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Goddess of Light      February 20, 2005

Goddess of Light
David Christopher Lewis
February 20, 2005 12:05 - 12:19 pm
Golden Age Village, Emigrant, Montana

My dearest students of love and light,

              Yes, I am come to be with you this day in the full power of my presence of light, which now surrounds and wraps you in that bridal veil of iridescent white-fire substance.

              I come from the Central Sun, dripping with light, and I would impart to you today the very essence of my reality so that you may become All Real, beloved. What is God-Reality but light? What is the transcendence of God on this earth but light? For when you are light, there is no time or space for darkness to inhabit your form. Becoming light is your mission. Transferring light to others is the way of the bodhisattva. And all who walk in that way know the joy of staying and staying until the one upon whom you bestow light is fully and finally translated in reality to become a light being and may then himself or herself walk in light and save others.

              The bodhisattva path is a path of compassionate light. The Buddhic way is the middle way of light. As this new movement expands through each of you, and the golden-pink glow ray both ascends and descends upon this planet, many will begin to feel the secret-ray radiance of the Goddess of Light, the Queen of Light, and the Goddess of Purity.
              Iridescent crystalline substance now tinkles down upon you, as my fairy wand blesses each of you this day. And so, watch those fairy tales with your children and see me in the personage of that one who comes to save, to bless, to seal. For the Cinderella of your own soul must become the princess divine. So children do know me and they attend my retreat, and the little boys and girls come for special blessings each day so that when they awaken in the morning, they may embrace their mothers and bestow my grace, which I give freely to all.
              I am a mother of cosmic radiance. You are my children, beloved. Fortunate are ye who come to this fount of light this day to witness this new dispensation where we may continue to grace the earth with our presence. For progressive revelation will never wane as long as there are souls receptive to the love and the light from our abode.
              You may ask how is it that this one was chosen, or is able, to bring forth a message from a feminine ascended being. It is simply because of his love of the Mother. And thus your own Mark also could contain the full fire of any Ascended Lady Master because he, too, walked in the light of pure love and joy. Beloved, another signet of this new dispensation is the flame of joy. For some among you have lost that sense because of recent events in your lives and in the lives of your church. But we have never lost our sense of joy because light is joy and joy is truly the divine light. So smile the smile of joy, for we will smile through your sparkling eyes. And those who do not trust this messenger or your path may one day have a change of heart, seeing that there's something different about you. Yes, this is so, just as when they first contacted the teachings and saw that brilliance and that radiance around those who have been our devotees. So never condemn, never judge, never look back but look up into my crystal chandelier of light.
              Breathe deeply now and receive pulsations of light from us three who come to bless you, each one. Beloved Dwal Kul would continue initiating you in adeptship, beloved. Follow him, the Tibetan Master, for he leads you onward and upward into the light. And when you gain a certain mastery of overcoming, he will lead you to our retreats wherein you may know greater light. For the molecules of self must be translated unto the great God-Self of your Divine Reality. And you must hold more light hourly and daily so that many souls may be saved through the constant bubbling up within you of that iridescent fragrance and radiance of God's eternal light.

              Yes, become fountain-become geysers-of light, beloved. Why, you are just a short distance from probably the most famous of all geysers on this earth [Old Faithful] that your Mother did see [in a vision] as Martha. Why not use this visualization as a daily meditation on the raising of the kundalini fire, nourishing your charkas and translating you into who you really are?

              AH, AH AH AH No-o, na-a. AH, AH, AH, AH, Re-e-e-e. Ohhhhhhhhh. (Sung/chanted)

              I seal the earth in the radiance of golden-pink love. I seal your hearts in the radiance, the diadem of fire from my tiara. Love one another and you shall know the secret of light. Pray for one another and you shall return to the simple grace of the child of God's heart, beloved.

Communion blessing:

              I, the Goddess of Light, bless now the grape juice and the bread. I seal this substance as a portion of my being. When you receive it into your bodies, let the stream of the Buddhic consciousness flow as you see yourself as Buddhas and bodhisattvas come to serve life. Take and eat, beloved. Take and drink. For I extend to you a portion of my heart. Never forget who you are. Never forget that you are light. In the name of the Queen of Light, the Goddess of Purity, the Goddess of Light and the great God-Self of each one, I seal this substance this day. Amen.

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