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Cuzco      February 06, 2005

Beloved Cuzco
David Christopher Lewis
February 6, 2005 12:22 - 12:38 pm
Golden Age Village, Emigrant, Montana

              Children of the sun, I come to be with you in this hour for the stabilization of the currents within the earth and within yourselves. The currents descending from the sun of your Presence are the very energies of God wherein you may maintain your contact with us. Thus when these currents are flowing freely, without blockage and without any discord within you, you can be my electrodes in the earth and sustain a great balance where you live.

              In the stillness of the presence of love, I come. In the stillness of the center of your hearts, I come. I radiate peace upon the earth, for the earth is in need of peace in this hour. The warring within and without has caused a destabilization that requires us to step up the action of the light for the safeguarding of this planet. Beloved Surya has come and has ridden across the skies in his chariot of fire, dispensing light to the evolutions of earth. Who will receive him? Who will receive the next wave of fire? Who will understand the great promise-the rainbow of eternal promise that he has emblazoned across the skies as that promise of hope for a new age, a new civilization aborning upon your planet? He is my Guru. He is the one whom I love. When you call to him he answers with the power of the Central Sun Magnet within the earth, which I also bear.
              You must become magnets, heart centers for millions. In the peace of the Buddha is surcease from stress, anxiety, and the syndrome of the clashing of the Titans within the earth. Terror and the terrorist ways must give way to the light of the sun of Surya. If you would dispel darkness, be all light. If you would be all light, become radiating centers, hearts of fire. This is your primary mission in life: to sustain fire, to sustain light, to sustain life on behalf of the earth and its evolutions.
              Your beloved Mother is here now to witness this new dispensation. Her presence is among and upon you all as a tangible reality of the passing of the torch and the continuation of the mission of the Two Witnesses. For she was there on Lemuria and sent many of you forth to carry the flame to other points on the globe before the sinking and the dissolution of Lemuria.
              Beloved ones, your mission will not be complete unless and until you are witness to the mother flame within yourself, within every lightbearer. For the mother is the rising light that does nourish her own, that does nourish every chakra, even the very soul of the planet itself. So if you would save this planet, learn to nourish your souls. Learn to honor each other in kindness and gentleness, in the sharing of your gifts and in a transcendent love that will be-and is today-the keynote of this new movement.
              Cycles are shifting. Many of you are being raised into newer levels of your own God consciousness. As you allow the energies of the Divine One to fill your being hour by hour, moment by moment, nothing can stand in the way of this grand opportunity for each of you to be our representatives.

              Eee oh ee ah lu nee pah. Ay so na ree tee ah mu.
              Using an ancient tongue from Lemuria I send fire now to seal the very rent in the earth that has recently occurred off the coast of India and Sumatra. What has occurred there has truly been an opening of opportunity, and a closing of opportunity for some. For those who would debase the light of the little child, it would be better for them had they never been born, as your Master did say. And so, many were taken who were the very ones who did bring about this abomination of desolation upon the innocence and the light of the little child.
              Beloved Gautama comes now as his aura expands and expands beyond the earth and the golden-pink light of the sun, to dedicate this movement of The Hearts Center which he foresaw many millennia ago. And thus he prepared many of you and the Mother to be his representatives. Take the torch of illumination from Gautama this day and run with it. Teach my own. Be the very ones who have been chosen, because you have chosen the higher walk of freedom.
              I am Cuzco, and like Gautama I come quietly. I return now to Viti Levu to tend to the work at hand of the Brotherhood this day.
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