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The Great Divine Director

The Great Divine Director, Ascended Master R, Master R, Ganesha

The Great Divine Director

The Great Divine Director is a cosmic being on the blue ray, or first ray, of power, protection and the will of God. He is the Guru of Jesus Christ and Saint Germain and is available to guide us, as his name attests, in walking in the highest will of God. 

The Great Divine Director is one of his many titles. He is also known as “The Initiator of Cycles,” holding the office of Solar Hierarch of Capricorn. Focusing the ray of God-power on the twelve o’clock line of cosmic cycles, he is the one to ask for help when starting a new venture or course of action. He is a master planner with the discipline necessary to create the structures that compose our cosmos—even at molecular levels. The Great Divine Director focuses within his causal body the formula of the ascension for the children of God evolving in this universe. What a magnificent master of creation and guidance!

One of the Great Divine Director’s commissions from Alpha and Omega, our Father/Mother God, is to interpret for initiates the meaning and the purpose of the flame of the Holy Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood. Guru of our El Morya and Saint Germain, the Great Divine Director is the founder of the House of Rakoczy, and so has often been referred to as the Master “R” in esoteric writings. The Great Divine Director, known to the Hindus as the god Ganesha, is the Lord of Success and destroyer of all obstacles. He is also known as the god of education, knowledge and wealth. The elephant head represents wisdom, and his trunk represents the sound of cosmic reality and oneness—the sacred OM.

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Messages from the Divine Director

Divine Director      December 07, 2017

Beloved Divine Director
David Christopher Lewis
December 7, 2017   10:00–11:00 am MST
Livingston, Montana 

Divine Director on Dancing with God in the Light

I AM the Divine Director, and I come to you with great joy in my heart today. This joy extends to every lightbearer around the world. For it is time, blessed ones, that everyone experience greater divine joy. Joy is the new order of the day. You simply must be joyous if you desire to be an initiate. Joy is what keeps you spinning on the path. It is a sacred dance with God.

Many of you love to dance, for dancing brings you great joy. Consider your spiritual path as a dance with God. You have actually been dancing with God for many, many lifetimes. Sometimes you dance all night long and remember retreat experiences that are very joyful. Other times you move a little bit more slowly when you dance. It is not always important how fast you dance, but that you dance. Of course, you see, in this dance you establish a sacred relationship. God leads you in this sacred dance. You swirl and whirl about throughout the cosmos. You experience so many blissful and divine things.

When you are in God's Presence, everything is light. You are happy—from your soul to the outside of yourself, from the within to the without. And this dance helps you maintain clarity of consciousness, for when you are spinning around you are not stuck in one place. You have heard from El Morya that mobility is the sign of the initiate. What better way to be mobile than to dance? You are constantly moving, and you are moving forward.

You access new energies when you dance with God. When you dance in three-quarter time you literally transmute karma, for in this three-quarter time the rhythm of the heart is present. And this is The Hearts Center Community, yes? Therefore the waltz is one of our most cherished dances. Did you know that I worked with Saint Germain to inspire many of the composers in the seventeenth, eighteenth and nineteenth centuries? And many of those who composed waltzes were our initiates, and these ones created beautiful music for all to enjoy as they danced.

Many have forgotten the positive effects of dancing. I can tell you that it is very good for your physical health, yet it is also excellent for your emotional, mental and spiritual health. You draw in the sacred prana from the ether as you dance and breathe. And whether you are dancing to 2/2 or 3/4 or 4/4 time, it is all great; you are moving in the light of your Presence. You are sharing this dance with your partner and with God. There is a cosmic electricity that flows between you. This is the hum of the atom and the spinning of the electrons around the nucleus. This is actually partly how the violet flame works to transmute karma. The violet flame spins and spins faster and faster. There is a sacred heat that is released, and this heat creates the fire that transmutes darkness.

When you dance and spin, sometimes you may even get a little dizzy. This dizziness is not a bad thing if you can control it; it is a result of the acceleration of light. Many of the best dancers in the world learn how to control this dizzy state. Both the great dancers of Sufism and the great dancers of ballet have learned this art. They look at one point and continue to focus as they spin on that one point.

This actually is how we can focus upon our Presence. When you are focused one-pointedly toward God, magic happens. Translate this to dance and music and you see how positive it can be. You can keep spinning and spinning and spinning almost forever. You don't get dizzy anymore because you are focused on one point—God. Some of you have even done the Five Tibetan Rites, and the first of these rites is spinning. Even in this ancient practice, there is the same dynamic at play.

I would like to encourage all heartfriends throughout the entire activity worldwide to consider having regular dances once per month. You can be trained by experts to learn the steps of the various dances. And once you have learned these steps and gained a certain mastery, you all will all be able to have much more fun, knowing the steps. You can use many of the tunes of the music to the waltz, both created by the great maestros of the past, the composers that I mentioned earlier, such as the Strausses and the great composers of classical music: Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms and Bach. And you can also use the waltzes that you have in your Hearts Center songbook.1

So you see, this is actually a spiritual practice—to dance. And by having these dances every month, you can all generate much more joy in your life and in your world. This will help transmute any depressive states that some of you may occasionally have. You can dance with a number of different partners and get to know various people in The Hearts Center, and you can help each other to be joyous always.

Now, I bet that you had not thought that I would come and deliver a message about dancing. This is my fun surprise to my beloved sons and daughters, my initiates upon Earth. You know that sometimes things get very heavy in your nations and in your cities. There is so much commotion, so much disturbance, so much turmoil. You put all of that aside when you dance with God and with each other. You enjoy the rhythm of the music, the steps and the love of your hearts. And by generating this great field of joy, you actually transmute some of those greater planetary burdens.

Now, some of you have watched the show on TV called Dancing with the Stars. I would like to share with you that you will be dancing with the real stars—the angels and the masters. Yes, you may not be as proficient at certain dances as these human stars, yet you will be very proficient at communicating with the real stars—the angels and the masters. You are the ones who know us, know our names, our vibration, our work. It may just be that there will be an entire civilization born through dancing. And in the New Age, I can assure you that Maitreya will love to dance with you too.

This is my message during this cycle of Sagittarius, which is God-victory. If you are dancing, you will always have the victory consciousness. You will have restored unto you your natural state of childlike joy. And you will draw more young people to your movement through dancing. Know that children love to move; they can't always sit still. However, begin dancing and they will laugh and giggle and have lots of fun. And then when they are having all this fun, you can teach them about the teachings of the masters. They will feel it in their hearts through the joy they have there. It is much more powerful than just sitting at a lecture for an hour.

I know that some of you even like to do things while listening to these HeartStreams, like bouncing up and down on your rebounders, your little trampolines, and this is great, dearest hearts. Some of you like to do yoga or other exercises while you listen to the masters. This is fine and we champion your right to do this. So be bold and move every day. Have fun in your movement and soak in the teachings of the masters. Absorb our words and our radiation and our love.

So, blessed ones, I extend my blessing to each one of you. I protect and guard and direct you always to the light. Oftentimes I am hovering in the high etheric planes of being overshining you. I am aware of all of your thoughts, your feelings, your challenges. And often I will send a powerful ray to your minds and hearts to help you—help you to make right choices and make progress on your path. When you are sensitive, you may feel this love from my heart to yours. And you can just utter a prayer for others around the world who also require direction.

Now, my dearest hearts, we would all love to hear about your experiences at the recent Expo, to see the photographs and hear your stories.

1. HeartSongs (The Hearts Center, 2017).


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