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The Great Divine Director

The Great Divine Director, Ascended Master R, Master R, Ganesha

The Great Divine Director

The Great Divine Director is a cosmic being on the blue ray, or first ray, of power, protection and the will of God. He is the Guru of Jesus Christ and Saint Germain and is available to guide us, as his name attests, in walking in the highest will of God. 

The Great Divine Director is one of his many titles. He is also known as “The Initiator of Cycles,” holding the office of Solar Hierarch of Capricorn. Focusing the ray of God-power on the twelve o’clock line of cosmic cycles, he is the one to ask for help when starting a new venture or course of action. He is a master planner with the discipline necessary to create the structures that compose our cosmos—even at molecular levels. The Great Divine Director focuses within his causal body the formula of the ascension for the children of God evolving in this universe. What a magnificent master of creation and guidance!

One of the Great Divine Director’s commissions from Alpha and Omega, our Father/Mother God, is to interpret for initiates the meaning and the purpose of the flame of the Holy Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood. Guru of our El Morya and Saint Germain, the Great Divine Director is the founder of the House of Rakoczy, and so has often been referred to as the Master “R” in esoteric writings. The Great Divine Director, known to the Hindus as the god Ganesha, is the Lord of Success and destroyer of all obstacles. He is also known as the god of education, knowledge and wealth. The elephant head represents wisdom, and his trunk represents the sound of cosmic reality and oneness—the sacred OM.

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Messages from the Divine Director

Great Divine Director      December 20, 2004

Cosmic Being The Great Divine Director
David Christopher Lewis
December 20, 2004 8:04 - 8:53 pm
Livingston, Montana
            Into your hearts I come. I AM the Great Divine Director. I come on the eve of the changing of cycles into Capricorn, for I would commune with you about new opportunities for self-transcendence. Please be seated, beloved hearts
            When the ascended masters decide to begin a new activity for their chelas, still upon the heels of other ascended-master activities, we initiate a new thrust with a vast quotient of cosmic energy that we garner through our own causal bodies as well as those of certain chelas who have vowed to make a sacrificial offering on the altars of heaven. The supreme sacrifice required both of heaven and of those still embodied on earth is a sacred tryst; a bond of light that cannot be broken amidst infighting, if the new movement is to succeed.
            And so, those who have stepped out of an outworn garment must put on new robes and don the mantles we bestow in order to lead those who are coming and are ready for the new wind of the spirit that we offer. Courage and fortitude are required, for those who desire to maintain their position and rank in an old order will not willingly allow the sons of man to so easily step forward if they have anything to say about it. And yet, we understand the human equation and that all are not ready to scale the summit peaks so easily, having grown accustomed to the valleys of habitation that are comfortable to their paradigms and mental models of what chelaship should entail and what the path should be for you.
            Our messengers stand on the ledges of the higher promontories calling to those who would take staff and rope in hand to ascend further and to see the new vistas that we would have them view and in which to set up camp. This journey is not easy, for in many cases the path is fresh, nearly untrodden except by the few scouts we have sent ahead to clear the way.
            Beloved, we rue the day that some well-meaning ones decided to limit and curtail your freedom of expression, for they have thereby closed the curtain on a fruitful dispensation. But we must move on, and so we have chosen a few in your midst to be emboldened to step forward and speak for us; for it was never our intent that our communion with you should be severed or that our assignments and graces should stop flowing.
            Although the Summit activity will still be a beacon of hope to thousands of souls, continuing to publish the Word of truth delivered for nearly half a century, progressive revelation has always been our modus; and thus we intend to continue delivering our discourses through those whom we have prepared over many lifetimes and years of service. Although our communiques may not always be delivered in the same mode in which you are accustomed, you will know our voice and our vibration through the quality of the release and the radiation in which we enfold you.
            Beloved, we are moving on with lightening speed and in our council chambers have been busy discussing the options open to us through this new thrust. In many ways we may be hampered by the lack of a wide foundation and yet we are free to set forth new matrices, taking advantage of lessons learned through all past organizations we've sponsored and the dispensations we've released. And so, those who are wise and who truly do carry this new thrust within their causal bodies will instantly know that it is true and that our presence is again in your midst in a most tangible way through the messages that have already come and which will be forthcoming.
            Our love for our chelas is as strong and evident as ever, but we require those of you who would step forward to make an even greater commitment of your time, talents and resources to this cause-as great as possible-in order to launch it with the intensity needed to send it into a wide and speedy orbit around the earth so that it will continue unabated and draw those who are ready for you.
            Our purposes will be made plain as time progresses, and yet the seed of the full-blown flower of the glorious expression of this movement is already given unto you as an etheric sphere of light. Meditate on this sphere and discern those patterns of perfection that must be drawn forth by your own hand and heart and head, for we desire to see a different type of movement in which a true community of light is won through the graces and gifts given by the many and not the few.
            Thus, we will send many who have the talents and abilities to utilize the technologies of today's world to send forth the Word in ways that will one day seem miraculous to you! This will be a youthful movement, for with certain restraints lifted, those who do not fear will come to assist you in delivering the Word in exciting new ways; and the full use of not only the Internet but of even higher systems of communication used on Venus and Mercury will soon begin to come to the fore.
            A new day is dawning! Are you ready to take part in this grand adventure?
            Meditate now on my causal body, for I do now release a quotient of fire unto all who will read this message. Within my being you will find those crystalline engrams that are key to your personal discovery of your adeptship as well as the gifts that you vowed to bring to the altar before coming into embodiment.
            I give to you a key this night to unlock one facet of the jewel of your gift that will allow you to draw down that tangible fire from your causal body and make it physically manifest in the earth. And so I now see thousands of these crystal seeds descending to you. Catch them. Embrace them. But most importantly, utilize them for your work to glorify God in the coming days and months; for you are key to the creation of the Sacred Amethyst Crystal Chalice that we will build together for our Knight Commander and his beloved consort.
            I have come. You know me as the Great Divine Director. I conduct cosmic energies for the fulfillment of the seventh age and dispensation. And I seal you now in the fire of the violet light in which I live and move and have my being. May you live fully within my being, beloved. For within the sphere of my love you are always safe, always secure in the fire of God. Dwell in this fire and know the God-Self within.
            I stand now to bless my son, Saint Germain, this hour. I give to him a greater portion of my light, for he has deserved it through self-sacrifice and the supreme giving of his heart to you for aeons. May you embrace him this night as your savior and supreme lover of your soul. For he is worthy to lead you on to Victory!
            I seal you in the sacred kiss of Amethyst, my daughter of Mercy.

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