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Maha Chohan      August 26, 2004

Beloved Maha Chohan
David C. Lewis
August 26, 2004     8:15-9:03 am MDT
Livingston, Montana

Into the Earth we descend to anchor light and to pull you up by your bootstraps into oneness with your God! Where did you come from? And where did you descend? What was your mission? And why have you forgotten or forsaken that sacred mission for God?
Will you allow us to quicken you and awaken in you the memory of your origin in divinity, in the divine oneness of God in the beginning? For when you are truly awake, then your eyes are clear, your ears are clear, your mind is clear, your heart and soul are clear. And you are ready to perform those sacred labors of the Lord that are necessary for the salvation of souls, yes, your own soul as well as those who are the called-out ones who have not yet been culled from the treadmills of life but will be soon, for the Mother is calling her own unto the salvation of the Earth, of the age and of life itself.  
Meditate on life. Meditate on love. Meditate on reality. For these three qualities must become paramount in your consciousness in order for us to work through you fully, completely, to change hearts and souls and minds. What causes the quickening? It is the sacred fire, which goads you higher and higher until all that is left is the reality of you and the ashes of the former self drop away into nothingness, the nihilism of the past, nevermore to be brought back up for rehashing.
When you become reality I can work through you as a representative of the Holy Spirit to breathe new life into the Earth and unto souls who are yet dead to their own true Selves, yet not fully detached, and so there is hope, there is a way, there is a purpose which you can share, which is always transcendence into the fire of reality here and now!
I come to inhabit you, your auras, your sanctuaries and most especially your hearts. You have heard "Occupy 'til I come." Well I tell you the Lord Jesus has come, and many have not received the fullness of his word and his presence, but have dallied in the nonsense of mediocrity. Now both he and I would occupy and dwell and inhabit your hearts and minds 24/7 so that you can teach and preach the world of the Holy Spirit who I am to the souls entrusted to you.
Take up the shepherd's crook as the Messenger did and claim your true Sonship/your Daughtership in God, and proclaim the Word working through you this day. Do not be afraid of what others may think, for they may despise you, reject you and disown you, but you are mine and I am thine and together, as a team, we shall win!
Yes, the name of the game IS the flame that you claim! And if you will take this giant leap, as the long jumpers leap well beyond their own heights, then you will leap past your own shadow into the sun of the new day, outwitting that fallen consciousness, which ever seeks to behold you as your old self, your lesser self, rather than the divine lover and our representative that you are!
Feel the presence of the Holy Spirit now as you breathe in deeply and feel the spiritual fire permeate your heart and soul and mind. Let that Christ Presence be in you which was also in Christ Jesus and in all the avatars who have come to quicken, align and rein in souls unto their own reality.
Yes, I, the Maha Chohan, desire that you shall revere the flame, as the Zoroastrians did of old. Become the fire, for it is the eternal part of you. And as you meditate on all the qualities of fire, see the fire of your auras as that catalyst that is able to change, to consume on contact, the dross that surrounds souls who will come to you. They will feel the fire that you bear when your meditation is on fire night and day. And as the sun of your Presence is a dazzling light, brighter than 10,000 physical suns, and as you outpicture that Presence, the quickening shall come to millions, if and as you are able to maintain that sun presence, that fiery spirit where you are!
Those whom I have used to spread the fire and the gifts of the Holy Spirit have known me truly as both a personal presence and as an indomitable Spirit of fire. They have been a witness to the power of God, the Shekinah glory of the Mother raised fully to the heart and crown for the full firing of the soul unto divinity.
It is time to come up higher! It is time to be my fire! It is time to fully and finally relinquish the liar within and the liar without that denies you the opportunity to fly with my angels across the earth and to be testators of the Spirit Most Holy!
Yes, beloved ones, see me in the sky, in the wind, in the clouds as the turbaned troubadour who comes to trap the unclean spirits who profess to be of me but who are not, and to release unto the earth the fullness of the Presence which I Am.
Come as lambs of the Lord and pray now on your knees unto your God as we commune together as to how we may save the little ones, the children, the youth and especially the unborn:

"O Father, we come this day to plead unto you for more fire,
for more love, for more holiness, to save these little ones. O
Father, defend them through us, and lift them from the bonds
of unreality into the shining light of your Presence. Deny the
evildoers of their evil ways which have caused many to go
astray, and deliver these precious ones this hour from the clutches
of the abortion doctors and nurses who know that their time in
continuing their abomination is short. Deliver the Earth of the
evildoers, even as we are delivered from the evil this day in the
name of the Lord Jesus the Christ! O Father, save these little ones
from the rock music and the degradation of permissiveness, of
violence, of banal thoughts and images in the media that seek to
destroy the sensitivities of the soul and those faculties of the Holy
Spirit which I now impress upon their spirits this day. Let the
impression of my image, my light, be a permanent stamp upon their beings, as an etching of the spirit that they will wear upon their etheric bodies, so that they will know me in times of trouble, in dire situations
that could cost them elements of their soul.

May this impression remain through all their trials to remind them
that we have not given up on them, that we care for them, that they are precious to us, even amidst the dark night that comes to test them.
O Father, release the full fire of the spirit this day in the Earth for the consuming of unreality, of chaos, of confusion and of the terror that
comes in the day and in the night to those unprepared through holy
prayer and meditation upon you! This I ask in the name of Maitreya, the Cosmic Christ, who comes to save to the ends of the Earth those who are truly of the mystical body of God this day. Amen. Amen. Amen. So be it, O my Father!

Blessed ones, pray unceasingly in this hour to overcome the wiles of those who would destroy the very fabric of civilization, for they know exactly what they do, and by their own misdeeds they shall be judged. Call for cosmic justice to descend before they can wreak their havoc in the earth, in the cities and upon the economies of the nations, for fear is their byword but it shall not be yours. Master your emotions. Overcome fear through my love and you shall win!
I am the Maha Chohan, sponsor of your life, your breath and your return to the one God here and now! I love you always as you dwell in love.

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