dare say, that we have moved on and up, because the time has come for each of you to be, not only our representatives commissioned as you have all been commissioned, to go forth and deliver the teaching, but the time is here for each of you to walk the path personally with us.

            And so we come this evening in that fireside chat experience wherein I gather you all in my arms, for truly I do have large arms, don't I? And the roaring of Lanello, the Lionheart, did offer me the opportunity to express that fire, that desire of God for the salvation of each of you and your souls individually. The Heart Center is our movement. For I did commission it with the Beloved El Morya, at the behest of the dispensation granted unto us to continue to speak to you in this day and age.

            So as Tom has said, progressive revelation is the requirement of the hour and the need of this Earth to receive our light tangibly. For the Mother can no longer hold the full balance that she has so heroically held for you and for the earth in her present state. And so we need each of you to receive a greater portion of our mantle. For it was always the intent of the brotherhood that our movement should continue forward into the light through new messengers, new teaching, new understanding for the two-thousand year period of Aquarius.

            Our best chelas are scattered across the land. I do now draw you into my heart to console you for what has been lost. But, yet, what remains to be accomplished through each of you! For your mission is our mission, if you would have it so. For the holiness that you have experienced in our presence shall never be forgotten. No, and you will know the intimacy of this communion daily if you desire it. As some here tonight have not only desired but experienced it.

            The teaching is your dharma now, beloved. You have the wherewithal to take it forward, do you not? Then why have some of you languished and not stepped forward when you knew that that was your responsibility? Well, I do say this evening that come "hell or high water" you will take our message forward! Will you do this?

            Some have desired to be those who would stand between you and our mission. This will no longer be the case because I, Lanello, commission each of you to be my representative for the fulfillment of this mission of the two witnesses which this Heart Center is, hereby, inaugurated this evening to stand forth and accomplish on our behalf.

            So I stand now, the standing Buddha, as the one who did welcome you when you came this evening. And I would allow entree now, after your singing to my guru, the Master Morya, to continue discoursing with you on our plan for Victory.

            Please rise now and welcome His coming, beloved.

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